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City Income is a gameplay feature in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


City Income is earned from controlled neighborhoods and owned stores.


The Stash, also known as Safe, is a Crib feature which allows collection of City Income in Saints Row and Saints Row 2. It is found in all Cribs except docks and the Airport Hangar.

In Saints Row: The Third, it is replaced by the Cash menu in the Cellphone.

In Saints Row IV, the Cash menu is renamed Cache, which sounds the same in some pronunciations.

It is only possible to make withdrawals, and all money is taken out at once.

Saints Row[]

Each neighborhood adds $200 daily, added to the Stash hourly, which is $8.33 per hood per hour. At the end of the game with all neighborhoods controlled, the total is $300 hourly, which is $7200 per game day.

The maximum amount of Cash the Stash can hold starts at $2000 with the first Crib, and doubles with every Crib unlocked. With all 4 Cribs, the Stash can hold a maximum of $16,000, this limit is reached after 54 hours of game time. Since one game minute equals one real second, it takes approximately 54 minutes of real time to reach the limit.

Cribs Max Stash
1 2000
2 4000
3 8000
4 16000

Saints Row 2[]

Each of the first 44 neighborhoods earn $500 per game day, and Rounds Square Shopping Center earns $1,000. The total for all 45 neighborhoods is $23,000 per game day. Money earned from neighborhoods accumulates in the Stash at midnight.

The total income of all 90 Stores is $19,900 per day, which is added to the Stash at 7pm.

The maximum amount earned per game day is $42,900 after conquering all neighborhoods and buying all stores.

The amount that the Stash can hold at once varies depending on the number of owned Cribs.

Max Stash Cash in the Penthouse Loft

All 11 Cribs are counted to increase the Max Stash, but the Max Stash stops increasing after 1,000,000 - which is reached when the 7th crib is acquired.

Cribs Max Stash
1 4000
2 8000
3 32000
4 128000
5 256000
6 512000
7-11 1000000

Saints Row: The Third[]

In Saints Row: The Third, city income is generated every 15 minutes of played time, and is generated based on Store Ownership, Property Ownership, and which territories are controlled by the Saints, as well as various bonuses. The total investment for all Cribs and Businesses is $304,200. The maximum City Income earned every 15 minutes (with upgrades applied) is $33,500. With the Bloodsucker DLC pack, the maximum City Income earned is $36,000.

Bonus - Hourly City Income Upgrades
Level Bonus Income Cost
4 $500 $3500
11 $1000 $10000
20 $1500 $17000
N/A $2,500 Bloodsucker Pack
  • The maximum amount of unclaimed City Income that can be laundered at one time depends on the number of owned Cribs.
  • If the amount of City Income exceeds the Transfer Limit, the excess income is lost.
  • If the amount of City Income is less than the Transfer Limit, the funds accumulate over multiple income periods, up to the Transfer Limit.
  • When the Transfer Limit is reached, City Income no longer accumulates until the funds are collected.
  • The 15 minute timer continues regardless, so after collecting funds, more funds may become available within 15 minutes.

No particular Crib has a set Transfer Limit increase, it is determined by the total number owned.

Acquiring Stronghold Cribs both gives the normal increase, as well as a +5% bonus for the total Transfer Limit. This total is further increased by upgrading Stronghold Cribs, with another +5% given for each upgrade, for a total of +45% bonus for upgrading all 3.

Number of Cribs Max Transfer Limit
1 $5000
2 $15000
3 $30000
4 $50000
5 $75000
6 $105000
7 $140000
8 $180000
9 $225000
10 $500000
+45% Bonus

Saints Row IV[]

As the player gains levels, the income rate can be increased through purchase in the Upgrade menu. The payout is proportional to the amount of hacked stores, activities, random engagements with the Zin and completion of quests. Other factors play in as well.

After completing the game, unclaimed income is capped at $80,000.

The wait time is the same as Saints Row: The Third.


  • Unlike in other games, such as Fable 2 where earned money accumulates every 5 minutes of real time, City Income in the Saints Row series accumulates relative to game time. Money also does not accumulate while the game is off, so increasing the system clock does not cause money to accumulate faster.
  • City Income does not accumulate while the game is paused, however game-time still passes while viewing in-game menus such as the Television and Wardrobe, and City Income still accumulates.
    • For example, watching "There's Always A Catch" cutscene in Saints Row 2 automatically generates Cash. Watching this cutscene multiple times allows to get large amounts of Cash easily.


Stash in the King Penthouse

Max Stash Cash in the Penthouse Loft

Stash tutorial text