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Commander - Saints Row The Third logo
Commander - front right
The Commander in Corporate Warfare


Hostage class












Hit Points

15000 SR2
23500 SRTT

Road Grip


Steering Speed



Corporate Warfare
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

Law Enforcement

Steelport Police

Randomly Parked


The Commander is a vehicle in Corporate Warfare, Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row IV.


In all of its appearances, the Commander is depicted as an armed naval vehicle, which, while having a poor performance, its armor is excellent, compared to other boats featured in the series.

Saints Row 2: Corporate WarfareEdit

The Commander in Corporate Warfare always spawns in a green color with a random number in the sides. It's rusty, has various ammo boxes lying in the boat, and can only hold two people. However, it makes up for this by having two rotatable Mounted .50 cal machine guns: one on the back used by the pilot, and the front one used by the passenger.

It has about the same speed as a Skipper, but with a better armor and is suitable to ship-to-ship engagements. However, it is problematic against pursuing helicopters, as the guns cannot aim too high.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

The boat has been totally remodeled, and is used primarily by the Steelport Police at Notoriety level 2-5 (without STAG). It now comes equipped with a guided rocket launcher in the front and a machine gun in the back, both of which are usable by the driver.

The addition of a guided rocket launcher gives the Commander the ability to effectively deal with aircraft along with other boats, contrary to the previous version featured in Corporate Warfare. A military-painted version of the Commander is unlocked in the Garage upon purchase of Rondini's Boat Dock in Downtown.

The weapons have limitations. One of these is that both weapons cannot be rotated in 360 degrees, but in a, more or less, 270 degrees. The front weapon is limited to engage enemy vehicles with the rocket launcher, while at the rear, the machine gun is able to attack, though the launcher's guided capabilities allows it to launch a rocket and makes its way to the back and, with luck, hitting an enemy boat.

The Commander itself has a good armor, but given the Steelport Police uses it at full efficiency and the chase level, it is taken down quickly if it's outnumbered by armed helicopters and other Commanders. Although it is the same speed, the Commander handles like it is faster in Saints Row: The Third, but its size makes it difficult to pass at low-level bridges.


Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV have the same variants.

  • Average (100%)

An Average Commander is unlocked in the garage after Rondini's Boat Dock is purchased.

  • NG (0%)

Used by the SNG, parked in the water around the Sierra Point.

  • Police (0%)

Used by the Steelport Police, spawns in the ocean at Notoriety level 2-5. It is not possible to obtain one after "Gang Bang" and before "Gangstas in Space" or "STAG Film".

  • Stag (0%)

Can only be spawned by editing the game files or using a garage editor.


  • The Commander is, so far, the only drivable armed naval vehicle in the Saints Row series (not counting the Thermopylae, which it has weapons, but is undrivable).
  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row: The Third is "givecommander".
  • Although not included in the released game, a promo image of a STAG variant of the Commander was posted on the Saints Row Website.[2]
  • The rust around the Commander disappear after being automatically repaired in the garage.
  • The Commander in Saints Row 2 bears many similarities to the Vietnam-era PBR. The Saints Row: The Third model strongly resembles the Super Dvora Mk. II patrol boat.
  • After STAG arrive in Steelport,[3] police no longer use Commanders, but they use them again after STAG has been defeated.[4]
  • The Commander is included in Saints Row IV, but is inaccessible, as there are no boat docks or parking spaces. Entering the cheat "unlockitall" unlocks the Commander as part of the otherwise-unavailable "Vehicles - Watercraft" unlockable, which is visible in the "Vehicles" section of the Upgrade menu. The presence of all three watercraft can be confirmed by using a garage editor.
  • Despite the rear gun of the Saints Row: The Third Commander has handles, the vehicle doesn't admit any gunner on the back. Instead, it is purely remote-controlled.
  • The Commander is the only Saints Row 2 DLC vehicle which maintains the same logo in subsequent games.


  • Promo image of the Commander in Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare
  • Commander - front right
  • Commander weapon
  • Commander in Garage
  • Commander Mounted .50 cal
  • Commander - driver fires rear weapon
  • Commander - mounted weapon - front
  • Commander - mounted weapon - rear
  • Commander - unusable weapons
  • Commander in Saints Row: The Third
  • Police Commander in Saints Row: The Third
  • SNG Commander in Saints Row: The Third
  • Promo image of STAG Commander, not included in the released game
  • Commander in Saints Row: The Third
  • Commander in Saints Row: The Third
  • Commander in Saints Row: The Third
  • Commander in Garage in Saints Row: The Third

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