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Demons are enemies in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Satan's army is made up of many different classes of demons who enforce the rules in New Hades. It is stated in Satan's Tomes that when a husk is deemed worthy, he is given a demonic body and a weapon. This gives Satan's demon army a sense of pride over the rest of the souls suffering in Hell. All demons have a stereotypical "red" color scheme and horns, and most wear some sort of armor. Most Demons work for Sinterpol, one of the primary security organizations in Hell.


Your suffering will be legendary!
— Demon Grunt during battle.

Demons are the standard adversaries in New Hades, and are red, horned creatures with guns. Regular Demons patrol the streets on foot, or in their trucks or motorcycles on all occasions, and only attack the player when provoked. Demons are predominantly male but female variants do exist, and all male Demons have a glowing pentagram on their chest while female variants wear a short grey dress-like armor. Demons does not wear traditional clothing and instead wears armor on their legs, and have armored gloves. Some demons have the ability to fly, and often does so when attacking, making them harder to kill.

Bro DemonsEdit

Bro Demons is a special kind of Demon that wears colorful human clothing, akin to the clothes that stereotypical fratboys wear. They spawn during certain diversions and also spawn very frequently in the Shantytown Slums and are quite rare compared to the standard Demons. Physically, Bro Demons appear to have the same health and attacks as generic Demons.

Tragedy DemonsEdit

Tragedy Demons are unique Demons who wear masks associated with Greek tragedy plays. They appear around Shakespeare's Tempest Club and are identical to regular Demons in terms of health, firepower, and capabilities. They are associated with the "Kill Tragedy Demons" Challenge.

Shadow DemonsEdit

No dimension can bind me!
— Shadow Demon, teleporting away.


Shadow Demon before teleporting.

Shadow Demons are long-ranged specialists in Satan's army. They fight at a distance with an Umbral Rifle and will teleport away if an enemy is too close to them. This means that you are forced to fight them at long range lest they simply slip away into the shadows. Their Umbral Rifle is powerful enough to stagger you with one shot and rarely misses, but takes a while to line up and fire. They are given away by the distinctive laser on their rifle and their glowing red body and eyes. They usually spawn in pairs, meaning you will need to keep an eye out for another if you see one. They have more health than a standard Demon, but not by much.


GooH imps

Johnny Gat fighting Imps.

Imps are miniscule, vile demons who mainly serve as an annoyance. They will hop onto you, slowing your movement speed and dealing damage. Pressing the "use" button, turning on an Aura power, or using Stomp will easily get Imps off of you. They usually come in swarms, but are very slow, meaning that you should take them out with an explosive before they can get close.


Grenadier promo image

The Grenadier

Yes, run mortal!
— Grenadier during battle.

Grenadiers are Satan's heavy troopers. They are armed with an Exodus 10 SMG or a Lil' Croaker frog launcher, giving them a higher damage output than standard Demons. They are also heavily armored, giving them about 5 times as much damage resistance as a typical Demon, and are always surrounded by a hellfire Aura, lighting the player on fire if they get too close. However, their heavy armor costs them movement speed, and they are not capable of taking cover or sprinting. Instead, they will simply walk towards the player while continually shooting. They are distinguished from regular demons by their heavy armor and booming, echoing voice. When on the ground, their Lil' Croaker grenades cannot reach the top of buildings.

Dark IncitersEdit

SRG BugWeapon FINAL Dark Inciter
My children are endless in number!
— Dark Inciter summoning an enemy.

Dark Inciters are unique demons who do not possess any direct forms of attack. Instead, they will continually summon other Demons onto the battlefield until they are defeated while hovering in the air. As the game progresses, they will summon more powerful demons, such as Grenadiers and Shadow Demons as opposed to regular Demons. They are also surrounded by an arcane shield which blocks damage until it is removed by enough gunfire or a power. Despite the fact they hover above air, their shields can be stripped away with the Super Stomp power.

Gat out of Hell Trailer 044b Legionnaire

The Legionnaire


Who is my foe?
— Legionnaire entering battle.

Legionnaires are the Brutes of Hell, possessing surprising speed and agility for their size. They will typically charge the player to unleash a melee attack, but can also use variations of the Super Stomp, Super Energy Blast, and Super Jump powers. However, they use these powers less frequently than Archdukes, preferring to instead rapidly close the distance with their target. They can also bodyslam enemies, dealing tremendous damage unless their intended victim sprints away in the opposite direction.


Archduke with Uriels Edge

Archduke preparing to fight.

Prepare yourself, mortal! Now you face Leviathan!
— Archduke preparing to defend Marshalling Grounds.

Archdukes are the generals of Satan's army, and are called to battle when the player's Notoriety level reaches 6 or a Marshalling Ground is threatened. They appear to be Legionnaires with a suit of heavy plate armor, a flaming sword, and a flaming shield. They possess many of the same powers as Legionnaires, but gain the ability to teleport in a fiery explosion. They also use their powers more aggressively than Legionnaires. Unlike Shadow Demons, they will typically teleport closer to the player in order to set them on fire or hit them with their sword. In Marshalling Grounds they are fought alone, without other demons present. In one Survival diversion, an Archduke is accompanied by two Legionnaires.


Demons use Predaceptors and Goats while patrolling and at all levels of Notoriety they also use Soul in Ones during the Armor diversion and at 5 notoriety use Leviathans as heavy assault vehicles.


Demons use Energy Casters, Brimstone Belchers, Damned Impalers, Lava Cannons, Lil' Croakers and Exodus 10s used by Grenadiers, and Umbral Rifles used by Shadow Demons.


  • As with the Zin in Saints Row IV, all Demons are internally defined as being Luchadores.
  • It is stated in Satan's 8th Tome that Archdukes can be male or female. All Archdukes in-game are identical.[1]
  • In Satans 36th Tome, Grenadiers are referred to as "Plague Bearers".[2]


  • Gat out of Hell concept art of a female demon
  • Gat out of Hell Imps concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Grenadier concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Dark Inciter concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Dark Inciter concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Dark Inciter concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Dark Inciter concept art
  • Legionnaire promo
  • Gat out of Hell Arch-Duke concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Arch-Duke concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Arch-Duke concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Arch-Duke concept art
  • Gat out of Hell Arch-Duke concept art

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