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Clawz in Saints Row IV
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"Christmas-hating" warlord bent on "permanently" ruining the holidays.

Clawz is a character in How the Saints Save Christmas DLC for Saints Row IV.


Clawz is an "evil" version of Santa; created by Zinyak.[1] He is the antagonist of How the Saints Save Christmas and serves as the driving force behind most of the story's events.


How the Saints Save ChristmasEdit

As the 3rd Street Saints prepare to celebrate the holidays aboard their ship, a futuristic version of Shaundi travels through time to warn them of the impending danger that Clawz possesses. She explains to Kinzie, Matt, CID, present-day Shaundi, Pierce, and The Protagonist that Zinyak had kidnapped Santa years ago and was using his mind to create an abomination.[2]

Future Shaundi goes on to state that if Santa's not freed from The Simulation soon, it would be too late, and Clawz would win. Everyone except The Protagonist (who doesn't believe in Christmas or Santa) is immediately on board, and they quickly pressure The Protagonist into helping out too.[2]

After locating Santa and a brief skirmish with Clawz,[2] the Saints travel to the North Pole where they aid Mrs. Claus and the elf resistance in hindering Clawz's invasion of the city.[3] His army in shambles, a frustrated Clawz withdraws from the scene, aiming to deal with the Saints in "another" way.[3]

Santa and the Saints eventually succeed in tracking Clawz down.[4] Using Sleigh One, The Protagonist delivers coal and presents to all the "naughty" and "nice" people of Steelport, succeeding in restoring the "Christmas spirit" to the city, and severely weakening Clawz's power. In desperation, Clawz emerges from his protective shield and attacks The Protagonist. However, by this point, The Protagonist has also embraced the "Christmas spirit" in their heart, and uses it to overpower and kill Clawz.

Afterwards, Santa thanks The Protagonist for their help in saving him and promises to put them on his "nice" list if they endeavor to "fully-embrace" the "Christmas-spirit" in their heart before Christmas Eve is over. The Protagonist agrees and their heart grows three-times larger that day.[4]


  • Clawz is one of the few major antagonists in the Saints Row series to be affiliated primarily with "himself" and not with a gang, law enforcement agency, corrupt corporation, or alien empire. However, he does owe his "existence" to Zinyak.[1]
    • Clawz can afford to stand out on his own because he has an army behind him. An army of corrupted elves and "Christmas-themed" abominations.[5][6][3]
  • Clawz could be considered more of a "monster" than a man since he transforms himself into some kind of warden-hybrid during the DLC's third mission. Future Shaundi explains that the transformation occurred as a result of him drawing power from all the "naughty" people who were in close proximity to him.[4]
  • Clawz always speaks in rhyme.
  • The Christmas Text Adventures reveal that Clawz was born from Santa's mind after the latter was captured and placed in The Simulation by Zinyak.[1]
  • In Future Shaundi's alternate timeline, Zinyak had succeeded in bringing Clawz out from The Simulation and giving him a physical form in the real world; then sending him on a mission to destroy the North Pole.[1]
    • How Zinyak managed to do this is completely unknown. All that's mentioned is that he "did".[1]
  • When called as a homie, Clawz does not use any sort of firearm in combat, opting to fight hand-to-hand instead. However, he does retain his Super Powers, and can utilize them to great effect.


Those who are naughty, look to the sky. And see your doom with the naked eye. You willfully break the world's laws. Now feel the wrath of the mighty Clawz!
— Clawz, making his first appearance in "Miracle on 3rd Street".

The spirit's alive but still I stand! Once you're dead, I'll corrupt this land!
— Clawz, before shooting The Protagonist out of the sky.



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