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Dex is a character in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Corporate Warfare, Saints Row: Money Shot and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[3][10][4]


Dex is a member of the 3rd Street Saints created by Julius Little to try and rid the city of Stilwater gang violence at the hands of Los Carnales, Vice Kings and Westside Rollerz. During the events of Saints Row, Dex is appointed by Julius to take down Los Carnales and to also watch over Johnny Gat who offered to do the Vice Kings.[11]

Dex appears to be the voice of reason amongst the other lieutenants and is a superb tactician and would rather plan than just going in guns blazing, which he tries to talk a trigger happy Johnny Gat out of doing.[12] In the final mission for the Carnales, Dex and Playa take down Angelo Lopez, finally finishing the Carnales gang.[6] He appears in the second epilogue mission when taking down corrupt police Chief Monroe who is holding Julius.[13]

During Saints Row 2, Dex now works as the Head of Security for Ultor and is a successful millionaire,[14] leaving behind his life as a gang member. He doesn't appear in person during the game, but is mentioned a couple of times,[15][14] and the player is required to phone him to unlock the mission Revelation, which leads to Dex betraying both Playa and Julius after luring them there.[16] In the second DLC for the game Corporate Warfare, Dex attempts to have newly appointed CEO of Ultor Eric Gryphon killed,[17] while partaking in illegal nuclear waste smuggling.[18] In the end, he ends up having to flee Stilwater to an unknown location after Playa ruins his plans.[19]

Dex doesn't appear in Saints Row: The Third. In the unreleased spin-off Saints Row: Money Shot, he is assassinated by a female assassin working for Ultor named Cypher.

Dex is featured in the Revenge Diversion in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[3][4] as a husk wearing Dex's visor cap from Saints Row.


Saints Row[]

Dex was one of the people affected by gang violence spreading throughout Stilwater and thus joined the gang formed by Julius Little, the 3rd Street Saints, to rid the city of its chaotic state. Dex appeared to be the voice of reason amongst Little's lieutenants. Dex is a superb tactician, but talk amongst the generic Saints gang members that wander the streets indicate that few Saints believe that Dex deserved his post and there was concern that Dex might have eventually challenged Julius Little for control of the gang.

Saints Row 2[]

Before Playa was blown up on Alderman Richard Hughes' boat, Dex dropped his flags after he was offered a job in Ultor by Dane Vogel at the Saints' church. He called Troy Bradshaw after this happened to say that he knew Troy was a cop and that he was out of the Saints, and wanted to make sure he and Troy wouldn't have a problem, due to Troy being able to arrest him.[20]

Playa visits the police station and listens to the conversations that were taped. He finds out that it was Julius who put the bomb on Alderman's boat. He also finds Dex's file containing his phone number. Playa calls Dex and he tells Playa to come meet him at the church so that they can get rid of Julius.[20] However, this ends up being a trap set up by Dex and instead of Dex, Julius shows up. After a conflict between Julius and Playa, a smoke bomb is thrown through the church's window.[16] Masako agents sent by Dex attack the two, who ally briefly to escape.[20]

Corporate Warfare[]

Julius was right... You never know when to quit.
— Dexter Jackson realizing Playa won't drop his flags[18]

Some time after, Eric Gryphon, Ultor's new CEO, visited the Saints, telling them that he wanted protection from the Masako who were sent by Dex to kill Gryphon. Playa successfully protected Gryphon from Dex's assassination attempt. After this Gryphon and Dex met in front of the Phillips Building and talked about Dex's attempt.[17]

Then Gryphon informs Playa that Dex is selling toxic waste to illegal buyers. Playa, with help from Ultor security, succeeds in stopping Dex's plan. Dex felt the heat closing in on him and asked for an immediate transfer to another Ultor branch.[18]

Gryphon again informs Playa that Dex has fled and that he couldn't do anything. However, Playa still wants to hurt Dex, so Gryphon comes up with a plan. While Gryphon is standing on the lighthouse identifying Dex's acquaintances walking around, Playa kills them. After this, Playa says he will find out which city Dex fled to and get him.[21]

Saints Row: Money Shot[]

Dex's death.

Main article: Saints Row: Money Shot

Dex's days of hiding have finally come to an end. After deducing his present location, Ultor dispatches a professional female assassin named Cypher to take him out. Using some very sophisticated sniper technology, Cypher makes her move on Dex in the midst of his big corporate birthday party, swiftly disposing of him with a bullet to the head.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

Main Articles: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and Revenge
I was happy with people forgetting I exist, but motherfuckers always gotta bring up the past...
— One of Dex's lines upon confrontation.

Dex is already dead, and can be killed by Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington during their attack on Hell.[4]

Dex resembles a normal undead Civilian wearing Dex's hat, and randomly spawns around New Hades and appears on the minimap.[22] The "Revenge" Diversion requires killing him 7 times.[23]

The first few times he spawns, Dex is unarmed and alone. After that, he has a firearm and demon allies, starting with Imps and getting stronger demons with each kill. After being killed 6 times, he spawns with 2 Legionnaires. After being killed the 7th time, this resets and Dex goes back to spawning alone and unarmed, and he continues to spawn indefinitely, with the upgrade cycle repeating.

He only receives additional firepower and allies when he is killed. If his demon followers are killed but he is left alive, he does not upgrade his followers.[details?]

Killing Dex's Legionnaires is an easy way to get the "Kill Legionnaires" challenge, but he may spawn with his extra demons at an inconvenient time. At max Notoriety when an Archduke spawns, Dex is removed along with all the other demons.

In the Shawarma cutscene after completing City Takeover, Dex is in the fetal position, still being tormented.[24]


  • Dex's pet peeve is people using the wrong terminology. Dex often states "It's 'The Carnales' or 'Los Carnales', not 'The Los Carnales'".[25]
  • Dex and Julius are the only Saints who are not unlockable homies in Saints Row or Saints Row 2; and Playa has a deep hatred for both of them in Saints Row 2.
    • Julius can be unlocked as a homie in Saints Row IV. Therefore, Dex is the only Saint to never become an unlockable homie.
  • Near the end of Saints Row, Saints may be heard saying "You aren't worried Dex might pull some Warren Williams bullshit, are you?", foreshadowing him becoming an enemy of the Saints in Saints Row 2.
  • Dex's hair, grammar, clothing style, and even voice, have changed dramatically from Saints Row to Saints Row 2. This suggests that he was very young in the first game, a teenager. This could also be due to his being in a well paid job and lifestyle, differing from being a gang member.
  • Dex's Phone Number in Saints Row 2 is 555–2628.
  • Dex's phone entry sometimes re-appears after completing "Revelation", and if he is called, the mission is sometimes unlocked again and can be played without using the Newspaper Clipboard.
  • In a livestream interview with Destructoid one week prior to the release of Saints Row: The Third, Steve Jaros, one of the writers of the Saints Row series, confirmed that Dex does not appear in Saints Row: The Third. Jaros further explained that Dex was to appear in another project which "never materialized", and Volition, Inc. did not want to put Dex in the game and alienate players who did not play Saints Row or the Saints Row 2 DLC Corporate Warfare.[26]
    • Dex features in an unreleased spin-off titled Saints Row: Money Shot, where he is shot and killed by Cypher, a professional assassin working for Ultor. The mission is titled "Dex's New Digs".[27][2]
    • The unreleased Saints Row: Money Shot bridges some of the gap between the second and third games. If the events of this game occurred off-screen, then Dex is dead by the events of Saints Row: The Third and, as of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Johnny is the only original character who is still alive.[28]
  • In the Saints Row IV mission "A Pleasant Day", Dex is referenced to by Playa's "wife" in a simulation who says that Dex had called round but she didn't recognize him so sent him away. Playa doesn't react to this while they are eating pancakes.[29]
  • There is a photo of Dex in the Saints Row Church in an virtual version of Stilwater.[30][31]
  • Volition could not locate Jeffery Allen Qaiyum when developing Saints Row 2, so Pierce's voice actor, Arif S. Kinchen, also provided the voice of Dex.[9]
  • In the DLC Enter the Dominatrix for Saints Row IV, Donnie references how he knows how Dex feels in reference to being left out of Saints Row (as Donnie was cut from Saints Row IV).
  • In Gat out of Hell, Dex knows who Kinzie is, despite never having met her.
  • Dex betrays Playa,[20] but despite their vow,[21] Playa does not kill Dex.[1]
  • Dex and Killbane are two major antagonists who survive the events of their respective games (Corporate Warfare and Saints Row: The Third), die "offscreen" and then return as minor characters in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Also, Playa expresses a deep hatred for both of them as enemies of the Saints.
  • Jane Austen mentions in the Shawarma cutscene that Dex's retribution was long overdue. A reference to Dex's absence from the series after Corporate Warfare.[24]
  • The Gat out of Hell website promo image of Dex uses the Saints Row Wiki's image of Dex in the Corporate Warfare Milestone Goal Failed cutscene without attribution.[32][33]
  • Despite failing to carry out killing Dex, Playa still remembers him fondly (among other past characters) when in the simulation of the old Saints church in Saints Row IV.


Dex - character model in Saints Row

Dex's homie head in Saints Row

Dex's face as a homie in Saints Row

Dex as a homie in Saints Row

Dex promotional image

Dex during the mission Crack Down

Dex in the Calm Before the Storm cutscene

Calm Before the Storm cutscene - It's not THE Los Carnales

Dex arguing with Julius in Strength in Numbers

Dex during the mission What Goes Up...

Aisha's Favor Dex and Gat

In Green With Envy

Dex's Saints Row model

Dex's Saints Row model face close-up

Saints Row promo website - Dex

Dex - character model in Saints Row 2

Dex in the Corporate Warfare Milestone Goal Failed cutscene

Dex flees Stilwater in Corporate Warfare

Dex in Saints Row 2

Dex about to be shot dead in Saints Row: Money Shot

Dex shot dead. (Saints Row: Money Shot)

Dex's dead body

A photo of Dex from Saints Row as seen in the Saints Row Church in Saints Row IV

Dex's website promo

Dex's icon on radar in Gat out of Hell

Dex in Gat out of Hell

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