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The Deckers are a gang in Saints Row: The Third.


The Deckers are a group of computer geniuses led by Matt Miller. They deal mainly in money laundering and cybercrimes across Steelport,[2] their gang color is neon blue and their insignia is a blue skull with star eyes. Like the Morningstar and the Luchadores, they are part of The Syndicate. The gang is mostly made up of English characters wielding sub-machine guns and swords (known as a Nocturne) on their backs. The Deckers are similar to The Ronin from Saints Row 2, having been described as "...all motorcycles and swords".[Reference needed]

Their headquarters is the Burns Hill Reactors, located in the Burns Hill neighborhood of the district of Stanfield. In addition, they also have their own skyscraper Downtown, located in the western part of Loren Square.[3]

The Deckers Code[]

The Deckers Code is stated on the Saints Row website.[4]

  1. #UpgradeOrDie
  2. Theres nothin u cant say in 140 characters
  3. Anonymity is for ****


With the exception of their specialists, the Deckers mainly employ males into their gang, all of whom are quite young (mid to late teens or twenties), and English in origin. All members dress in very much the same way, sporting dark clothing with neon-blue highlights. The Decker makeup and clothing is of a Gothic, "Cyber-Punk" style. Wherever they go, members always carry on their backs large swords called Nocturnes.

  • Matt Miller - A computer genius and professional hacker. He is the leader of the Deckers and is The Syndicate's go-to-guy for all instances of (cyber) crime. Matt has a reputation for being timid, cowardly, and socially awkward whenever he's out in the open. Because of this, he chooses to spend most of his time behind a computer when not needed by his cohorts, believing himself to be unstoppable and all-powerful in the cyber world.
  • Pr0tip - A member of the Deckers, who likes to play PvP games against his rival: "00BER1337". Out of annoyance for having his ass kicked numerous times, 00BER1337 hires Playa to assassinate him.[5]
  • Kirsten - A surveillance specialist for the Deckers. She is assigned to monitor known Saints' locations, so Kinzie Kensington asks Playa to assassinate her.[5] Kirsten takes on the appearance of a Decker specialist.
  • Lucas - A member of the Deckers who is working undercover in the Saints. Kinzie eventually deduces his status as a mole, and asks Playa to assassinate him.[5]
  • Michael - A former DA who now works for the Deckers. Kinzie asks Playa to assassinate him while he's driving to work.[5]

The random Deckers soldiers are named Archie, Chester, Homer, Jack, Raymond, and Steven.


The Decker specialist is a Gothic, young woman with an English accent named Grace. She dresses in the same cyber-punk style that the all of the Deckers adhere to, but also sports a mini-skirt, fish-net stockings, and a pair of roller blades with a neon trim. These specialists are armed with their signature weapon: the Shock Hammer, along with two D4TH Blossoms which they can effectively dual-wield. Similar to the Morningstar, Decker specialists often come in pairs, and arrive by riding along the rear of a Decker vehicle like a Solar or Kayak. In addition their formidable arsenal, they also have the ability to move at incredibly fast speeds, making them very difficult targets to hit. On the other hand, they are also the weakest specialists in the game; capable of taking only slightly more damage than normal enemies.

Because of their vulnerability, Decker specialists are much more susceptible to incendiary weapons like the fully-upgraded TEK Z-10 or Grave Digger, but there is a substantial downside to lighting them on fire; once ablaze, they start racing around the area at a frantic pace, colliding with and setting fire to anything that crosses their path, friend or foe. One of the best ways to deal with these specialists is to kill them before they deploy from the rear of the vehicle they're arriving in, either by destroying the vehicle or shooting them while they're still clinging to the vehicle. Another effective means of dealing with Decker specialists is to perform a running attack or hit them in the crotch whenever they get close, both of which incapacitate them long enough to use weapon or beat the living daylights out of them before they start zipping around again.

Kirsten is a Decker surveillance expert who is listed as an Assassination target in the Saintsbook.


  • A developer blog released prior to the game looked specifically at designing the Deckers, their leader (Matt Miller), and their usernet/cyberspace which is somewhat inspired by the Tron universe.[6]
  • Members-wise, the Deckers are almost like a cross between the Morningstar and the Luchadores, being an all male gang with female Specialists.
    • The Deckers membership is opposite to the Morningstar, which has Caucasian males and multiracial females, the Deckers have Caucasian females and multiracial males
  • All normal Decker gang members carry Nocturne swords which they use as melee weapons, but they do not drop it when grabbed or killed.
    • The only way to obtain the Nocturne without cheats is to finish the mission "http://deckers.die", at which point it becomes available at Friendly Fire.
    • The fact that Deckers carry swords on their back is likely a reference to the cyberpunk novel Snow Crash, in which the main character, Hiro Protagonist, is a talented hacker and sword fighter.
  • The name Decker is used as a term to hackers in the novel Neuromancer and the roleplaying game Shadowrun.
    • Another possible origin of the name Decker is the "upper decker" prank, in which someone poops in the upper tank of the toilet, and the waste resurfaces in the bowl when the victim next flushes the toilet. Playa is turned into a toilet,[1] which could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the upper decker.
  • Most of the Deckers, including Matt Miller, are very young, with most of them still in their teen years. This is further implied when Kinzie Kensington thought she was too old to infiltrate the Deckers gang.[Reference needed]
  • Playa is given a Deckers Outfit by Kinzie in order to assassinate a Decker named Lucas.[5] This uniform is added to the Wardrobe which also make it available for purchase (as are all clothing options once unlocked).
  • The Decker Specialist was mistakenly identified as the lieutenant.[Reference needed] Aside from Matt Miller, the Deckers do not have any other significant characters in the gang.
  • One of the Deckers logo resembles skullcandy's logo.[7][8]
  • Despite being quoted as a 'gang that's all swords and motorcycles.'[Reference needed] and being compared to The Ronin due to the quote, the Deckers never use motorcycles.
  • Similar to The Luchadores and the Morningstar, The Deckers have a sky scraper Downtown.
    • The Decker skyscraper resembles The Shard in London.
    • The Deckers Skyscraper is a tall, slim and blue building.[3]
    • Unlike Syndicate Tower and Luchadores Tower, the Deckers Tower does not have a helipad on the roof.
  • Part one of the Decker's code is a reference to Twitter's hashtag feature.
    • Part two is a reference to the character limit for posts on Twitter.
    • Part three is a reference the infamous hacktivist and protest group Anonymous.
  • Decker Specialists are very vulnerable when the Solar or Kayak they are hanging onto slows down and for about a couple of seconds after it stops.
  • The Deckers are the only gang of The Syndicate that did not get a promotional poster about the gang.
  • The Steelport Gangs Pack contains costumes for the Decker Soldier and the Decker Specialist.
  • It is possible to purchase a headset with the Decker skull on the side at Nobody Loves Me.
  • Out of all the gangs in The Syndicate, the Deckers hold the least amount of territory at the beginning of the game, only controlling Brickston, Salander, Ashwood, and Burns Hill.
  • The Deckers are amongst the gangs in Steelport possess watercraft in the form of the Shark jetskis. They also possess a barge where they hold Kinzie.
  • Like most of the game's Specialists, Decker Specialists do not appear in Gang Customization and as a result all the Deckers in the Gang Customization option are male.
  • The Decker Specialists are very similar to Alice Liddel in Alice: Madness Returns as both use Shock Hammers (Hobby Horse) in a similar pattern and with similar effects, as well as the ability to move in a blur like fashion (Butterfly Dodge) and both have similar gothic appearances with dark long straight hair with south eastern English accents.
  • The Deckers are the only faction in the series not to have members with American accents
  • The Deckers are the only members of the Syndicate to use vehicles that are not also used by other main factions in the series, Solar and Kayak, all other Syndicate vehicles are used by other factions in the series, for example the Infuego is used by the 3rd Street Saints, the Justice is used by the 3rd Street Saints and Westside Rollerz, the Bulldog is used by the 3rd Street Saints, Los Carnales, The Brotherhood, Sons of Samedi and SNG, the Compensator is used by The Brotherhood and the Criminal is used by the 3rd Street Saints and all sets of the Syndicate
  • Decker is a common name in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Germany.
  • The song which plays inside of the reactor during the mission "Stop all the Downloading" is "Pitiless" by Dilemn, which is played on K12 FM 97.6.
  • In the mission "Learning Computer", many of the Deckers inside of the PR Center are armed with Viper Laser Rifles, which are normally STAG weapons.
  • In Saints Row IV, The Deckers' skull logo is available as a decal on some vehicles through Vehicle Customization, such as the Infuego.


Pierce: "What the hell these guys wearin'?"
Playa Female 1: "Looks like the Bleak Line by Christoph Valkerie..."
Playa Female 2: "A projection of their feelings of abandonment and their resentment of broader society."
Playa Female 3: "I dunno, but it kinda turns me on..."
Playa Male 1: "Seriously, neo-cyber punk fashion was so 3 years ago."
Playa Male 2: "Always thought neo-cyber punk was overrated."
Playa Male 3: "No kidding. Don't these chavs know neo-cyber punk was so last decade?"
Playa Zombie: "Babbles"
Pierce: "What."
— When Pierce and Playa see The Deckers in Return to Steelport


The Deckers symbol

Alternate Deckers logo

The Decker's Skull Logo

The Decker's Skull Logo

Deckers Logos

Deckers small skull logo

Deckers small star logo

Syndicate superscrapers logos

Early concept art of Matt Miller, his cyberspace form and a cut character named Lyric

Concept art of Deckers' members

Decker specialist concept art

A banner showing promotional artwork of the Deckers

Matt Miller and the Deckers in the "Deckers.Die" trailer

The Deckers in the "Deckers.Die" trailer

The Deckers' virtual reality

Saints Row: The Third Deckers promo

Deckers Gang Specialist

A female Playa wearing the unlockable Decker outfit

The Boss with a Red Deckers Uniform (Done via Clothes Glitch)

All the known colours that can be done with the Deckers Oufit Glitch. (Purple,Red,Blue,White,Black,Green)

The "NEMO Chair", one of the Deckers most valuable assets

The Burns Hill Reactors. Primary HQ of the Deckers

Decker Specialists can teleport upstairs

Deckers - emoticon - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers Soldier 1 - Homer - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers - Homer - character model in Saints Row IV

Deckers Soldier 2 - Jack - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers - Jack - character model in Saints Row IV

Deckers Soldier 3 - Archie - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers - Archie - character model in Saints Row IV

Deckers Soldier 4 - Chester - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers - Chester - character model in Saints Row IV

Deckers Soldier 5 - Steven - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers - Steven - character model in Saints Row IV

Deckers Soldier 6 - Raymond - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers - Raymond - character model in Saints Row IV

Deckers Specialist - rollerblader - Grace - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers Female Soldier - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers cyber - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Deckers cyberblader - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Cyber decker - character model in Saints Row IV