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Dane Vogel is a character in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]

As many of you know, the restoration of Saints Row[sic] was a tremendous success, but that was just the beginning of what Ultor has in mind for Stilwater.
— Dane Vogel[6]


Dane Vogel is Ultor's Head of Special Projects who later receives a promotion to Chairman of the Board. Additionally, he is the final antagonist of Saints Row 2. Vogel is a handsome, middle-aged man of athletic build with spiked, dark blonde hair. Wherever he goes, he always wears a gray, pinstriped business suit complete with an orange tie and an Ultor pin attached to the lapel of his blazer.

On the outside, Vogel is a popular icon; ladies find him attractive[Reference needed] and men applaud him for bringing order and reform to some of the most crime-ridden parts of the city.[Reference needed] His actions gained him a great deal of respect and admiration among his peers during the period when Playa lay in a coma at the Stilwater Penitentiary. Vogel knows at least some Japanese, being able to understand Kazuo Akuji, to Akuji's surprise, as he expresses his anger in the language.[7]

On the inside, Vogel is a twisted, power-hungry man who only wishes to satisfy his own selfish desires at the expense of others.[Reference needed] In contrast to what he says, his goals are not truly aimed for the benefit of Stilwater, but for the glory of Ultor, and to ensure the company's financial success. Vogel has little care or concern for whatever he has to do to make things go his way and is often cunning, devious, and ruthless in the execution of his schemes. On the other hand, he is also a coward, often depending on the protection of Ultor's private security force, the Masako, to safeguard both him and his interests, and deal with any potential threats or nuisances.


Saints Row 2[]

In the five years,[8] following the events of Saints Row and the death of Alderman Richard Hughes, the Ultor Corporation established a branch in Stilwater with Dane Vogel as its Head of Special Projects. From there, Ultor began spreading their influence throughout the city beginning with the redevelopment of Saint's Row, and the construction of the iconic Phillips Building in Mission Beach; the latter of which would become their headquarters. Saint's Row underwent a series of incredible transformations which ultimately turned it into a modern, glass and steel utopia for wealthy and privileged people, while most of the Row's original inhabitants were forced out. Vogel himself personally oversaw many of these transformations, including the complete restoration of the Saints Row Church which once housed the 3rd Street Saints. He also paid a visit to Saints lieutenant Dex and personally recruited him into Ultor's Security Division.[9]

Within this same period, three new gangs worked their way into Stilwater following the disbandment of the Saints: The Brotherhood, The Ronin, and the Sons of Samedi. Although Vogel wasn't too happy about having these new gangs running amok, in the time frame preceding the return of Playa, he secretly made a deal with Shogo Akuji, leader of The Ronin for protection of some of Ultor's investments, such as a financial share in the Poseidon's Palace.[10] This deal is ultimately broken at when Shogo's father, and The Ronin's true leader, Kazuo Akuji, demands a more substantial tribute from Vogel for continued protection. Vogel refuses to comply with the demand, so in response, Kazuo severs all ties between Ultor and The Ronin, much to Shogo's disbelief.[7]

Once the Saints are resurrected, Vogel is soon forced into an alliance with Maero, leader of the Brotherhood, who unexpectedly storms into Vogel's office and bullies him into using Ultor's connections to help the Brotherhood destroy the Saints.[11] Vogel later ends this alliance when he informs Maero that he has moved into a higher position of power, and sees nothing to gain from doing the Brotherhood any more favors. He then has Maero escorted off the premises of the Phillips Building by the Masako.[12]

Dane Vogel outside the Saints Row Church just before the attempt on his life by the 3rd Street Saints.

As the gang violence increases, Vogel begins to see it as a potential opportunity for Ultor, and thus devises a simple, but twisted plan: allow the gangs of Stilwater to run loose upon the city (specifically Shivington) and cripple each other with their consistent fighting for territory and power. The gang violence would drastically reduce property values throughout the area, giving Ultor the ability to buy up large plots of land for next to nothing. Once they owned the land, Ultor could develop and transform it into prime real-estate for more high-class people, thus yielding greater profits for the company.[6]

Vogel's plan also includes a solution to the gang violence itself. Once the gangs had been torn apart almost to the point of utter helplessness, Ultor would step in and "donate" obscene amounts of money to the Stilwater Police Department to increase police presence in the city. The Stilwater PD would then crackdown on the already weakened gangs and eliminate them.[13] Once confident in its success, Vogel unveils his plan to the rest of his colleagues at Ultor during a corporate party, and gains almost unanimous approval to proceed.

When the 3rd Street Saints become the only standing gang in Stilwater, Ultor dispatches both the Stilwater PD and the Masako to eliminate its leadership. The move fails after Johnny Gat, Pierce, Shaundi, and Playa all manage to escape.[14] Despite this setback, Vogel still has a lot of confidence in his plan, now codenamed "force majeure"[15]; even when the conflict between Ultor and the Saints starts heating up, and the Board of Directors complain to him about the unchecked gang violence. Rather than trying to negotiate with them, or listen to reason, he retorts by stating, "there is no problem".[15]

In retaliation for the previous events,[14] the Saints kill several Ultor executives at the Rounds Square Shopping Center,[16] and sabotage Ultor's secret R&D facility, The Pyramid.[17] This angers the Board of Directors, who finally turn on Vogel, stating that they've "had enough of his ego." Vogel brushes off this comment by claiming that his ego is what got them all where they are in the first place. The board remains unconvinced, and they order Vogel to finish off the Saints by any means necessary or risk losing his job, which they assured would be "the least of his worries."[15]

Angry but not swayed, Vogel decides that the board has become a problem, and that he would be much better off having them out of the way so as to become chairman. To accomplish this feat, he secretly manipulates Playa into massacring every member of the board during an annual corporate party aboard one of their private yachts.[18] After receiving his promotion to chairman from the corporate office, Vogel celebrates by calling a press conference to outline his ambitions for "The Revitalization of Shivington".

During this conference, Playa makes a move to assassinate Vogel while Gat covers them with a sniper rifle on a nearby rooftop. An Ultor security guard sees Gat going up to the roof, and ends up foiling the assassination by assaulting Johnny before he can get his first shot off. In the ensuing fight, Gat accidentally discharges the sniper rifle before knocking the guard to the streets below. By then it is too late, as everyone in the crowd begins scrambling for cover. Having no choice but to improvise, Playa takes this small window of opportunity to try and shoot Vogel before he can escape. Their efforts are in vain as all of the Ultor security guards present at the conference open fire and give up their lives distracting the Saints' leader long enough for Vogel to get away in his Ultor-branded The Job.[19]

An unscathed and cowardly Vogel manages to escape back to the safety of the Phillips Building before placing it under lockdown.[19] It proves to be nowhere near secure enough as Playa hijacks an attack helicopter and uses it to disable the building's security systems before gaining entry into Vogel's office. In anger and desperation, Vogel draws an NR4 pistol and attacks Playa with a team of Masako units, but they are defeated.[19]

Backed into a corner with no place left to run, Vogel tries pleading with Playa, claiming to be the Saint's "number one fan", only to be shot in the mouth in mid-speech, sending him crashing through one of his top story office windows. Vogel falls several stories down the entire height of the Phillips Building, gruesomely smashing off of other structures in the vicinity before landing close to the building's main entrance and getting crushed against the pavement. Vogel's death decisively ends his reign as the head of Ultor, leaving the Saints to dominate Stilwater once again.[20]

In the aftermath, Eric Gryphon is appointed as Vogel's successor, and he befriends the Saints following the events of Corporate Warfare.[21] This opens up as to how the Saints become major celebrities in Saints Row: The Third. At this point, they've entered into a partnership with Ultor known as the Saints/Ultor Media Group.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[]

Welcome to Hell.
— Dane's first words in Gat out of Hell

After Playa is kidnapped by Satan, Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington go to hell after them, and locate Dane.[1] Gat accuses Dane of kidnapping Playa, Dane proves his innocence by showing Gat his invitation to the wedding of Satan's daughter, Jezebel, and Playa. He tells Johnny that the invitations are tied to the soul, so he cannot give Gat his own invitation. Instead, he proposes that the two Saints cause some mayhem around New Hades to draw the Devil out. Whichever party kills the other, Dane benefits either way. He has identified five Arch-Dukes tasked with running Hell day-to-day, as well as opportunists such as Blackbeard, Shakespeare, Vlad, Kiki and Viola DeWynter to gain as allies. In a storybook cutscene, Dane gives Lucifer's cracked halo to Gat which grants him wings.

Throughout the game, Dane takes on the role of a guide, giving hints, Quests and Challenges.

Dane uses Tacos Malos as a front, through which the Last Supper weapon is unlocked.

When the Satan's Wrath meter is two thirds full, Dane is captured by demons under orders from Satan and they try to drain his soul. Gat and Kinzie eventually rescue him.

Centuries later, in the Shawarma cutscene which unlocks after completing City Takeover, Kiki is kidnapped by William Sharp and Dane risks his own life to save her. He succeeds and the two of them decide to get married with "iron clad prenups", and force Sharp to be their pool boy.[22]


  • When Dane Vogel and Playa first meet face to face, Johnny Gat mentions that Vogel was the one who first offered Dex a job at Ultor after the events of Saints Row. An offer which lead Dex to turn his back on the 3rd Street Saints, and eventually rise to the Head of Security for Ultor.
  • Vogel sometimes calls the radio station The Mix 107.77 asking for the song "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears, calling it his theme song although the song was written to mock people like him. The station DJ, Darius Masters, occasionally says it is a "tribute to Ultor".[Reference needed] This line is not disabled at the end of the game, so Vogel still calls after his death.
    • Vogel also calls Ultor FM asking for a good song for a commercial, which then plays "Face Down" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
  • Vogel is the Dutch and German word for "bird", his successor Eric Gryphon's surname follows a similar pattern.
  • In Red Faction: Guerrilla, the whole ice mountain in the north of Tharsis is called Mount Vogel.
  • The newspaper report of his death states that Vogel was "voted the number 1 sexiest power player under 40".[23]
  • There is a "Vogel Park" sign in the Mission Beach neighborhood; opposite the Image As Designed plastic surgery in the Saint's Row District.
  • If a Satchel Charge is thrown at Dane Vogel during "... and a Better Life", he gains the behaviour of any other person who has a Satchel Charge stuck to their body; running around aimlessly and flailing their arms around in a futile attempt to escape the Satchel Charges.
  • When Playa shoots Vogel after trying to convince him to spare him, he aims his gun directly at Vogel's mouth and shoots. But when the camera angle changes, Playa is feet away from Vogel when he falls out of the window.
  • His death scene somewhat mirror Tanya's in Saints Row.[24]
  • Vogel was named "Man of the Year" by Boy Toy, a hidden content magazine in Saints Row: The Third.[25]
  • In Kinzie's Warehouse in Saints Row: The Third and IV, there's a newspaper clipping on the wall with the headline, "Who is Dane Vogel?"[26]
  • When Vogel first approaches the Saints in their hideout in the mission "Room Service", he makes a comment about him getting his tetanus shot. He still says this after the Saints Hideout has been fully upgraded as the Purgatory nightclub after completing 22 missions.
  • In Saints Row IV, Vogel is referenced in the game data files as a homie, and includes a full model and a Homie head, as well as unused Audio Logs.
  • On 2013-12-18, Jay Mohr posted on twitter that he was "About to do my voice over work for new Saints Row video game."[27]
  • Vogel's role in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell establishes him as an ally to the Saints as opposed to an antagonist, which is what he was back when he was alive. The transition from being a bad guy to being a good guy puts him in a similar position to Benjamin King, Matt Miller, and Viola and Kiki.
    • In his audio tomes, Dane acknowledges that he had been a fool to go after the 3rd Street Saints. Not only did it cost him his life, it also cost him his prestigious career as Ultor's Director of Special Projects. He vows to never make a mistake like that again.[28][29]
  • After City Takeover has been completed in the Forge District, a cutscene plays where Jane Austen reveals that Dane had not been completely honest with the Saints in his motives for wanting to bring down Satan. When first arriving in Hell, Dane tried to strike a partnership with the devil, but Satan rejected him on the basis that he considered all who entered his realm to be inferior and little more than pawns for him to do with as he pleased. Dane was insulted by this and became determined to find a way to undermine Satan in order to get revenge.
  • Dane is featured under D in The ABCs of Saints Row.[30]


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