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Chop Shop is an activity in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and Saints Row Undercover.[reference?]

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Not to be confused with Vehicle Theft and Virus Collection

Find the cars on the list and return them to the chop shop for cash and respect.
— Chop Shop introduction in Saints Row 2[1]


In Chop Shop, Playa is given a list of cars to steal and deliver. Unlike Hijacking, this activity is not timed, the cars can be any car of the correct type and the cars can be delivered at any time.

After receiving the list of cars, it can be accessed through the activities menu, and a car can be selected so that it appears on the radar when it is nearby.

Vehicles delivered to the Chop Shop are given to the Chop Shop permanently. Vehicles from the Garage do not remain in the Garage.

Saints Row[]



List Image Vehicle Modifications Cash Respect Notes
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-1 Reaper.png Reaper None $1,500 700
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-2 Ambulance.png Ambulance None $1,000 800 [n 1]
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-3 Destiny.png Destiny None $750 900
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-4 Taxi.png Taxi Street Hood $750 1000 [n 1]
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-5 Slingshot.png Slingshot Stylish Hood $750 1100
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-6 Bootlegger.png Bootlegger Hot Rod Hood $1,000 1200
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-7 Compton.png Compton Muscle Hood, Stylish Rims $1,000 1300
Docks & Warehouses Chop Shop 1-8 La Fuerza.png La Fuerza Hot Rod Hood, Low-rider Rims $1,000 1400
Docks & Warehouses Total $7,750 8400
Downtown Chop Shop 2-1 Cavallaro.png Cavallaro None $500 700
Downtown Chop Shop 2-2 Quota.png Quota None $1,000 800
Downtown Chop Shop 2-3 FBI.png FBI None $5,000 900 [n 2]
Downtown Chop Shop 2-4 Keystone.png Keystone Retro Spoiler $500 1000
Downtown Chop Shop 2-5 Nordberg.png Nordberg Sports Spoiler $2,000 1100
Downtown Chop Shop 2-6 Nelson.png Nelson Street Spoiler $2,500 1200
Downtown Chop Shop 2-7 Mag.png Mag Off Road 1 Bumpers, Off Road Rims $2,500 1300
Downtown Chop Shop 2-8 Bulldog.png Bulldog Luxury Body Kit, Stylish 1 Rims $2,500 1400
Downtown Total $16,500 8400
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-1 Peterliner.png Peterliner None $1,000 700 [n 3]
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-2 Nightingale.png Nightingale None $1,000 800 [n 4]
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-3 Halberd.png Halberd None $500 900
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-4 Westbury.png Westbury Muscle Rims $500 1000
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-5 Varsity.png Varsity Street Grill $500 1100
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-6 Raycaster.png Raycaster Racing Exhaust $2,000 1200
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-7 Attrazione.png Attrazione Sport Front Bumper, Convertible Roof $3,000 1300 [n 5]
Chinatown Chop Shop 3-8 Zenith.png Zenith Racing Exhaust, Racing Convertible Roof $3,000 1400
Chinatown Total $11,500 8400
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Docks & Warehouses[]

The Los Carnales Chop Shop is located in Charlestown, in the Docks & Warehouses District

Miguel and Jen

Miguel: "What homes, never seen a man in a wheelchair before?"
Jen: "Don't mind him, he's just in a bad mood, ain't that right baby?"
Jen kisses Miguel on the cheek.
Miguel: "Hey, you'd be on the rag 24-7 if some berry decided to show you what excessive force was all about. It breaks down like this; my boostin' days are over, the police made sure of that. But that don't mean I don't have an eye for what sells. I got a list tacked up on the wall, you bring me the car, I give you the cash"
— Miguel[2] and Jen[2] in the The Wheel Man cutscene.

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Reaper

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Ambulance

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Destiny

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Taxi

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Slingshot

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Bootlegger

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - Compton

Saints Row Chop Shop - Docks and Warehouses - La Fuerza


The Vice Kings Chop Shop is located in Filmore, in the Downtown District


Samson: "Hold on, for a second man..."
Samson finishes wiping a license plate on a car.
Samson: "Perfect...that shit is fucking perfect. Check it out playa..."
Samson gestures for Playa to take a look.
Samson: "Would you believe that four n​iggas got shot in that car? That ride looks like I jacked it right off the lot. My work's in fuckin' demand, son, and with you jackin' some extra cars for me, we could both be makin' some extra cheddar. What you say?"
Samson[2] in Supply and Demand cutscene.

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Cavallaro

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Quota

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - FBI

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Keystone

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Nordberg

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Nelson

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Mag

Saints Row Chop Shop - Downtown - Bulldog


The Westside Rollerz Chop Shop is located in Chinatown


Dennis: "Tell Mr. Wong, don't worry...No, I said don't...Yes...I promise, everything is on time, we got nothing to worry about...Alright Good bye."
Dennis hangs up his phone.
Dennis: "I am so fucked."
Dennis turns to Playa.
Dennis: "Sup man...Got any extra time on your hands? This guy Wong put in a big order and I'm having a shitty time finding the cars he asked for. If I don't deliver I'm as useful to him as a used condom. What do you think? Wanna help me find a few rides?"
— Dennis in Wong Time, Wong Place cutscene.

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Peterliner

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Nightingale

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Halberd

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Westbury

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Varsity

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Raycaster

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Attrazione

Saints Row Chop Shop - Chinatown - Zenith

Saints Row 2[]

Map icon

In Saints Row 2, the Chop Shop doesn't have a cutscene when starting the activity, instead there is a phone call.

Unlike the Saints Row Chop Shop activity, vehicles do not need to be customized before delivery. However, there is greater police notoriety than in Saints Row, and when jacking a car on the Chop Shop list, whether the car is on the HUD or not, the driver attempts to flee.


The rewards aren't individual to each list.

  • 1 list: the Buggy.
  • 2 lists: unique Saints Combine.
  • 3 lists: "Chop Shop" customization item (unknown)[3]
  • 5 lists: 75% mechanic discount.


  • While the GPS automatically shows the nearest Chop Shop, the cars can be delivered to any of them.
  • After delivering a car, the same car can be delivered again for $500 each time.
  • An additional $10,000 is awarded upon completing a list.
Image Vehicle List Location Cash Respect Notes
Alaskan - Chop Shop magazine.png Alaskan Downtown Hotels and Marina $1,750 400 [n 1]
Ambulance - Chop Shop magazine.png Ambulance Suburbs Suburbs Expansion $3,500 800 [n 2],[n 3]
Attrazione - Chop Shop magazine.png Attrazione Truckyard Red Light $1,500 300 [n 4],[n 5]
Backhoe - Chop Shop magazine.png Backhoe Factories Barrio $2,000 500
Bag Boy - Chop Shop magazine.png Bag Boy Factories Airport $1,750 400
Betsy - Chop Shop magazine.png Betsy Apartments Arena $1,250 250 [n 6]
Bezier - Chop Shop magazine.png Bezier Apartments Apartments $2,500 600 [n 4],[n 7],[n 5]
Bulldozer - Chop Shop magazine.png Bulldozer Factories Factories $2,500 600
Churchill - Chop Shop magazine.png Churchill Suburbs Suburbs Expansion[4][5] $1,250 250 [n 8]
Compton - Chop Shop magazine.png Compton Suburbs Museum $1,750 400 [n 2]
Cosmos - Chop Shop magazine.png Cosmos Apartments Projects $3,000 700 [n 6]
Danville - Chop Shop magazine.png Danville Factories Truck Yard $1,250 250 [n 8]
Delivery Truck - Chop Shop magazine.png Delivery Truck Factories Saints Row $3,000 700
Eiswolf - Chop Shop magazine.png Eiswolf Truckyard Saints Row $2,500 600 [n 9]
Five-O - Chop Shop magazine.png Five-O Suburbs Suburbs $3,000 700 [n 2]
Go! - Chop Shop magazine.png Go! Downtown Trailer Park $1,000 200 [n 6]
Hammerhead - Chop Shop magazine.png Hammerhead Suburbs Downtown $1,500 300 [n 10]
Justice - Chop Shop magazine.png Justice Downtown

Suburbs Expansion[6]


$3,000 700 [n 4],[n 5]
Longhauler - Chop Shop magazine.png Longhauler Factories Red Light $3,500 800
Mag - Chop Shop magazine.png Mag Factories Projects $1,500 300
Magma - Chop Shop magazine.png Magma Truckyard Projects $1,250 250 [n 11],[n 5]
Melbourne - Chop Shop magazine.png Melbourne Apartments Airport $2,000 500 [n 5]
Mockingbird - Chop Shop magazine.png Mockingbird Suburbs Suburbs $1,000 200 [n 11]
NRG V8 - Chop Shop magazine.png NRG V8 Apartments Barrio $1,500 300
Peacekeeper - Chop Shop magazine.png Peacekeeper Truckyard Saints Row $3,500 800
Quota - Chop Shop magazine.png Quota Suburbs High End Retail $2,500 600
Raycaster - Chop Shop magazine.png Raycaster Apartments Chintatown $1,750 400
Socialite - Chop Shop magazine.png Socialite Truckyard Apartments $3,000 700
Status Quo - Chop Shop magazine.png Status Quo Apartments Red Light $3,500 800
Superiore - Chop Shop magazine.png Superiore Truckyard Airport $1,750 400 [n 4],[n 5]
Swindle - Chop Shop magazine.png Swindle Apartments University $1,000 200 [n 1]
Taxi - Chop Shop magazine.png Taxi Downtown Suburbs Expansion $1,250 150 [n 2],[n 3]
Titan - Chop Shop magazine.png Titan Downtown Downtown $3,500 800
Topher - Chop Shop magazine.png Topher Suburbs Hotels and Marina $2,000 500
Varsity - Chop Shop magazine.png Varsity Downtown Downtown $2,000 500
Venom Classic - Chop Shop magazine.png Venom Classic Truckyard Chinatown $2,000 500 [n 10]
Voxel - Chop Shop magazine.png Voxel Truckyard Barrio $1,000 200 [n 9]
Voyage - Chop Shop magazine.png Voyage Factories Docks $1,000 200 [n 6]
Wellington - Chop Shop magazine.png Wellington Downtown Downtown $1,500 300 [n 8]
Zenith - Chop Shop magazine.png Zenith Downtown Hotels and Marina $2,500 600 [n 5]
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Ultor would appreciate the requisition of specific automobiles, we of course will compensate you for your efforts.
— Ultor