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Commentaries are collectibles Saints Row: Gat out of Hell


Activating a Commentary node causes Gat or Kinzie to say something, usually related to the surroundings. Some Commentaries play automatically, some require a button press, and some require turning to face a certain object before they speak.

Unlike the majority of the game, Gat and Kinzie have unique Commentaries, and they cannot activate each other's Commentaries. Each Commentary is located in approximately the same place and they comment on the same things.

They each have 30 Commentaries, and they each have a separate challenge tracking how many have been found.

Like other random dialogue lines in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, Commentaries have subtitles. Unlike Tomes, Commentaries cannot be replayed.

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Location Name Quote and Description
Well. It's a rock.
Commentary Arch Johnny
— Johnny Gat

That is a big arch... which really doesn't impress me too much considering I'm surrounded by floating buildings and lava...
Commentary Arch Kinzie
— Kinzie

Defensible... good visibility... I could have some fun here...
Commentary BellTower Johnny
— Johnny Gat

They have floating platforms and occult stop lights but they still need a belltower? Someone's hanging onto the past...
Commentary BellTower Kinzie
— Kinzie

Yeah I don't think I wanna know what's happening behind that door...
Commentary Best Show A
— Johnny Gat

After the boss is safe, I should come by and see what the fuss is about...
Commentary Best Show B
— Kinzie

Well, looks like someone got to this building before I did...
Commentary BurnBuild Johnny
— Johnny Gat

It's like standing on the leaning Tower of Pisa, only it's a building not a tower, and we're in a slum in Hell instead of Italy. But otherwise, pretty close..
Commentary BurnBuild Kinzie
— Kinzie

I doubt they have enough room in that building to fit all the politicians in hell.
Commentary Captiol Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Evil politicians... it's like a little slice of home.
Commentary Capitol Kinzie
— Kinzie

I've wanted a lava moat since I was 4.
Commentary Castle Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Just think, this castle was probably built to defend against the forces of heaven. Pretty awesome.
Commentary Castle Kinzie
— Kinzie

Wonder if Julius is in there...
Commentary Cathedral Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Oh look... a satanic cathedral... nothing creepy about that.
Commentary Cathedral Kinzie
— Kinzie

I could put together a helluva curriculum down here: knife work 101, improvised assault, murdering people on one good leg... maybe teaching is my true calling...
Commentary College Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Hate to see what the student loans look like down here...
Commentary College Kinzie
— Kinzie

Satan wanted to impress me he'd have an actual fucking dragon, not just some bullshit statue...
Commentary Dragon Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Matt gave me a shirt with an airbrushed dragon on it for my birthday. It was kind of awesome.
Commentary Dragon Kinzie
— Kinzie

Far be it for me to tell the Devil how to do his job, but I was running things? This thing would have guns... lots and lots of guns...
Commentary FloatingPlatform Johnny
— Johnny Gat

These floating platforms are incredible. I wonder how they work?
Commentary FloatingPlatform Kinzie
— Kinzie

The Kennel, The Den Furry Looking at "Furries only bar - Time Furr a Burr" billboard.
Hey, everyone has a hobby.
Commentary Furry Johnny
— Johnny Gat

My people have a home.
Commentary Furry Kinzie
— Kinzie

Gas prices aren't half bad...
Commentary Gas Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Using exponential math for gas prices is a special form of evil. Nice job, Dane.
Commentary Gas Kinzie
— Kinzie

Stay classy, Hell.
Commentary GoldenShower Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Oh single entendres... what would we do without you...
Commentary GoldenShower Kinzie
— Kinzie

A gravel pit? A fucking gravel pit? We're surrounded by floating buildings and rivers of lava, why in god's name is there a fucking quarry here?
Commentary Gravel Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Good job Sisyphus...keep running.
Commentary Gravel Kinzie
— Kinzie

Sounds like someone's singing in there...
Commentary HighHouse Johnny
— Johnny Gat

I wonder how long it took to build this thing...
Commentary HighHouse Kinzie
— Kinzie

I'll take this over the 405 any day.
Commentary Highway Johnny
— Johnny Gat

This is traffic in hell? Someone's never been to DC.
Commentary Highway Kinzie
— Kinzie

God I want to throw someone into that lava...
Commentary LavaFront Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Swimming sucks. Lava sucks. Swimming in lava definitely sucks.
Commentary LavaFront Kinzie
— Kinzie

Boss! Boss! Are you in there?!
Commentary LowHouse Johnny
— Johnny Gat

The boss has to be in here somewhere...
Commentary LowHouse Kinzie
— Kinzie

Pawnshop in hell? I'll take my chances making a deal with Dane...
Commentary PawnA
— Johnny Gat

I don't like going into a pawnshop in Steelport, let alone Hell.
Commentary PawnB
— Kinzie

PowerP The Commentary nodes are on top of different smoke stacks.
*coughs* bad place to take in the view...
Commentary PowerP Johnny
— Johnny Gat

If Dane wants to run an industrial park he can be my guest...
Commentary PowerP Kinzie
— Kinzie

I don't wanna know what they do to people locked up in there...
Commentary Prison Johnny
— Johnny Gat

What's a prison in hell look like...
Commentary Prison Kinzie
— Kinzie

The Silver Bullet is the only strip club worth going to.
Commentary SadCans Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Whatever. The Silver Bullet is the only strip club worth going to.
Commentary SadCans Kinzie
— Kinzie

I'm coming for you...
Commentary SatanStat Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Bet you wish you never stole the boss...
Commentary SatanStat Kinzie
— Kinzie

Fuck me!
Commentary Sizzled Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Christ that's hot!
Commentary Sizzled Kinzie
— Kinzie

Why would they call it "Snowball's Chance" there's no snow in hell...someone should fire their marketing guy...
Commentary Snowball Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Wonder if Killbane's inside...
Commentary Snowball Kinzie
— Kinzie

Voice: "Hey baby, you looking for a bad time?"
Johnny Gat: "Yeah, no."
Commentary Strip Club Back Door Gat
Voice: "Hey girl, you looking for a bad time?"
Kinzie: "Maybe. I'll get back to you."
Commentary Strip Club Back Door Kinzie
Helluva drop...would love to take Dex up here...
Commentary Tallbld Johnny
— Johnny Gat

The air actually feels dirtier the higher you get.
Commentary Tallbld Kinzie
— Kinzie

Reminds me of Saints Row.
Commentary TallSlum Johnny
— Johnny Gat

If things go bad at the Ultor building... this is where I build my new sanctum..
Commentary TallSlum Kinzie
— Kinzie

Maybe one day I'll retire and have a view like this... preferably not in hell, but hey, let's be realistic...
Commentary UltorBuilding Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Aside from the screams of tormented souls it's actually quite lovely...
Commentary UltorBuilding Kinzie
— Kinzie

Where's my statue? I killed more guys than this chump...
Commentary UltorStatue Johnny
— Johnny Gat

Oh Ozymandias... you scamp...
Commentary UltorStatue Kinzie
— Kinzie

Yet another place I'd love to throw someone off of...
Commentary Walkway Johnny
— Johnny Gat

I don't think they have safety codes in hell...
Commentary Walkway Kinzie
— Kinzie


  • Gat says "Helluva drop...would love to take Dex up here..." before Dex is known to be in hell.


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