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Convoy Decoy
Convoy Decoy complete
"Convoy Decoy" mission completion screen
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"Convoy Decoy" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.

The Protagonist: "Pack it up, we gotta move."
Pierce: "I got 20k on this game! — Damn!"
The Protagonist: "Now it's a draw."
Convoy Decoy intro
The Protagonist and Pierce, at the Saints HQ, before The Protagonist interrupts Pierce and Oleg's chess game.


The Protagonist interrupts a game of chess between Oleg and Pierce and tells them that they need to move their stuff out of the Saints HQ, what with STAG now occupying Steelport. While Pierce loads up the convoy, The Protagonist decides to buy him time and creates a diversion by raiding and attacking several STAG bases while Oleg creates another diversion at Sunset Park.

The Protagonist uses an F-69 VTOL against STAG and, after defending an almost-overwhelmed Oleg in Sunset Park, proceeds to destroy an incoming Gawalek A36 Surveillance Aircraft.

Nyte Blayde, the eponymous character from Nyte Blayde played by Josh Birk, is being used as STAG's mascot to increase public support of their occupation and help with recruitment; at the PR Center, when Cyrus Temple and Kia learn of this, they voice their frustrations with Senator Monica Hughes. Hughes states that "hearts and minds will win the war", and refuses Cyrus' insistence to authorize the Daedalus. She then demands that he ensures Josh Birk's safety, foreshadowing the next events.[1]


Convoy Decoy - Intercept Surveillance Aircraft objective
Go to Saints HQ

The mission starts at the Saints HQ

Get to the STAG base

Start by heading to the first STAG base just down the road from the Saints HQ.

Hijack a VTOL

Ram through the fence and drive straight on through to the back of the base where the two F-69 VTOLs are. Once inside the VTOL, the entirety of the rest of the mission takes place inside it, provided it doesn't take too much damage.

One of the two marked VTOLs must be stolen, entering another VTOL does not complete the objective. If both marked VTOLs are destroyed, it does not trigger a mission failure, but it is impossible to complete the objective.[2]

If the VTOL is ever nearly destroyed, there are two options: get a new VTOL from one of the bases, which can be risky due to the heavy STAG presence, or just continue with the mission - if the mission is failed, it restarts from the latest checkpoint with an undamaged VTOL.

Get STAG's attention

Destroy all the marked objects in the base.

Find a STAG base

Fly to any marked base. Bases include:

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Get STAG's attention

Destroy all the marked objects in the base.

Help the convoy

Pierce's convoy is being prevented from crossing a bridge due to the presence of STAG Crusaders and N-Forcers.

Clear the roadblock

Destroy all of the vehicles that compose the roadblock.

Find a STAG base

Fly to any marked base.

Get STAG's attention

Destroy all the marked objects in the base.

Find a STAG base

Fly to the final marked base.

Get STAG's attention

Destroy all the marked objects in the base.

Get to Oleg

The penultimate main objective is to rescue Oleg from Sunset Park

Help Oleg

Destroy the trio of marked tanks as well as the incoming VTOLs

Intercept Surveillance Aircraft

Finally, intercept the Gawalek A36 Surveillance Aircraft as it heads southwest to northeast through the skies of the city.

Destroy Surveillance Aircraft

Destroy the Condor escort, and shoot it down to complete the mission.

The intended method to destroy the Gawalek A36 is to shoot it until the health bar runs out, but it is also possible to force it into the water, where it will automatically be destroyed, fulfilling the objective.[3]


  • Cash awarded at the end of the mission
  • STAG VTOL unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
Convoy Decoy radio newscasts media 00012
Jane Valderamma: "What rebellious teenager didn't go joyriding in their parents' car, blowing off steam and staining the backseat? However, the theft of a military aircraft cost more than a two week grounding; the unknown suspect unloaded the plane's weapons onto both STAG outposts and city streets, destroying millions in military and civilian vehicles and property. Roadblocks were destroyed entirely and a public park was filled with the bodies of the soldiers who tried to stop the chaos. This is Jane Valderamma with your Steelport Crime Report."


  • Pierce and Oleg play chess during the cutscene at the beginning of this mission, which is the first of three cutscenes to feature this.[4][5]
  • This is the only mission featuring the Surveillance Aircraft variant of the Gawalek A36.
    • The Surveillance Aircraft plane is marked as a helicopter on the Map, and there are helicopter sounds coming from it, as the vehicle is classed as a helicopter rather than a plane.
    • The objective refers to the variant as "Surveillance Aircraft", while dialogue refers to it as "AWACS", which is an airborne radar system that stands for Airborne Warning and Control System or Airborne early warning and control.
  • The Saints Mule in the convoy during this mission cannot be stolen and does not appear elsewhere in the game.
  • All Player Customization voices except Male Voice 3, Female Voice 2, and the Zombie Voice make references to the 1986 movie Top Gun when inside the F-69 VTOL.
  • When Josh Birk is dressed in his Nyte Blayde attire in the closing cutscene, he has four katanas across his back[reference?] (of which he draws two), an oddity considering that the "official" Nyte Blayde costume only has two katanas.
  • After the conversation plays that The Protagonist needs to help Oleg at the park, and The Protagonist arrives at the area, Oleg is sometimes not there, which glitches the mission, and requires exiting and restarting the mission from the checkpoint.
  • It is possible to kill Oleg during this mission. After killing the STAG that are trying to kill Oleg, he is no longer selected as a Homie and dies instantly after shooting him with missiles.
    • This is also the only mission where Oleg uses a Mini-Gun without picking up one dropped by a Brute.



The Protagonist: "With STAG in town, we need to be careful, Pierce."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
Pierce: "Huh? Oh, yeah, totally agree."
The Protagonist: "Our place might be compromised..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "Whatever you say."
The Protagonist: "... And we should get some horses and mount a charge on STAG."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
Pierce: "Alright, I'll get on that."
The Protagonist: "Dammit Pierce, I'll be over in a bit."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
Pierce: "Sure, see you soon."
— Pre-mission phone call

Cutscene #1Edit

The Protagonist: "Pack it up, we gotta move."
Pierce: "I got 20k on this game!"
The Protagonist kicks the table, knocking the chess pieces over.
Pierce: "Damn--!"
The Protagonist: "Now it's a draw."
Pierce: "This isn't over. What's up?"
The Protagonist: "It's not safe here. You guys clear this place out. I'll buy you some time."
— Opening cutscene


Oleg: "Pierce is loading the trucks. I will create a distraction at the park."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Dividing them up sounds good. I'll find one of the STAG bases and draw 'em away."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Good. I will be hitting one of the bases. Perhaps we can spread them out."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "We should split up. Make STAG spread themselves thin chasing us."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Alright, that should spread them out. I'll start some shit at one of those STAG bases."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "OK, I'll hit up the STAG bases and do the same."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "We should spread 'em thin. I'll start at one of the STAG bases."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Mission Start"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "How's all that packing up going, Pierce?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Pierce, how is the load up going?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Pierce, how's the pack-up going?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Pierce, how's the pack-up going?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "How's the move going?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "How goes the pack-up?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Pierce: "Slow. We've got a lot of shit."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Only take what's important."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You have to hurry. Only take what we need."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Just take the most important stuff."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Just take what we need."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "If we don't need it, leave it."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Well, just bring the essentials."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Growls"
Pierce: "Whatchu think I'm doin'?"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "The chessboard doesn't count..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "That does not include the chessboard."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Not the chessboard, Pierce."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Pierce. Leave the chess board."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I think you're wasting time on shit like your action figure collection..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Not the chess board."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
Pierce: "Man, that's cold."
— "Drive 1"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "What's the best thing these guys have..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "There must be something I can use in here."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Let's see what toys these guys have."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Let's see what toys these guys have."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Time to pick a fight..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "There must be something good here..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "Arriving at First"

STAG: "A VTOL has been taken by the Saints."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Cup holders AND their mobile base locations? This thing has it all!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "They have homing beacons at all of the bases? That's convenient."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Jackpot... this has all the mobile base locations!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Looks like this thing has all their mobile base locations."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "This thing has all of STAGs bases in the flight computer? Merry Christmas to me..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "This has all their mobile base locations."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Sneers"
— "Inside"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Think I might have pissed them off. You're probably good to move, Pierce."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You can be leaving any time, Pierce. I have STAG occupied."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Pierce, you ready to do this?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Pierce, get things moving. I've got their attention."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Time to move Pierce, I'm picking a fight..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "You can head out, Pierce. I've got STAG occupied."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
Pierce: "We're rolling out in a convoy now. I'll let you know how the streets are looking."
— "Convoy Start"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "This is so fucking cool!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I can fly in hover or jet mode? This machine was built for me!"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "This is like straight out of the future..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Hover AND a jet mode? It's like a helicopter that doesn't suck."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I should steal military hardware more often..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Oh, it's like a helicopter fucked a jet."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
— "Jet Mode"

Cyrus: "I want all units checking in with command."
Cyrus: "Squad leaders, what's your status?"
Cyrus: "Why is that Saint still in the air?"
Cyrus: "Detain anyone seen aiding the Saints."
— "Cyrus Generic Orders"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Wooo! Jester's dead!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "*psh* In my country planes do 4G negative dives."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Wooo, DANGER ZOOOONE!"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Woooo! Talk to me Goose!"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Woohoo! I AM DANGEROUS!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Let's try spinning. That's a good trick."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Mumbles"
— "VTOLs Are"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Shit, falling behind on my killing."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "It is time to take the fight to STAG."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Time to turn the screw..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Time to keep the pressure on..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Let's see if I can get their attention..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Time to hit 'em where it hurts."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
— "Get to a"

Pierce: "Looks like STAG left a roadblock ahead of us. Without help, we ain't getting by."
Pierce: "Another roadblock. We'll hang back while you take it out."
— "Roadblock"

Pierce: "Almost got stopped by STAG. Hit them harder, boss."
Pierce: "STAG's still keeping the streets hot. You gotta pick it up with them."
— "STAG Attention"

Kia: "Investigate all possible Saint vehicles."
Kia: "Update command with casualty reports."
Kia: "I want eyes on the target at all times."
— "Kia Generic Orders"

Pierce: "Alright, good to go now."
Pierce: "We're moving again."
— "Roadblock Thanks"

Cyrus: "Get our AWACS in the air with full escort."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "More planes, huh? Guessing that isn't a good thing..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Bringing in reinforcements already? We will see about that."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "More troops? Aw shit..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "They're flyin' in more troops? Oh fuck that, better hurry this shit up..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "AWACS? I don't know what the fuck that means, but it sounds bad..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Full escort? Uh-oh..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
— "Call in Plane"
Deadly force on the Saints has been authorized. Bring that VTOL down.
— Kia, "Kia Bring Down VTOL"

Kia: "Mobile base tango has been hit! I want our fighters in the air!"
STAG: "Copy that."
— "STAG Convo After Takeoff"

Reports coming in of Saints in trucks. Find them and destroy those vehicles.
— Cyrus, "Cyrus Reports of"

Oleg: "There's too many for me to handle."
The Protagonist - Female 1': "Alright, rescue incoming."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I am coming now, Oleg. Just hang in there."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Almost there. Hang on, Oleg."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I'm en route, just hang on."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Hang tight Oleg, I'm comin"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I'm almost there, hold on."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Gargles"
— "Oleg Help"
Reinforcements are rolling out.
— Kia, "Kia Prepare for"

Focus fire on that VTOL until another target is located.
— Kia, "Kia Focus Fire On"

Interrogation: "Air convoy delta-delta-one entering Steelport airspace."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Have to run, Oleg. You got the cleanup?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Oleg, are you good now?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Oleg? Still breathing?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Oleg, you alright down there?"
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You OK big man?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Everything alright, Oleg?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
Oleg: "Yes. Thank you for the help."
— "Air Reinforcement Call"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "So you're already there, right Pierce?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Pierce, you need to be hurrying now."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Pierce, you bettter be close by now..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Pierce, tell me you're getting close."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You there yet, Pierce?"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Pierce, what the hell's going on?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Pierce: "We're tryin' to keep a low profile here. We can't go speedin' through the streets."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "They've brought in a plane with a big fucking radar dish on it just for you."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You may have to. STAG has called for an AWACS plane and reinforcements."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Fuck that! There's an AWACS plane and escorts flying in to find you."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Well they got an AWACS plane flying in with a lot of escorts."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Cyrus made it sound like some bad shit was coming your way..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Might want to rethink that. AWACS plane flying in and they've got company."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "You serious?!"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "So faster would be better. Got it?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "There is a little time yet. I will try to hold them off, but hurry."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "That sound like something I'd make up?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Look, just get there. I'll think of something."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Yeah a wax plane or some shit. Just keep moving man, I got you."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Just keep going. I'll figure out something!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "On Way To AWACS"
I want roadblocks set up.
— Kia, "Kia Set up"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "How many of your friends have I killed now?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Last chance STAG. Surrender or die."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Not so threatening now, are we?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Come on, come and get me."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "That the best you got?!"
The Protagonist - Male 3: "C'mon, hit me!"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Babbles"
STAG: "Shoot that Saint out of the air already!"
— "Killing Escort Crafts 1"
Pierce: "Move is all done. No worries on our end."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "You really know how to ruin a girl's fun."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Glad to hear it."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "No worries'? Really?"
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Damn, I was having fun..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Right on. See you soon."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Roger. Over and out."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Sneers"
— "Pierce End"

Cutscene #2Edit

Josh: "I'm Joshua Birk. On TV I play Nyte Blayde, an exceptionally good looking but misunderstood vampire who risks life and limb every week to keep the world safe."
Josh: "The men and women of STAG put their lives on the line every day to protect your city against gang violence. Want to be a real world hero? Talk to your STAG recruiter today. I know I have."
Josh: "I know I have."
Kia: "Nyte Blayde's the face of STAG? Why don't you just put someone in a fucking deer suit?"
Monica: "Hearts and minds will win the war, my dear."
Cyrus: "Shock and awe wins wars, Senator. Authorize the Daedalus and this will all be over."
Monica: "Absolutely not."
Cyrus: "That kid's gonna get himself killed."
Monica: "Well you ensure Josh Birk's safety or I'll find someone who can. Understand?"
Cyrus: "Yes, Ma'am."
— End cutscene


The Protagonist - Female 1: "I'll take it from here, Oleg."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "That's the park... now to clear it out a bit."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "I'm here. Let's see if I can clear the way."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I'm here, I'll clear you a path..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I'm here...time to clean things up a little."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Arrive at Park"
Be on the lookout for any Saint movement on the ground.
— Cyrus, "Cyrus Lookout For"

All units in the Park, divert attention to finding that convoy.
— Cyrus, "Cyrus Park Is"

This is Commander Temple. All units are to find the Saints and take them out.
— Cyrus, "Cyrus Start Ordering"

All bases, prepare for incoming attacks.
— Cyrus, "Cyrus Warns"

Deploy armored vehicles to the park.
— Kia, "Fight at Park"

STAG: "We're under attack, all pilots to aircraft."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Bingo!"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "I like how he thinks..."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Aircraft... now we're talking..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Now we're talking..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Well, no turning back now..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "There we go."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Snarls"
— "Get to VTOL"
STAG: "Beginning download."
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Oh that download is being cancelled..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "You are just wasting your time."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "You'll never find my guys."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Like hell you're finding my crew..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "You ain't findin' shit..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "I don't know why they even bother..."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Sneers"
— "Hurry and Kill Plane"
All bases on alert. Shoot down any enemy aircraft.
— Kia, "Kia Warns"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "You guys are trying, right?"
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Did you really think you could stop me?"
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Thought you guys could handle anything."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Thought you guys were trained for this."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I can't believe I was worried about these clowns..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Aren't you blokes supposed to have like... training?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Garbled"
STAG: "Keep them off the main radar!"
— "Killing Escort Crafts 2"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Guess these aren't indestructible..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "This machine cannot take much more. I need a new one..."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "I'm gonna need a replacement soon..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "This thing's almost done. Better get a new one."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "This isn't gonna last much longer..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Time for a replacement."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Mumbles"
The Protagonist - Female 1: "Might want to switch this plane out..."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "This one is unstable. I must be finding a new aircraft."
The Protagonist - Female 3: "Gotta find a new plane..."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Gotta find a new plane..."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "I need a new plane..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "This won't last much longer."
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Groans"
— "Need New VTOL"

STAG: "Watch it, that big guy is armed!"
STAG: "He's with the Saints, bring him down!"
— "Oleg is Attacking"

All escorting craft, we have incoming!
— Interrogation, "STAG Convo to Air Base"

The Protagonist - Female 1: "Wake up, STAG. You're just letting me walk all over you."
The Protagonist - Female 2: "Come on, STAG. No reason to make it this easy for me."
The Protagonist - Male 1: "Hey, STAG... you asleep down there? I thought this would be harder."
The Protagonist - Male 2: "Cyrus, you gotta teach your boys not to leave the keys in the car..."
The Protagonist - Male 3: "Hey, STAG... thought you would at least put up a little fight. Whatsamatter?"
The Protagonist - Zombie: "Moans"
— "STAG Convo to Second Base"


  • Pierce and Oleg pit their intelligence against each other in their first game of chess
  • Oleg kicks the table, knocking the pieces over
  • The Protagonist informs the two they need to leave the Saints HQ
  • Josh Birk introduces himself as Joshua
  • Josh Birk presents a propaganda commercial backing STAG
  • Josh Birk, fully dressed up as Nyte Blayde and endorsing STAG
  • Cyrus Temple and Kia are disheartened to learn of this
  • Path taken by the Surveillance Aircraft during the mission
  • The final image used at the end of the mission
  • UI image used when saving after this mission
  • Convoy Decoy - Intercept Surveillance Aircraft objective
  • Saints Mules at roadblock
  • Convoy Decoy stalemate
  • The Gawalek A36's top hatch later used in "Air Steelport" is present during gameplay
  • Gawalek A36 crashing into water


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