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Characters in Saints Row: The Third



Saints Row: The Third

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This is a summary of named Characters in Saints Row: The Third.

For unnamed characters, see Civilians

3rd Street Saints[]

The 3rd Street Saints have gone from street gang to popular media icon. The Saints are headed by Playa, Johnny Gat, Pierce and Shaundi.

  • Playa - The player character, known as Playa on this wiki, is the leader of the 3rd Street Saints.
  • Johnny Gat is second in command of the Saints and is the earliest member of the Saints who is still in the gang. After the bank heist that goes awry[1], the gang is taken hostage by the Syndicate. Johnny escapes and frees Playa and Shaundi, before attempting to take control of the plane.[2]
  • Shaundi has become more focused on the Saints and her celebrity status in the years since the Saints conquered Stilwater. She has become more determined, and aggressive since the events of Saints Row 2.
  • Pierce has become a celebrity, appearing in an advertisement for Saints Flow[1], and has multiple radio commercials for Planet Saints.[3]
  • Josh Birk[4] is a model and actor, who is working with the 3rd Street Saints as research for the upcoming Saints movie in which he stars as a Saint. Josh Birk accompanies Johnny Gat, Shaundi and Playa during a bank robbery, and sets off a silent alarm.[1]
  • Oleg[4] stands at over eight feet tall[5] and joins the 3rd Street Saints after being freed from the Syndicate.[6]
  • Angel[4] is a luchadore, a Mexican Wrestler, who joins the Saints after Playa helps him against an attack from the Luchadores.[7] In his glory days, he was Killbane's tag-team partner.[8]
  • Kinzie Kensington[4] is a former FBI agent who joined the 3rd Street Saints after Playa frees her from the Deckers.[7] Thanks to her hacking knowledge, she is very useful to the Saints in their fight against the Deckers. While working in the FBI she came close to some sensitive information, that worried the Deckers leader Matt Miller. This caused him to worry and forge some fake situation that got her fired from the FBI.
  • Zimos[9] is a pimp with an autotuned voicebox. He joins the Saints after Playa saves him from the Morningstar.[10]

The Syndicate[]

The Syndicate is a conglomerate of three allied gangs who run Steelport.


The Morningstar is the largest of the three gangs that make up The Syndicate in Steelport, and is run by Phillipe Loren, an older Belgian man with a French accent.

The Morningstar is in charge of two districts in Steelport, Downtown and New Colvin, in which they run a very profitable prostitution ring, among other things.

  • Phillipe Loren[11][12] is the leader of the Morningstar. He is a Belgian man, who is fond of his two co-workers Viola and Kiki. He is intelligent, powerful, and somewhat of a celebrity.
  • Viola DeWynter is lively and passionate, a stark contrast to her often volatile sister Kiki. The pair are second in command of the Morningstar.
  • Kiki DeWynter[4][12] and her sister Viola are second in command of the Morningstar.


The Luchadores are one of the three Syndicate gangs in Steelport and are led by Killbane. The Luchadores are in charge of the Carver Island district, where they run a number of protection rackets, using their brawn.

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The Deckers are the one of the three gangs in Steelport. They specialize in cyber-warfare and are led by Matt Miller.

They are in charge of the Stanfield district, where they own a number of businesses, including a "sinister" fence manufacturer. The gang members are British youths, wearing black clothes with neon blue stripes on them.


The STAG Initiative is a high funded paramilitary unit devoted to eliminating gang warfare.

They are led by Commander Cyrus Temple and are deployed to Steelport by U.S. Senator Monica Hughes following the destruction of the Richard Hughes Memorial Bridge in Stilwater at the hands of Killbane and his Luchadores.


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Gangstas in Space[]

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The Trouble With Clones[]

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