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Police Chief Richard Monroe,[1] otherwise known as Chief Monroe, is a character in Saints Row.

Now, I may not be an honest man, but I'm a fair one.
Chief Monroe introduction
— Chief Monroe[2]


Chief Monroe is the corrupt Chief of Police, and the second-to-last antagonist of Saints Row. Despite never physically appearing in the game, Monroe plays an integral part of the epilogue in Saints Row, until his demise at the hands of the 3rd Street Saints.


Monroe joined the Stilwater Police Department in 1985 and spent over 25 years on the force.[3]

Saints RowEdit

Monroe is known to be actively working against gang activity in Stilwater: two police officers note that he would probably send a fruit basket to whoever killed Hector Lopez[4], and the Saints Row manual confirms Monroe placing an undercover cop in the 3rd Street Saints and having them keep tabs over the other gangs[5], which is later revealed to be Troy.[6]

Despite this, Monroe's corruption is first highlighted during the Vice Kings story arc, when it is revealed that Monroe is on the Vice Kings' payroll.[7] Monroe and certain police officers have been getting in on Benjamin King's protection rackets, which is why Monroe and the police have been "[going] so easy on the VKs".[7] The Saints Row manual further confirms this with a note scribbled down by Troy on page 11, saying "I would say I'd investigate the VK's more, but you and I both know you don't want me to do that...".[5]

Once the 3rd Street Saints have wiped out all other gang activity in Stilwater, Monroe makes his move. Most likely on Alderman Richard Hughes' payroll as well, he incarcerates Julius Little[8] and phones up Playa, threatening to kill Julius if the 3rd Street Saints do not publicly assassinate Mayor Marshall Winslow.[2] The 3rd Street Saints reluctantly carry out this task, but Monroe reneges on his promise to release Julius upon completion of the job. This proves to be Monroe's downfall as Dex, Johnny Gat, and Playa take advantage of Monroe's guaranteed attendance at the late mayor's funeral to assassinate Monroe as well. Dex's plan to kill Monroe with a surgical sniper strike goes awry when more police vehicles appear in the funeral procession than Dex counted on, and the three are forced to destroy all of the police vehicles to make sure that Monroe is killed. After destroying all the police vehicles and escaping to a Forgive and Forget, the group are successful in assassinating Monroe.[9]

Saints Row 2Edit

After his death, Monroe is succeeded by new Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw.


Chief Monroe Plaque in Police Headquarters

Chief Monroe commemorative plaque.

  • A commemorative plaque of Chief Monroe is located inside the Police Headquarters in the Saint's Row District in Saints Row 2; he is noted to have died in 2008, although the manual indicates that Saints Row takes place in 2006.
    • The commemorative plaque is the first time Chief Monroe's face is revealed, as he did not physically appear in Saints Row.
    • The commemorative plaque indicates that he was planning to retire before he was killed.

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