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The <Destructor>[2] is a vehicle in Saints Row IV.[3]


The Destructor serves as the Zin heavy response vehicle, and is quite effective at that. It appears as a burly hovertank, sporting the black and red colors of the Zin Empire.

It's best for the player to use a tank, VTOL, helicopter, upgraded Super Powers or weapons such as the RPG or similar heavy weapons when fighting a Destructor, else it could prove challenging to destroy, and is best countered by running away if the player does not have the weapons or skills to eliminate the tank. It appears when the player has 5 units of Notoriety ("Welcome Back" needs to be completed).

Additionally, the Destructor is invulnerable to all weapons, including 'Merica but excluding explosives. The only exception to this is the Heavy Minigun from the Enter the Dominatrix DLC.

As with the Crusader, the Destructor has 3 weapons. The primary weapon is a cannon, the secondary weapon is a solid Laser Beam. The third weapon is a swivelling mounted laser machine gun turret which is only usable by the passenger. Like the Challenger's machine gun, the Destructor's can also overheat and it needs to be cooled.

An unique variant of Destructor appears in "Batteries Not Included" where the tank needs to be driven to Kinzie's Warehouse. This Destructor is faster and its weapons are more powerful and its cannon can fire missiles every second.


  • Default (100%)
  • saints (0%)
  • Mi21 (100%)



There is a glitch which increases Destructor's speed:

  1. Get 5 units of Notoriety
  2. When the Destructor appears, kill the Zin soldier who uses mounted turret
  3. Increase Notoriety, until the fifth bar is red (do not activate 6th unit)
  4. Get in the tank
  5. After 6th unit is achieved and the Warden is deployed, get out of the tank fast, as the Warden may destroy the tank. Alternatively, Notoriety Hack may be used to clear all Notoriety (getting out of the tank is not needed in that case)

After Notoriety is cleared, the tank has increased speed.

  • Saving the tank and retrieving it makes the tank normal.
  • Driving the tank forwards decreases its steer angle. Driving the tank, so its back looks forward, does not affect the steer angle.

Passenger seatEdit

There is a glitch which allows the player to enter the Destructor as a passenger and control the turret:

  1. Get 5 units of Notoriety
  2. When the Destructor appears, freeze it with Freeze Blast or Buff
  3. Kill the gunman while the tank is frozen
  4. After the gunman is dead, press Enter button and The Protagonist should enter it as a passenger
  • Exiting and re-entering the tank causes The Protagonist to enter it as a driver.
  • Since the driver is not killed, he may drive around and even attempt to kill The Protagonist with the cannon.
  • If the tank is not frozen, The Protagonist enters it as a driver.


  • While destroying the Destructors outright is difficult, disabling it is alarmingly simple: kill the turret gunner, enter the tank and exit again, and it sits perfectly still. This usually prompts another Destructor to spawn, in which the same process can be repeated.
  • Tanks are not displayed at Rim Jobs in Saints Row IV, so they cannot be customised using the Vehicle Customization glitch.
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  • Zin Destructor
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  • The Destructor from "Batteries Not Included"
  • Destructor - front right in Saints Row IV


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