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File:Suit_and_bike.jpg|The [[Apex]] ridden by a player in an alien suit.
File:Suit_and_bike.jpg|The [[Apex]] ridden by a player in an alien suit.
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Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare is the second downloadable content pack for Saints Row 2. The pack was released on May 28 for 560 Microsoft points on Xbox Live and $7.00 on PlayStation Network.



Eric Gryphon, the new CEO of the Ultor Corporation, met with Pierce to request aid from the 3rd Street Saints against Dex, whom he feared might have made an attempt on his life. The Protagonist agreed to lend aid, and after having successfully protected Gryphon's limo from attacking Masako, Gryphon enlightened the Protagonist of a load of toxic waste that Dex was going to sell. The Protagonist, along with some help from Ultor cops, destroyed the toxic waste, causing Dex to flee Stilwater. Seeing no other way to get Dex, the Protagonist asked Gryphon to point out several people Dex was close to, after which he killed each of them. The Protagonist swore to Gryphon that he would find Dex and kill him.


Clothes and Accessories

"Image as Designed" or "Character Creation Menu"

"Lets Pretend":

  • Barbarian Outfit
  • Nurse Outfit
  • Eye Patch
  • Football helmet
  • Face mask


  • Baggy Jeans w/ Wallet Chain Option


"Sloppy Seconds":

  • Saints face bandana
  • Saints head bandana

"On The Rag":

  • Bunny Slippers



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