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Instakills most enemies, infinite magazines, Zin weapon.

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Saints Row IV

The Disintegrator is a weapon in Saints Row IV.[1]

One hit. One kill. No mess to clean up.
— Weapon Description[2]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Disintegrator has one self-titled costume.

This gun can kill any civilian and Zin instantly in Casual and Normal mode, except for Wardens, bosses, Marauders and Vehicles.

Charge Capacity, Charge Time and Recharge Rate can be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Penetrating Shots "ultimate upgrade".[3]

The Disintegrator is a very powerful single shot weapon that fires high damage projectiles that is capable of eliminating regular enemies in one shot, and disintegrates targets upon the killing shot. The Disintegrator can also destroy world objects, vehicle panels and ZinTek Force Shields, so it can be used to eliminate objects, or in the case with the Force Shields, remove Zin defenses. The Disintegrator has uses Charge Capacity and requires no ammo. The Penetrating Shots ultimate upgrade allows for the Disintegrator to eliminate multiple targets in one shot if they are lined up, increasing the gun's effectiveness against multiple targets.

The main problem with the Disintegrator is that the gun can run out of charge and be rendered useless until the weapon recharges enough, and a full charge takes substantial time. With the exception of the Bounce Gun, all weapons of the same class suffer less down time from magazine changes or cooling down.

Availability[edit | edit source]

This Disintegrator is unlocked after completing the "De Plane Boss" mission.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

  • Very powerful per shot damage
  • No ammo required, uses charge capacity
  • Penetrating Shots upgrade allows for multiple kills per shot
  • Can be used to clear obstructing debris
  • The time to fully recharge the gun is slower than normal reloads unless unlimited rifle ammo upgrade is bought
  • Requires mandatory time to charge each shot, giving the gun a slow rate of fire

Costumes[edit | edit source]

Disintegrator Skin
SRIV Rifles - Disintegrator - Disintegrator - Default.png Default
Leaves no evidence behind.
— Disintegrator - Default skin description[4]

SRIV Rifles - Disintegrator - Disintegrator - Gold-Plated.png Gold-Plated
If you're going to erase someone from existence, do it in style.
— Disintegrator - Gold-Plated skin description[5]

SRIV Rifles - Disintegrator - Disintegrator - Saints Purple.png Saints Purple
Zin? Fin.
— Disintegrator - Saints Purple skin description[6]

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