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Club Koi[1] is a night club in the Red Light District in Saints Row 2.


This building can be entered at any time, and is frequented by Pimps and common civilians. It is located east of the Saints Hideout, and is accessible via the back lot. Despite being a night club, it is not a functional Liquor Store.

The Masako team raid the club in order to take down Playa on orders from Ultor. This leads to the death of a bartender working at the club and a litter of dead Masako soldiers lying around the club.[2]

There are several Improvised Weapons inside: bar stool, eq machine, turn table, electric guitar, keyboard, monitor, chair.


  • This building exists in Saints Row as the "Raykins Hotel", and is the whorehouse in the mission Always Use Protection. The exterior is the same, and is enterable at all times, but the interior is completely different than in Saints Row 2.
  • There is a Crash Landing coaster on the bar.
  • Near the back door to the building is a vehicle spawning error which sometimes causes cars to appear stopped, but they do not drive. If there are multiple in a row, the second honks at the first and attempts to go around them, stopping when they reach the end of the defined path.
  • A Koi is an ornamental variety of domesticated common carp.
  • One of the songs played in the club is reused as one of the mission success themes in Saints Row: The Third.


  • Club Koi Minimap
  • Club Koi from the outside
  • interior from front door
  • interior bar area
  • interior sign
  • interior upstairs bar
  • Club Koi back door
  • Club Koi - bar glasses
  • Club Koi - bar seating
  • Club Koi - dance floor
  • Club Koi - DJ booth
  • Club Koi - exterior front entrance sign
  • Club Koi - interior main entrance
  • Club Koi - looking down at main bar
  • Club Koi - looking down at seating area
  • Club Koi - street entrance
  • Club Koi - upper level bar
  • Club Koi - upper seating area

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  1. Note: There are 3 signs displaying the name "Club Koi"
  2. Mission: Picking a Fight
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