Developer offices
Developer offices - interior view from north east corner

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Stilwater Boardwalk




Saints Row 2

The Developer offices is a Secret Area in Saints Row 2.


It is located in the Stilwater Boardwalk neighborhood of the Hotels & Marina district, and has multiple entrances:

  • Entering through a side door under the "North Shore Marina Super Mall" sign, then following the interior stairs.
  • Entering through the rooftop door by first climbing the stairs in front of the Charred Hard Burgers, then following the interior stairs.
  • Using the Stunt Jump ramp out of the underground parking area across the street, and crashing through the window. It can also be entered by piloting an aircraft through the same window.

The office is plainly decorated, having blue wallpaper and a few office desks, chairs and computers. There is also a Volition logo on the wall, but with an eyepatch over one of the face's eyes and "The Game Studio" in place of "Volition". The office also has a huge breakable window overlooking the Marina and the ocean.

In the center of the room is 1 of the 50 collectible CDs.

The Corporate Warfare DLC made use of the offices in a mission.


Game trainwrecksim

Trainwreck Sim, from "The Game Studio"

  • In addition to the Stunt Jump that can be used to enter the building, jumping out of the building in a car is also a Stunt Jump
  • The room makes a good spot to hide out from the police, as they can not enter it.
  • Due to the fact that the room contains a Stunt Jump, a collectible CD, and is 1 of the 32 Secret Areas, is it one of the most rewarding Secret locations of the game.
  • They make a game called "Train Wreck Simulator."
  • The "Train Wreck Simulator" poster just shows a Taxi in Saints Row smacking into an El Train.


  • Front of the building where the Developer offices are located
  • Back of the building where the Developer offices are located
  • The first door which leads to the Developer offices
  • Developer offices - staircase from walkway
  • The second door which leads to the Developer offices
  • The Developer offices
  • The Developer offices
  • The Developer offices
  • View from the windows of the back of the building
  • A framed wallpaper of a picture that may be one of a developer of the game
  • There are several chairs in the building which can be used as Improvised Weapons
  • The Volition logo with an eye patch
  • A desktop in the Developer offices
  • A CD in the middle of the Developer offices
  • The Developer offices
  • View from the windows of the front of the building
  • From this side, we can see the Heron Hotel
  • The Developer offices
  • Corridor behind the second set of doors which leads to the Developer offices too
  • A Bum asleep in the corridor
  • Three Pedestrians playing with dices
  • A closer view of the dice players
  • End of the corridor that leads to a roof
  • Roof of a building linked to the Developer offices with the corridor
  • The first roof lead to a Charred Hard Burgers roof
  • Two Pedestrians smoking a Blunt on the roof of a Charred Hard Burgers
  • Final exit highlighting the fact that we are indeed not in the secret area anymore


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