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The unlock image for Red Light Loft.

Cribs are safehouses in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row: The Third.

In Saints Row IV, Gateways replace Cribs.[1]


Cribs are buildings which allow parking and retrieving vehicles at the garage, collecting earned Cash at the Safe, changing clothes at a wardrobe, and choosing weapons at a Weapons Cache.

Crib components[]

Saints Row[]

Cribs in Saints Row are unlocked by playing missions. After completing all missions involving a certain gang, a Crib related to that gang is Unlocked.

In Saints Row, the Weapons Cache is used to refill ammo for unlocked weapons. There is also a Save Point, which allows spawning at the Crib when loading a saved game, instead of at the last mission location.

Crib Unlocked
Saints Row Loft Back to Basics
Price Mansion Semi-Charmed Life
Lopez Mansion What Goes Up...
King Penthouse All the King's Men

Saints Row 2[]

In Saints Row 2, two Cribs are unlocked through completing early missions, and there are other Cribs around Stilwater to buy and customize.

Unlike in Saints Row, ammo cannot be refilled at weapons caches, but they can now use the Television and Newspaper Clipboard to replay cutscenes and missions respectively. The Television in the Saints Hideout can only be used to play Zombie Uprising, and cannot be used to watch cutscenes.

Cribs in Saints Row 2 are customizable, and the higher the customization price, the more Style points received. Save Points are not present in Saints Row 2, saving is done at any time using the menu, but Playa always spawn at a Crib after loading a saved game.

Crib Name Unlocked Weapons
Car Garage
Newspaper Clipboard Crib Cust.
Gang Cust. Boat Garage Heli Garage Plane Garage
Red Light Loft Appointed Defender Yes Yes
Saints Hideout Down Payment Yes Yes Yes
University Loft $15,000 Yes Yes Yes
Hotel Penthouse $40,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saints Row Mega Condo $50,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Downtown Loft $50,000 Yes Yes Yes
Penthouse Loft $40,000 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prison Lighthouse $25,000 Yes Yes Yes
University Dock $5,000 Yes
Suburbs Dock $5,000 Yes
Airport Hangar $50,000 Yes
Crib Default Radio Stations
Penthouse Loft 107.77 The Mix FM
Downtown Loft 102.4 Klassic FM
Prison Lighthouse The Krunch 106.66
Saints Row Mega Condo 107.77 The Mix FM
University Loft 99.0 The Underground
Hotel Penthouse The Krunch 106.66
Saints Hideout The Krunch 106.66

Barrio Hacienda


The Saints Row 2 game files reference two unused Cribs, and has images for both of them.

  • Barrio Hacienda
This building is located in Ezpata, north of Brass Knuckles. There is a duplicate building a few blocks away with a sign reading El Hoyo Motel. In Saints Row it is the location of the Barrio Snatch Activity.

Yacht Crib

  • Yacht
This Crib is a docked yacht, not a dock for storing boats. It was located at the dock in Centennial Beach. The view to the east from Carbuncle Carls is similar to the image.

Saints Row: The Third[]

Crib Menu in Saints Row: The Third

In Saints Row: The Third, all but two Cribs are acquired through the completion of missions; Rondini's Boat Dock and the Airplane Hangar are available for purchase at anytime after completing the third mission of the game, "We're Going to Need Guns".

Crib Unlocked
Shaundi's Loft[2] We're Going to Need Guns
Saints HQ[2] Party Time
Angel's Gym[3] Return to Steelport
Kinzie's Warehouse Return to Steelport
Zimos' Pad Return to Steelport
Safeword Pimps Up, Hos Down
Burns Hill Reactors Stop all the Downloading
3 Count 3 Count Beat Down
Powder (disabled) Hit the Powder Room
Rondini's Boat Dock[3] $12,500
Airplane Hangar $15,000

Stronghold Cribs[]

Cribs can no longer be Customized as in Saints Row 2.

Stronghold cribs can be upgraded, and affect the area around the Crib; recruitable homies come equipped with better weapons, and cash and Respect is modified.[4]

There are 3 special Stronghold cribs Safeword, Burns Hill Reactors and 3 Count, which can be upgraded.


  • The string text "STRONGHOLD_START_MESSAGE_STAG": "START STAG STRONGHOLD" in "tt mission_us.le_strings" implies that there was originally a STAG-related Stronghold in Saints Row: The Third.
  • While Powder isn't unlocked as a crib, completing the Stronghold still gives an extra 2% towards the completion percentage.
  • Saints Row is the only game in the series that has mansion Cribs.
  • When the Saints enter government in Saints Row IV they rename the White House the "White Crib". However it only appears in the second mission The Saints Wing and cannot be accessed any other time.
  • In Saints Row 2, each save file shows an image of the crib where Playa will spawn. Before completing Appointed Defender, the image of the Penthouse Loft is used.


Save file image for Red Light Loft

Save file image for Saints Hideout

Save file image for Unused Barrio Hacienda crib

Save file image for Yacht Crib

Save file image for Saints Row Mega Condo

Save file image for Downtown Loft

Save file image for University Loft

Save file image for Saints Hideout

Save file image for Hotel Penthouse

Save file image for Prison Lighthouse

Save file image for Penthouse Loft

Save file image for Red Light Loft

The exterior of the Barrio Hacienda building in Saints Row 2

The interior of the Barrio Hacienda building in Saints Row

The interior of the Barrio Hacienda building in Saints Row

The interior of the Barrio Hacienda building in Saints Row

Crib Menu in Saints Row: The Third