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This is a summary of named Characters in Saints Row 2.

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Playable Character[]

The playable character does not have a name, and is called either "Playa" or "Boss" by other characters, this Wiki refers uses the name Playa. While the character can be male or female, they are male by default, so this wiki uses male pronouns for convenience.

Near the end of Saints Row, Playa is promoted to Second in Command by Julius, the leader of the 3rd Street Saints.[1] Julius subsequently betrays Playa and attempts to kill him in a boat explosion.[2]

After waking from a coma after five years[3][4] Playa goes to work rebuilding the Saints, recruiting a new crew[5] and leading them in reclaiming Stilwater.

3rd Street Saints[]

After the events of Saints Row, 3rd Street Saints are scattered, Playa is in a coma, Johnny Gat has been arrested, Troy reveals himself to be an undercover cop, and both Dex and Julius move on from gang life.

  • Johnny Gat is the only other returning member of the Saints and acts as second-in-command to help restore the Saints to their former glory. Playa rescues Johnny during a trial that would otherwise see him to the electric chair for three hundred eighty seven counts of 1st degree murder.[6]
  • Shaundi is a new lieutenant recruited by Playa, who is put in charge of taking down the Sons of Samedi[5] but also helps out with the "Brotherhood" as well.[7][8][9]
  • Pierce is a new lieutenant recruited by Playa, who is put in charge of taking down the Ronin[5] but also tries to help with the other gangs. Unlike Johnny, Pierce is a strategist who likes to think plans through instead of rushing into things, similar to Dex, although he is often ridiculed by the other Saints.[10]
  • Aisha is still hiding after having faked her own death, and lives with Johnny Gat. Her albums are still on the charts, but it is unknown who is receiving money for them as the rights were owned by Kingdom Come Records.
  • Tera is a former Ultor microbiologist who wishes to bring all of Ultor's crimes to light. She joins the 3rd Street Saints in order to fulfill this goal.

The Brotherhood[]

Brotherhood logo

The Brotherhood's gang color is red and they are one of the more brutal gangs in Stilwater, specialising in arms dealing and violent crime. Like the Westside Rollerz, The Brotherhood are largely focused on vehicle-related crime.

  • Maero is leader of The Brotherhood. He is tall, muscled, and covered in tattoos which relate to the Brotherhood. Unlike other gang leaders, Maero is violent, straightforward, blunt and confrontational with his tactics.
  • Matt is the frontman and guitarist for a heavy metal band called the Feed Dogs, and the gang's personal tattoo artist. He is Maero's best friend[12], and his tattoo skills are remarkable - even Maero said to him that he should "stick to the needle and drop the guitar".[13]
  • Jessica is a rich girl who ran off with Maero when they were young[reference?], and helps in running The Brotherhood's finances.[7] She wears red, but is not tattooed.

Sons of Samedi[]

Sons of Samedi logo

The Sons of Samedi's gang color is green and their main business is drug trafficking. They make a fortune dealing Loa Dust in the university district.

Like the previous drug dealers, the Carnales, the Samedi have worldwide connections.[reference?]

  • The General is the leader of the Sons Of Samedi. His real name is never revealed, but he is of Haitian descent. He is smart, calm, although he gets easily irritated by trouble around him. Unlike other crew leaders, he doesn't have a hideout, but rather drives around in a customized green Hounfor with a personal armory in the back.

He arrived in the U.S. at young age, and he mentioned serving in the army.[reference?]

  • Mr. Sunshine is The General's right-hand man. He controls the Samedi's drug trafficking business. He is a voodoo-priest who is quick to violence, and kills people with his machete.[14]
  • Veteran Child is a stoner lieutenant working for the Sons of Samedi, although he is treated more like a servant. He is former boyfriend of Shaundi and a DJ for 89.0 Generation X who got involved with the Samedi because of the free drugs.[reference?]


Ronin logo

The Ronin are Japanese-styled, their gang color is yellow and they control the gambling and prostitution that occurs in Stilwater. They fill the power void in control of vice crimes created by the fall of the Vice Kings.

The Ronin ride motorbikies and carry Samurai Swords to wield in Melee combat.

  • Shogo Akuji is the leader of the Ronin in Stilwater. He is very immature, treats his enforcer Jyunichi like garbage, and hates tradition and honor. His father, Kazuo, is the Ronin international leader.
  • Kazuo Akuji is the Japanese leader of the Ronin, who arrives in Stilwater after Shogo's failed attempts to destroy the Saints.[16] He is tough and violent, and well known around Japan.[17] His relationship with Shogo is similar to that of William Sharp and Joseph Price, angry at his son about his failure, sending him out to take care of him.
  • Jyunichi is the sole lieutenant and chief enforcer to the Ronin. He is a large, muscular bald man who carries Dual Samurai Swords. He obeys Shogo's every word, until Shogo's father Kazuo takes control. He holds tradition and honor above all else, even his own life.

Ultor Corporation[]

The Ultor logo

Ultor was a clothing company before the fall of the Saints, but has grown during Playa's absence, and have helped develop Stilwater. Headquarters of the group are situated in the Phillips Building, the tallest building in Stilwater.

  • Dane Vogel is an Ultor Executive who helped turn the Saint's Row district into an urban utopia, and plans to do the same to the rest of the city.[18] He has connections with the city council and the Police Department and uses them in favour of the three gangs.[missions?]
  • Jaime is Dane Vogel's secretary. She is never present in person in the game, but has 8 lines which are heard over Vogel's intercom. After Vogel's death, Civilians may randomly say "I'm glad you killed Jaime's boss, that bitch stole my internship".
  • Dex is an ex-Saints member, now Head of Security for Ultor. His voice can be heard during the game[19], but he is only present in person in the Corporate Warfare DLC.


  • Anna is a conservative talk show host, who cares very little for the less fortunate and looks up to Ultor as the best thing that ever happened to the city.[20] She requests Playa's help in taking people out on her Hitman list.[21]
  • Jane Valderamma is a news reporter who interviews various public figures during the game and makes news reports on the radio after each mission. She is unlocked as a Homie after completing completing 50 Muggings.
  • Legal Lee is now Johnny Gat's lawyer.[22] He asks Playa to impersonate an officer for a reality television show.[23]
  • Tobias is now married to Laura[24] and aids Shaundi and the Saints in bringing down the Sons of Samedi's drug trafficking business.[25]
  • Laura is now married to Tobias and plays a part in taking down the Sons of Samedi, after Playa breaks her out of Prison.[24]
  • Luz is a drug trafficker for the Colombians,[26], and gives Playa a list of vehicles to steal for her to give to Manuel.[27]



  • Samson is a bomb expert who supplies Shaundi and Playa with a bomb.[24].
  • Helmers is an overweight pimp who has left his lawn chair and now works on the street corner park bench in order to keep a closer eye on his girls, yet has no idea where they are and Playa offers to find them for him.[29]
  • Vinnie has dropped out of the Loan Shark business after his enforcers Mike and Dan went on to become professional poker players. He is now working as a talent scout in the porn industry, and manages pornstars such as Abby Hamherstein, star of "Bukkake High School 31" and "Bukkake Ninja", and asks Playa to protect his talent during various public appearances from their overzealous fans, "Seeing as porn fans are well, Porn Fans."[30]
  • Mr. Wong's Translator accompanies Wong, despite being shot in the leg by him.[31][28]


  • Lindsey is contacted through Thirteen Thirty Seven internet cafe. He has the appearance of a stereotypical nerd, and prefers to be known as a "Romance Manager" rather than pimp.[32]
  • Krif Jacobs is Shaundi's friend who is an environmental artist, and wants some cars for an installation.[27]
  • Charles Mueller is the director of several films such as "Skeeter's on Fire", "Wedding On Fire", and is currently working on "Banger's On Fire", and asks Playa to star in it.[33]
  • Blake is a Stilwater University student who has a frat house in the Apartments district next to Apollo's.[34] He is one of Shaundi's ex-boyfriends, and gives Playa information regarding the Sons of Samedi's drug labs.[34] He also appears in a cutscene for Trail Blazing.[details?]
  • Mayor Monica Hughes is Richard Hughes widow. After her husband's death, she runs a successful campaign and becomes Stilwater's Mayor. She is angry at Ultor for stealing her husband's legacy and hires Playa to help her get revenge.[35]
  • Archibald Nice appears in a Crowd Control cutscene.[details?]
  • Madam Wu runs a massage parlor/brothel in Imperial Square, which Playa has been frequenting since junior high. When Playa discovers she is closed because she has no girls, he offers to find her some girls.[36]
  • Javier is a homosexual real estate agent.[35]
  • Barry is the Bartender at Tee'N'Ay.[37]
  • Katie is a director's assistant,[38] and is Dex's secretary in the Corporate Warfare DLC.
  • Judge Melmack is the judge assigned to Johnny Gat's murder trial.[39]


  • Nick McGee returns in multiple radio commercials.
  • Darius Masters is a Radio DJ
  • Francine Favre is a Radio DJ
  • Kish is a Radio DJ
  • Sephren Nichols is Investigative Reporter, heard on multiple radio commercials. Has investigated Zombie Lin, The Pyramid and the Feed Dogs. He is also a debunker who has debunked various subjects such as disproving the existence of God using the Big Bang Theory, the existence of Santa Claus by going to the North Pole, global warming, and Zombie Lin. Though he investigates the existence of the Pyramid, he is quick to take Dane Vogel word it doesn't exist. He tries to paint the Feed Dogs as communists.
  • Vlad is an Eastern European man in a radio ad for Ship It, who is bad at marketing.

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