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Commander-in-Chief Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.


The Commander-in-Chief Pack is an on-disc DLC which was a pre-order bonus, but became available for individual purchase on the 1st of October, 2013.

It includes the 'Merica weapon, Screaming Eagle VTOL, and Uncle Sam Outfit.


  • The DLC content is included on the disc, but is not automatically activated, instead there is a redemption code which must be redeemed online. This is not mentioned in advertising, or on the outside of the box: the game must be purchased and opened before it is revealed that the pre-order content is only accessible online.
  • Volition's announcement about pre-ordering Saints Row IV does not mention the contents of the pack and the promotional image crops that information out. The same page incorrectly refers to the pre-order edition as "Command in Chief Edition" instead of "Commander in Chief Edition".[2][3]


Saints Row IV DLC Unlock - Commander-in-Chief Pack

Commander-in-Chief Pack - Saints Row IV promotional image

Commander-in-Chief pre-order news post

Commander in Chief UI icon

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