This article lists the Districts of Stilwater.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Stilwater has fifteen Districts in Saints Row and twenty-two in Saints Row 2, divided into various Neighborhoods.

Districts[edit | edit source]

District Neighborhood Notes

Airport[edit | edit source]

Airport district in Saints Row 2.jpg

Huntersfield Within Suburbs District in Saints Row
Wardill Airport

Apartments[edit | edit source]

Sommerset map in Saints Row.png


Arena[edit | edit source]

Arena map in Saints Row 2.png

Pleasant View
Sunsinger Saints Row 2 only
Ultor Dome

Barrio[edit | edit source]

Cecil Park Barrio is Spanish for "neighborhood".
Southern Cross

Chinatown[edit | edit source]

Chinatown map in Saints Row.png

Chinatown Saints Row only
Imperial Square Saints Row 2 only
Little Shanghai

Docks & Warehouses[edit | edit source]

Docks & Warehouses map in Saints Row.png

Poseidon Alley
Fox Drive Within Factories District in Saints Row

Downtown[edit | edit source]

Downtown map in Saints Row.png

Adept Way
Union Square

Factories[edit | edit source]

Factories map in Saints Row 2.png

Black Bottom
Fox Drive Within Docks & Warehouses District in Saints Row 2
The Mills
Stilwater Caverns Saints Row 2 only. Located underground

High End Retail[edit | edit source]

High End Retail map in Saints Row.png

Atlantis Avenue Saints Row only
Nob Hill
Rounds Square Shopping Center Saints Row 2 only. Located underground

Hotels & Marina[edit | edit source]

Hotels & Marina map in Saints Row 2.png

Centennial Beach Saints Row 2
Stilwater Boardwalk

Museum[edit | edit source]

Museum map in Saints Row.png

Humbolt Park

Nuclear Power Plant[edit | edit source]

Map in Saints Row 2 - Nuclear Power Plant - Stilwater Nuclear.png

Stilwater Nuclear Saints Row 2 only

Projects[edit | edit source]

Sunnyvale Gardens

Red Light[edit | edit source]

Red Light district map.png

Bavogian Plaza In Saints Row 2, it is the only district which is controlled by 2 enemy gangs.
Prawn Court
Old Stilwater Saints Row 2 only. Located underground

Saint's Row[edit | edit source]

Saint's Row in Saints Row 2.png

Athos Bay
Mission Beach Appears in Saints Row IV mission, King Me.

Stilwater Prison[edit | edit source]

Map in Saints Row 2 - Stilwater Prison - Hangman's Wharf.png

Hangman's Wharf Saints Row 2 only
Stilwater Penitentiary

Stilwater University[edit | edit source]

Stilwater University map in Saints Row 2.png

Frat Row Saints Row 2 only
Stilwater University

Suburbs[edit | edit source]

Suburbs map in Saints Row.png

Misty Lane The physical map which comes with the game names the Suburbs District as "WR Suburb", which is also the internal name for this District.
Tidal Spring
Huntersfield Within Airport District in Saints Row 2.

Suburbs Expansion[edit | edit source]

Suburbs Expansion map in Saints Row 2.png

Mourning Woods Cemetery Saints Row 2 only.

The Suburbs Expansion does not have it's own spawning category, and has the same vehicles as Suburbs.

New Hennequet

Trailer Park[edit | edit source]

Map in Saints Row 2 - Trailer Park - Elysian Fields.png

Elysian Fields Saints Row 2 only

Truck Yard[edit | edit source]

Copperton map in Saints Row.png


Underground[edit | edit source]

In Saints Row 2, there are 4 neighborhoods in the "Underground" district. Unlike normal Districts, the District name is never given in-game, and each underground neighborhood has a separate spawn category.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Mount Claflin is not defined as a neighborhood, but is a distinct region.
  • Ocean is defined as a spawning region for boats.

Unused[edit | edit source]

The Saints Row data files reference several unused hoods, most of which have no mention other than a name, and are likely placeholder names for the final neighborhoods.

  • Allston
  • Ashland Arena - Early name for Ultor Dome
  • Back Bay
  • Central Station - A building in Southern Cross is all that remains of the Central train station
  • Crackton
  • Gaslamp
  • Hackenshack
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Hoodieville
  • Lakeview
  • Lerner Industrial Park
  • Lesalle - Early name for Rebadeaux, according to a freeway sign
  • Race Track - Internal name for Arena
  • Southside Seaport - Early name for Docks & Warehouses)
  • Sunset - Early name for Sommerset, there is a sign for "Sunset Apartments"[1]
  • Train Yard - Southern Cross was originally park of the "Train Yard" district. The Mayhem instance is still called "vandalism_trainyard", and there are 2 Civilians with variants named BarrioTrainyardClothingStore and TrainyardHairSalon, referring to the Sloppy Seconds and Do it Up.

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