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This is a list of all Cheats in Saints Row IV.


In Saints Row IV, Cheats are entered through the Hub under Extras > Cheats > Add Cheat. Once added, they are available under category menus. Like in Saints Row: The Third, cheats are entered through a keyboard rather than a cellphone keypad.

Enabling any cheat disables the autosave function, as well as Achievements/Trophies.

In Multiplayer, the host has the option of denying players using Cheats.

The Executive Privilege Pack adds cheats which are not typed in manually.


Cheat Name Description Category
supertk Unlock Telekinesis
Unlocks the Telekinesis super power. Super Powers
superstomp Unlock Stomp
Unlocks the Stomp super power. Super Powers
superblast Unlock Blast
Unlocks the Blast super power. Super Powers
superbuff Unlock Buff
Unlocks the Buff super power. Super Powers
superdfa Unlock DFA
Unlocks the Death From Above super power. Super Powers
dlc_sosuper All Super Upgrades (DLC)
Give all Super Upgrades
Unlocks and purchases all Super Power Upgrades.

Included in Executive Privilege Pack

Super Powers
dlc_superduper 100% Super Powers (DLC)
Super Power Strength 100%
Maxes out Super Power Strength.

Included in Executive Privilege Pack

Super Powers
nosupermove Disable Super Movement
Disables super powered movement abilities. Super Powers
nosuperpowers Disable Super Powers
Disables elemental super powers. Super Powers
fryhole Heaven Bound
Elevator to Heaven
The dead all go to Heaven. Gameplay
cheese Give Cash
Cash Money
Instantly gives you cash. Gameplay
runfast Infinite Sprint
Super Sprint
You can sprint forever. Gameplay
goodygoody Clear Notoriety
Clear Notoriety
Removes all existing Notoriety. Gameplay
isquishyou Vehicle Smash
Player Vehicle Smash
Your vehicle smashes other vehicles. Vehicles
notrated Bloody Mess
Rated M++
Everyone you kill explodes. Silverlink (Unavailable)
goldengun Golden Gun
Golden Gun
One shot firearm kills. Silverlink (Unavailable)
repaircar Repair Car
Fixer Up
Repairs all damage to your vehicle. Vehicles
letsrock Weapons
All Weapons
Gives you a full suite of weapons. Weapons
givehovercar Give Alien Hovercar
Puts this vehicle into your garage. Vehicles
givehovertank Give Alien Tank
Puts this vehicle into your garage. Vehicles
giveufo Give Alien Ufo
Puts this vehicle into your garage. Vehicles
unlockitall All Upgrades
Unlock all Unlockables
Unlocks and purchases all non-super Upgrades. Gameplay
slowmo Slow Motion
Slow Mo
Time slows down. Silverlink (Unavailable)
fastforward Fast Forward
Fast Forward
Time speeds up. Gameplay
givetrouble Give Alien Hoverbike
Puts this vehicle into your garage. Vehicles
givemonster Give Monster Truck
Puts this vehicle into your garage. Vehicles
ascii Ascii Mode
nowardens No Warden
Disable Warden Notoriety
Notoriety no longer spawns Wardens. Gameplay
instantwarden Instant Warden
Instant Warden Notoriety
Instantly spawns a Warden. Gameplay
mascot Mascots
Mascot Peds
All pedestrians are mascots. World
hohoho Pimps And Hos
Pimps and Hos Peds
All pedestrians are pimps and hos. World
insanecity Insane City
Insane City
Everyone has gone insane! World
evilcars Evil Cars
Evil Cars
All cars try to run you over. World
noglitchcity No Glitches
No Glitch Effects
We fixed the glitch. World
bigheadmode Big Head Mode
Big Head Mode
Big Head Mode. World
dlc_car_mass Car Mass Hole (DLC)
Your vehicle has infinite mass and smashes other vehicles out of the way.

Included in Executive Privilege Pack

dlc_never_die Never Die (DLC) You will never die.

Included in Executive Privilege Pack

dlc_unlimited_ammo Infinite Ammo (DLC)
Unlimited Ammo
Gives you infinite ammo for all weapons.

Included in Executive Privilege Pack

dlc_unlimited_clip Unlimited Clip (DLC) You never have to reload because your clip runneth over forever.

Included in Executive Privilege Pack

vroom Vehicle No Damage
Player Vehicle No Damage
Your vehicle is immune to damage. Vehicles
supermove Unlock Super Movement (Disabled)
Unlocks super movement powers. Super Powers
dui Drunk Pedestrians (Disabled)
Everybody's on the crunk juice. World
dlc_player_pratfalls Player Pratfalls (Disabled) (DLC) PLAYER PRATFALLS Gameplay
dlc_super_saints Super Saints (Disabled) (DLC) SUPER SAINTS Gameplay
dlc_super_explosions Super Explosions (Disabled) SUPER EXPLOSIONS Gameplay


The "unlockitall" cheat unlocks all Unlockables and Upgrades. When DLC is installed, it also unlocks all DLC unlockables, which means two of each DLC vehicle are available in the Garage.

Vehicles unlocked by Unlockitall
Unlockable Vehicles Normal requirement
Chop Shop Virus Collection
Cyber Tank Never
Cyrus' Vtol Never
Genkimobile All Hands on Deck
Genkimobile Never
Hover Tank Tank Mayhem (Easy)
Monster Trucks Vehicular Mayhem Silver Medals
Propaganda Truck Hello Teacup
Saints Xor Vehicular Mayhem Gold Medals
Vehicle - Screamin' Eagle Jet DLC
Ufo UFO Mayhem (Easy)
Watercraft Never
Chop Shop Virus Collection
Vehicles - Cyberspace Under Pressure
Vehicles - Genki Asha's VIP
Dominatrix Three Way
  • Dildozer
  • Naughty F-69 VTOL
  • XXX Gunslinger
Escape the Dominatrix
Slayer The Santa Clawz
Gingerbread Van
  • Gingerbread Van
The Santa Clawz
Dasher The Santa Clawz
Jolly Compton The Santa Clawz
Sleigh One The Fight Before Christmas


  • "ASCII Mode" renders the game with coloured ASCII characters, in a manner similar to ASCII art.


Cheats menu in Saints Row IV

Gameplay cheats menu in Saints Row IV

Activate Cheat popup in Saints Row IV

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