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Demolition Derby is an activity in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Compete in an eight car demolition derby and destroy your opponents' cars to earn cash and respect.
— Demo Derby introduction in Saints Row 2[1]


Vehicle unlock screen

Unlike other activities, this activity does not take place in the city, but within an enclosed Arena.

Each round begins with an announcer counting down from 3, after this the derby starts. There is no time limit, but if all other cars are destroyed before meeting the quota of that round, the round automatically fails.

The location of other cars in the arena is indicated on the mini map as blue dots in Saints Row[2] and as red dots in Saints Row 2[3].

The demo derby vehicle is always equipped with nitrous, which causes greater damage. After nitrous is used, it takes time for it to recharge.

Saints Row[]

There is only one location for Demolition Derby, which is the Ultor Dome in the Arena District.

In Saints Row, the car is selected at random between Rampage and Ruckus. There is a set number of cars which must be destroyed per round, and the round ends immediately after destroying the required number of cars, even if other cars are still driving.

If damage is done to another car, but another vehicle delivers the killing blow, no points are earned.

The number of cars destroyed is displayed on the HUD, along with the number of opponents remaining.


Larry: "Are you crazy man? The derby is about to start, if you're just standing around out here you could get really hurt..."
Larry: "Woo!"
Larry's car is knocked out of the way, by his brother Garry.
Garry: "Don't mind my brother, he's just bein' a pussy. Hop in a car man...there ain't nothin' better than smashing cars for money."
— Larry and Garry[4] in the Crash Course cutscene.


Both derby cars are customizable at the Car Mechanic. Visiting the mechanic automatically replaces the unique worn defense to new metal parts, the color of these parts are changed via the Trims menu, but cannot ever be changed back to the beater look.

Saints Row 2[]

There is only one location for Demolition Derby, which is Culex Stadium at Stilwater University, in the University District.

In Saints Row 2, there are 4 cars to choose from: Ruckus, Frenzy, Rumble, and Rampage. Between each round, upgrades are available for each car to increase speed, defense and attacks.

There is a set amount of money which must be earned per level, by the amount of damage done to vehicles. The round ends after passing that specified amount of cash, even if other cars still driving.


Carl in Demo Derby Cutscene in Saints Row 2.png
Carl: "Don't bother signin' up."
Playa: "Excuse me?"
Carl: "You're thinkin' 'bout signin' up for that there demo derby...and I'm tellin' ya not to bother."
Playa: "Who the fuck do you think you are?"
Carl: "No need to get salty, I'm just tellin' it like it is...I'm gonna win that derby, and there ain't shit you can do about it..."
Playa: "Looks like we'll find out, won't we..."
— "University District Demolition Derby" Cutscene

Easy upgrades[]

There is an Easy Demolition Derby Easter Egg in Saints Row 2.

  • On the Demolition Derby car selection screen:
  • Rotate the car 180 degrees clockwise so the car is facing backwards
    • If the car is not not fully turned, this may still work
    • Rotating the car anti-clockwise does not work
  • Set each slider to level 2
  • Choosing "Enter Derby" as normal displays the message "You don't have enough derby points"
  • Holding down Crouch + Sprint when choosing "Enter Derby" starts the derby with the chosen upgrades.


Level Upgrades Health Cash Respect Required Score Opponents Opponents Offense Opponents Defense Opponents Speed
1 1 100% $100 5000 15000 7x 0 0 0
2 2 95% $250 6000 17500 3x
3 3 90% $500 7500 20000 2x
4 5 85% $1000 9000 22500 3x
5 7 80% $2500 11000 25000 3x
6 9 75% $5000 14000 30000 7x 2 2 2

Bonus Derby Icon

Special Derby[]

Win bonus demolition derbies to earn cash.
Special Derby introduction[5]

After completing the normal Derby, a Special Derby marker is unlocked near the Demolition Derby location.[6] There is a choice of Derby type, as well as a choice of cars of each type.

There is no Unlockable Reward for completing the Bonus Derby. Completing each Special Derby level gives $1000 and no Respect.

Name Class Damage Scale Vehicle Choices
Monster Truck Derby Monster Trucks 1.2 Atlasbreaker
Jackass Derby Golf Carts 4.5 Knoxville
Gas Guzzler Derby SUVs 1.0 Swindle, Nordberg, Alaskan, Mag
18-Wheeler Derby Semi Trucks 1.0 Peterliner
Overcompensating Derby Sports Cars 4.0 Attrazione, Zenith, Vortex, Bezier, Superiore
Detroit Derby Muscle Cars 1.0 Hammerhead, Bootlegger, La Fuerza, Phoenix
Redneck Derby Farm Equipment 3.0 Kent
Donovan's Derby Short Bus 1.25 DonoVan
Construction Derby Dozers .25 Bulldozer, Backhoe
Metermaid Derby Metermaid 10 Quota
Delicious Derby O-Ring 2.0 Oring
Dookie Derby Septic 1.5 Septic Avenger
Unused: Trail Blazing Derby ATV Toad
Unused: Pocket Rocket Derby Motorcycle Sabretooth, Sandstorm, Kaneda, Widowmaker, Tetsuo, Kenshin, Shard, Melbourne


  • Demo Derby Level 3 - 5% Discount at the Car Mechanic
  • Demo Derby Level 6 - 15% Discount at the Car Mechanic
  • Demo Derby Level 6 - Demolition Man Achievement
  • Demo Derby Level 6 - All 4 vehicles added to the garage
  • Special Derby - there is no Unlockable Reward.

The unlockables vehicles are defined as:

  • Ruckus - derby_03_lvl3 variant
  • Frenzy - derby_12_lvl3 variant
  • Rumble - derby_13_lvl3 variant
  • Rampage - derby_04_lvl3 variant

However, there are no "lvl3" variants, so a random variant of each is unlocked instead. Each variant comes with full offensive and defensive equipment, which cannot be changed. Each variant also comes with the speed upgrade equipment, which can be changed.

All unlockable derby cars are customizable at the Car Mechanic. Visiting the mechanic automatically replaces the unique worn defense to new metal parts, the color of these parts are changed via the Trims menu, but cannot ever be changed back to the beater look.


  • There are no spectators in the audience.
  • In Saints Row 2, there is an explosion bonus for being the last car to hit another car, regardless of whether it explodes on impact or minutes later.
  • In Saints Row, in the introductory cut-scene, the two brothers wear helmets. However, none of the drivers wear a helmet throughout the entire activity.
  • The Rumble is the only derby vehicle which is not based on an in-game vehicle; the Frenzy is a Voyage, the Rampage is a Destiny and the Ruckus is a Cavallaro.
  • In Saints Row, it is sometimes possible to leave the vehicle when it is on fire, but it is impossible to use weapons or enter any other vehicles and the activity still ends when the car explodes.[7]
  • It is possible to push other cars off the map. This sometimes happen when driving onto a car that is next to the wall with the Car Mass Hole cheat on. This can also happen if a car smashes into another car so hard they fly out of the arena, as they fall through the floor a few seconds later. If this happens, the car teleports back.
  • The Redneck Derby is the only appearance of a non-Reward Kent.
  • In Saints Row 2, sometimes when driving around with female gang followers, they may say "Why am I not surprised you used to run in a demolition derby?" when Playa drives recklessly
  • Though there is no Demolition Derby in Saints Row: The Third, sometimes when driving in a car with female Saint gang follower, they may say "This ain't no demo derby." when Playa drives recklessly.
  • The "Jackass Derby", and the Knoxville itself, are named after television show Jackass and Johnny Knoxville. In Jackass: The Movie, Knoxville and others destroy a miniature golf course using golf carts.
  • In Saints Row 2, the exit points for Demolition Derby and Special Derby are reversed, resulting in Playa standing in the wrong marker after exiting.
  • As well as Larry and Garry, there is a third unnamed version, which is Larry with black skin.
  • Larry and Garry's helmet, pants, shirt, and jacket are randomised.


Larry in the Crash Course cutscene

Garry in the Crash Course cutscene

Larry - "white" variant

Garry - "white helmet" variant

Unused "black" variant

Demolition Derby in Saints Row - takes place inside Ultor Dome

Demolition Derby in Saints Row - completed

Demolition Derby in Saints Row - Wreck 3 cars to win

Demolition Derby in Saints Row - You didn't take out enough opponents

Demolition Derby in Saints Row - You've been disqualified

End screen background for Demo Derby

Carl in Demo Derby Cutscene in Saints Row 2

Carl in Saints Row 2

Carl - closeup with glasses removed

Poster in-game in Saints Row 2

Poster image from Saints Row 2

Demo Derby in Saints Row 2 - ramming a vehicle with Rumble

Demo Derby cutscene in Saints Row 2

Demo Derby cutscene in Saints Row 2 - Who the fuck do you think you are

Demo Derby cutscene in Saints Row 2 - No need to get salty

Demo Derby cutscene in Saints Row 2 - Looks like we'll find out

Demo Derby instructions 1

Demo Derby instructions 2

Mechanic Discount 1 unlocked

Mechanic Discount 2 unlocked

Demo Derby Vehicles unlocked

Bonus Derby instructions

Monster Truck Bonus Derby

Jackass Bonus Derby

Gas Guzzler Bonus Derby

18 Wheeler Bonus Derby

Overcompensating Bonus Derby

Detroit Bonus Derby

Redneck Bonus Derby

Donovan's Bonus Derby

Construction Bonus Derby

Metermaid Bonus Derby

Delicious Bonus Derby

Dookie Bonus Derby

Unused "ui hud recruit misc derby" Homie head

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