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Criminal Ventures are a gameplay mechanic introduced in Saints Row (reboot) as an evolution of the Activity system from the original series. They are used for territory takeover and earning Cash.[1]


There are total of 14 criminal ventures in Saints Row (reboot),[2] each with a unique function to it. Each of the districts in Santo Ileso have one spot where a criminal venture can be place, and its up to player's choice where to place them.[3]

Criminal Ventures have multiple tiers, each tier unlocking after certain progression through the game.


Name Icon Image Tier Price Description Manager Venture Levels Hourly Income Rewards
The Church N/A The Saints run with the big dogs now so move to the front of the pack. N/A $80000
XP 3000
Saints Raycaster and Saints Gargantua
Bright Future
SR reboot Bright Future Disposal.jpg
$25,000 Cheat big corporations by dumping their toxic waste illegally.[4] Jersey Dan
Chalupacabra from Game Informer.png
1 $25,000 Four food trucks control the drug trade in Santo Ileso. Steal the trucks to take their turf and build your own empire. Chuy 5 $1250 $30000
XP 5000
Chalupacabra Crew Outfits
Chalupacabra Sign
Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge Fashion Factory.png
$400,000 Create the future of fashion with iconoclast designer Edith Hunt. Her visions inspire new materials for customization.[4] Edith Hunt
Kakts Radio Dominate the airwaves of Santo Ileso with your own radio station and disc jockey legend The Cactus King.
The Big One Build an international arms trafficking operation. Demonstrate the explosive firepower of your merchandise to win over customers and make big sales. $30000
XP 5000
Wuzyers Crew Outfits
Nuke Mount
Wuzyers Repo
SR Reboot Wuzyerz Reposession.png
Jim Rob's Garage
SR Reboot Jim Robs Service Center.png
1 Jim Rob 11 $1000 $30000
XP 5000
JimRob's Crew Outfits
JimRob Statue
Let's Pretend
Let's Pretend in Saints Row (reboot).jpg
Let's Pretend is the ultimate party emporium with costumes and supplies for every occasion, including armed robbery. $30000
XP 5000
Let's Pretend Crew Outfits
Space Suit
Planet Saints
Saints Tower
Sandy Krakens
Shady Oaks
SR reboot Shady Oaks.jpg
1 7 $1250 $30000
XP 5000
Shady Oaks Crew Outfits
Guitar Case Launcher
First Strike Academy