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Diversion stars are awarded for performing Diversions in Saints Row 2.

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Each diversion has 3 tiers of stars, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each tier has three stars.

The Statistics page lists the total number of Bronze, Silver and Gold stars earned, the maximum amount of Gold stars possible to earn in the game is 72.

In the Diversions menu, each Diversion rated by stars is listed, along with the highest star level earned, the total number of stars earned, and the total amount of respect earned through that diversion.


This is a full list of all Diversions which are rated with stars.

Combat Tricks[]

Main article: Combat Tricks
  • Gang Kills
  • Beat Down Kills
  • Headshots
  • Gang Vehicles Kills
  • Multi Kills
  • Nutshots
  • One Hit Kills
  • Shield Kills
  • Slice 'N Dice Kills
  • Taunting
  • Throwing

Driving Stunts[]

Main article: Driving Stunts
  • Bailouts
  • Big Air Jumps
  • Burnouts
  • Powersliding
  • Hydraulics
  • Near Misses
  • Oncoming Lane
  • Roadkill
  • Stoppies
  • Two Wheels
  • Vehicle Surfing
  • Wheelies
  • Windshield Cannon


Main article: Tips

Combat Tricks[]

  • Gang Kills and Headshots - best done with Shock Paddles by reviving and killing a gang member.
  • Shield Kills - best done during Drive-by Diversion, especially at level 7 (4th group), where there are 14 members in total or during FUZZ by entering the Saints Hideout and killing Saints gang members.
  • Gang Vehicle Kills - best done by destroying gang vehicles in the Wardill Airport with a Tornado at high gang Notoriety.
  • Multi Kills - best done during FUZZ by entering the Saints Hideout and using Hand Grenades to kill Saints gang members.
  • Nut Shots and One Hit Kills - best done during FUZZ by entering the Saints Hideout and using Tombstone to kill Saints gang members. Can also be done with the use of Shock Paddles.
  • Slice 'N Dice Kills - best done during Drive-by Diversion and using a Samurai Sword on a bike.
  • Taunting - best done by having at least 1 enemy gang member near Forgive and Forget. Taunt an enemy, then run to Forgive and Forget and repeat until 3 Gold Stars.
  • Throwing - can be done by throwing homie from a tall building.

Driving Stunts[]

  • Bailouts - best done in the Wardill Airport with any fast vehicle.
  • Big Air Jumps - best done by driving the vehicle towards the gas station at high speed. An explosion usually sends a vehicle flying.
  • Burnouts and Hydraulics - best done in crowded areas.
  • Powersliding - best done with a Taxi or a Cheetah in the Wardill Airport.
  • Near Misses and Oncoming Lane - best done on the bridges or a freeway.
  • Roadkill - best done by driving in a gang member on medium speed.
  • Stoppies and Wheelies - best done with a Kenshin in the Wardill Airport.
  • Two Wheels - best done by towing a front or a rear cab of the El Train with a Shaft and going forward or backward.
  • Vehicle Surfing - best done on the freeway or in Co-op.
  • Windshield Cannon - best done by glitching through the map using any fast vehicle and driving towards the gas station at high speed. On rare occasions the vehicle may stuck in textures and Playa may glitch through the map.



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