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This is a summary of the named Characters in Saints Row IV.

For unnamed characters, see Civilians#Saints Row IV



  • The player character, known as Playa on this wiki, is the leader of the 3rd Street Saints, and newly elected President of the United Saints.[1][2]
  • Fun Shaundi[5] was first revealed in the "War for Humanity" trailer.[6]
  • Josh Birk's character, Nyte Blayde, is shown in an image of Saints Row IV's script, showing a VR confrontation between Matt Miller and Nyte Blayde.[7], posted on twitter by Andrew S Bowen, the voice actor for Birk.[8]
  • Johnny Gat is mentioned in an Achievement named "Bouncin' with an Old Friend", the description says "Completed Gat's Quests, Loyalty Mission, and Romance".[10]


  • Matt Miller appears in a Saints Row IV teaser image.[3][1] Matt Miller is shown in an image of Saints Row IV's script, showing a VR confrontation between Matt Miller and Nyte Blayde.[7], posted on twitter by Andrew S Bowen, the voice actor for Josh Birk.[8] Former Leader and founder of the Deckers, he is now an MI6 agent and Asha Odekar's personal assistant.[4]
  • Warren Williams "EZ-Money", deceased rapper, music mogul, second in command and short lived leader of the Vice Kings is listed in the official voice cast.[16]
  • Cyrus Temple, former commander of STAG initiative is now involved in a terrorist organization that plans to nuke Washington DC.[16]
  • Julius Little, deceased founder and original leader of 3rd Street Saints, appears in Super Power Fight Club and he is a target in assassination list.


  • Asha Odekar debuted in a teaser image for Saints Row IV,[1] although her identity was not revealed at the time.[3] She later appeared as a named character in the "War for Humanity" trailer fighting Masako.[6] An MI6 agent, she is the United Kingdom's Liaison for the CIA.[4]
  • CID is a hovering robot drone which is hacked to become friendly in the mission "Power Up CID".[19] CID stands for "Control and Interface Device".[20]
  • Emperor Zinyak is he main antagonist of the game. He has currently appeared in both the "Meet the President" and "War for Humanity" trailers.[11][6]
  • Jane Austen is the narrator of the story, whose identity is only revealed after the credits when all Loyalty missions are completed.[22]
  • Paul is a monster in Pierce nightmare simulation.[23]


  • Zimos is listed in the game files which define available homies, Zimos appears in the Enter the Dominatrix DLC.[25]


  • Lin - The game files include a full model, Homie head and Audio Logs for Lin, and is defined as a Homie, but does not appear in the game.[25]
  • Dane Vogel - The game files include a full model and Homie head for Vogel, and is defined as a Homie, but does not appear in the game.[25]
  • Kazuo Akuji - The game files include a full model for Kazuo, but does not appear in the game.


  • Male and Female versions of Playa and NPCs use different stances.
    • Male NPCs holding no weapons will stand up straight and have a casual walking style. Unless they hold a handgun sized firearm and stand still, they will always hold firearms with both hands and only hipfire weapons that intentionally fire from the hip only.
    • Female NPCs holding no weapons (or the RPG) will not stand up as straight as a Male NPC and sways slightly when walking. Unlike Male NPCs, Female NPCs will not always aim down the sights of their weapons, such as the Heavy SMG, Automatic Rifle, or Pump-Action Shotgun, but this does not reduce the accuracy of their weapons. These weapons are also held with the barrel facing up when standing still or walking, and they do not hold the vertical grip until they start running. The only weapons they aim down the sight is the handgun-size firearms and the RPG.
    • Male versions of Playa will use the same stances as Male NPCs, but will regularly hold two-handed weapons by their side when standing still, unless the weapon is too large/heavy (such as the Abduction Gun or the Sniper Rifle), and handgun size firearms are always held with one hand until they aim down the gun's sight.
    • Female versions of Playa use a mix of animations from the Male and Female stances, with some modified. Female Characters will use the sights if present on the gun, hold the lighter, two-handed weapons by the pistol grip when standing still (but pointed more vertical and resting on their shoulder) hold heavy, two-handed weapons like a Male Character if standing still, with lighter, two-handed weapons being held by the pistol grip and vertical grip when walking.
    • Playa and NPCs (regardless of gender) will hold weapons that are fired from the hip (such as the Semi-Auto Shotgun and Thumpgun) lower than other two-handed weapons and always hold the weapon with both hands.
    • Cyrus Temple uses a unique unarmed and armed stance. When unarmed, he stands stationary like a normal male NPC, but he has his right arm bent slightly as if he's holding his hip. With two-handed weapons (like his default Automatic Rifle), Cyrus has the barrel of his gun pointed to the side more rather than forward like other NPCs, holding the gun much closer to his chest overall.
    • When NPCs or Playa is inside a vehicle that allows drive-bys, the character will always aim down the sights of the weapon, even if it has no sights and is normally fired from the hip.


Standard Male NPC stance when standing still holding 2 handed SMGs/Rifles

Standard Female NPC stance when standing still holding 2 handed SMGs/Rifles

Standard Male NPC stance when shooting 2 handed SMGs/Rifles

Standard Female NPC stance when shooting 2 handed SMGs/Rifles

Character stance (both NPC and Playa) with hip-fire weapons when standing still

Cyrus Temple's unique stance when standing still unarmed

Cyrus Temple's unique stance when standing still holding SMGs/Rifles

Mr. X (male version)

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