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Child's Play Pack

Saints Row IV



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  • GBP£2.49
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Child's Play Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.


Be charitable and support Child's Play! Show the world that you are the best President ever, by rampaging the Steelport Simulation with the Digital Dino outfit and the totally bananas Robochimp outfit. Spread your message of altruism on the streets from within the Retro Racer vehicle; it's what your parents always dreamed of for you!
— Content Description[1][2]

This is the 19th DLC (Excluding Voyeur Packs) for Saints Row IV. It contains 2 new outfits and one new vehicle, Along side the new content the pack is special due to it being when bought from a customer some of the profit money goes toward Child's Play Charity. In the pack there features a Digital Dino suit and Robo Chimp suit, Along side with the outfits there is a vehicle in the garage called Retro Rocket.


  • The Digital Dino Outfit resembles Mecha Godzilla.
  • This DLC was falsely marketed as being a PC exclusive, but is included in the National Treasure Edition for Xbox 360 and PS3, as well as the Re-elected Edition for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.[3]
  • This pack was falsely marketed as being a limited time offer.[4][5][6][7]
    • Although it is no longer available individually through Steam, it was later available individually for PC through Amazon[8] and the Humble Store[9], and eventually included in the Game Of The Century Edition on Steam and GOG, and in the Upgrade Pack on Steam, as well as in the National Treasure and Re-elected Editions on all platforms.[3]


Child's Play Pack unlock screen

Retro Rocket vehicle logo

Saints Row IV variants - Retro Rocket - front

Saints Row IV variants - Retro Rocket - rear

Saints Row IV variants - Retro Rocket - side

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