Postcard hood copperton
Copperton Postcard



Truck Yard


Westside Rollerz SR
Brotherhood SR2

Unlocked after

Copperton Receiving Station SR
Thank You and Goodnight! SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2


Semi Broken
Brown Baggers
Gas Station


Hijacking SR
Chop Shop SR2




Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Nearby Neighborhoods

Copperton is a Neighborhood in the Truck Yard District of Stilwater


The Truck Yard District consisting of only one neighborhood, Copperton. Although it is small, it contains many businesses, such as warehouses, as well as several usable buildings.

The largest building here is the Real Bots which produces "Real Looking Robot Dolls."

Saints RowEdit

Copperton is controlled by the Westside Rollerz. They set a trap for the Saints, resulting in Playa having to survive an onslaught of attacking Rollerz for a limited time.

Saints Row 2Edit

Copperton is controlled by the Brotherhood.

A Chop Shop activity can be found near a warehouse in the center of Copperton.

To the north is Prawn Court, to the north-east is Harrowgate, to the west is Little Shanghai, to the south-west is Encanto, to the south is Ezpata, to the south-east is The Mills.





  • Encanto Station is a central large train station in Copperton, although it is not part of the accessible Stilwater Transit system (in Saints Row 2 this is part of the Encanto Neighborhood).
  • Brenden Turdmaker McGees - Non-enterable Warehouse
  • E. Evenson's Electronic Eskimos Storage Bank - Non-enterable building
  • Master Bates Containment - Non-enterable Warehouse
  • Nasty Old Coffee Co. - Non-enterable building
  • Travel Plaza-Cafe - Non-enterable Gas Station


  • Near the Hijacking location in Saints Row, there is a locked parking spot for the Goliath which is unlocked after completing the mission "Semi-Charmed Life". However, since the unlock status is not stored in a saved game file, the Goliath will never appear after reloading a game.


  • Copperton map in Saints Row
  • Copperton Map in Saints Row 2
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - aerial view
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Brenden Turdmaker McGees
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Brotherhood graffiti
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Brown Baggers
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Gas Station
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Real Bots
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Seabaugh's Real Looking Robot Doll co
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Semi-Broken sign
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - Semi-Broken
  • Truck Yard in Saints Row 2 - substation

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