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"Corporate Meltdown" is the second of three missions in the Corporate Warfare DLC.

Ultor Times newspaper headline


At the Saints Hideout, Eric Gryphon informs The Protagonist that Dex has been moving waste from the Stilwater Nuclear Power Plant in hopes that he can sell it on the black market. Dex plans to use his Masako to destroy the evidence, but Gryphon believes he and The Protagonist can stop Dex.[1]

The Protagonist stops Dex's shipment alongside Ultor security guards loyal to Gryphon. At Wardill Airport, Dex, concerned for his life, flees Stilwater.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A daring terrorist attack at Stilwater Nuclear was thwarted thanks to the heroic efforts of the Ultor Corporation. Reason for the attack is unknown, but thanks to the quick action of the security staff the terrorists did not get what they came for.


Corporate Meltdown - Truck Health

Gameplay from the mission.

Get in the truck

Drive a City Waste Truck.

Take the hazardous material truck to the first pump

Drive to a location at Stilwater Nuclear.

Defend yourself from the Masako while the truck is filled
Kill the remaining Ultor forces

While the truck is being filled, the truck must be defended from incoming Masako.

The truck is ready to go to the next pump
Get in the truck

Drive a City Waste Truck.

Drive the hazardous material truck to the second pump

Drive to a location at Stilwater Nuclear.

Defend yourself from the Masako while the truck is filled

While the truck is being filled, the truck must be defended from incoming Masako.

Gryphon is sending a Tornado to help you
The truck is ready, you'll need to defend it as it is driven back to the dock
Use the Tornado to defend the hazardous material trucks as they drive to the dock

Use a Tornado helicopter to defend three trucks while they are attacked by more Masako.

Look out! Masako forces are firing rockets at the truck

Including some wielding RPG Launchers and an enemy Tornado.

The first truck has arrived at the dock. Two trucks remain on the island
The second truck has arrived at the dock. One truck remains on the island
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  • Dex tells The Protagonist that Gryphon is "not who you think he is". It is not exactly known what Dex means by this.


"Wasteful Habits" cutsceneEdit

The Protagonist: "Wait. Explain this one more time."
Eric Gryphon: "I thought I made myself quite clear."
The Protagonist: "No, you did, I just wanna make sure it still sounds crazy the second time around."
Eric Gryphon: "I thought you wanted to hurt Dex. My mistake..."
The Protagonist: "Yeah, hurt Dex – not fight a goddamn army."
Eric Gryphon: "You'll have help."
The Protagonist: "From who? A bunch of Ultor rent-a-cops? They're not shooting their own."
Eric Gryphon: "That's what you're not getting: they're not our own. Dex has been moving waste from the nuke plant that he can sell on the black market, and now he's planning on using the Masako to destroy the evidence. If Ultor finds out what he's doing, Dex is finished."
The Protagonist: "Please, Ultor wouldn't care. I've heard stories about what happens in The Pyramid."
Eric Gryphon: "There's a difference between science and war profiteering. If we were into nuclear weapons, we'd be selling to countries with a real economy, not some nut job that lives in a compound."
The Protagonist: "That's encouraging."
Eric Gryphon: "Dex wants to make his move tonight. Together, we can stop him."
The Protagonist: "I'm in."


Eric Gryphon: "We'll need to thin out the Masako ranks before stopping Dex's shipment."
The Protagonist: "How the fuck are we supposed to do that?"
Eric Gryphon: "I leave the details up to you."
The Protagonist: "Me against the whole army?"
Eric Gryphon: "You won't be alone. The security team at the plant is full of my people."
The Protagonist: "Well, that'll be great for about ten seconds..."
— First phone call

Dex: "You need to give up. It's over. You lost."
The Protagonist: "I'm having a little too much fun."
Dex: "Gryphon's not who you think he is."
The Protagonist: "He ain't you, and that's good enough for me."
— Second phone call

Dex: "I've got you outnumbered."
The Protagonist: "Doesn't seem to be helping..."
Dex: "Julius was right. You never know when to quit."
The Protagonist: "It's one of my many charms."
Dex: "You can't beat me."
The Protagonist: "Talk to me after I fuck up a few hundred more of your guys."
— Third phone call

Impressive. Now get the remaining trucks down to the dock. My people will take care of it from there.
— Eric Gryphon, fourth phone call

The Protagonist: "You weren't gonna be needing this radioactive waste, were you?"
Dex: "Do you have any idea what you are doing?"
The Protagonist: "...Because I could just drop it off at your office if you did."
Dex: "This isn't some fucking backwards gang from Stilwater that you're messing with!"
The Protagonist: "...Maybe leave a bouquet of flowers to go with it."
Dex: "You listening to me?"
The Protagonist: "See you soon..."
— Fifth phone call

"Making Tracks" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "Is everything in order, Katie?"
Katie: "Yes sir, your effects are en route."
Dex: "And my office?"
Katie: "I followed protocol: your machine's been wiped and paper files have been shredded. Are you sure you can't wait a few days? You're going to miss the company picnic."
Dex: "I can't, I'm sorry. This transfer is a big opportunity for me. I need to leave tonight."
Katie: "With respect, sir... you had me call in every favor you had to get an immediate transfer. It doesn't look like this is a step up for you."
Dex: "And what does it look like?"
Katie: "Honestly? Like you're running."
Dex: "You're a smart girl."


  • Eric Gryphon persuades The Protagonist to help take down Dex
  • Dex talks to his assistant Katie at Wardill Airport before leaving Stilwater
  • Gameplay from the mission
  • Promotional image for the Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare DLC, showcasing this mission


  1. Cutscene: Wasteful Habits
  2. Cutscene: Making Tracks
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