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Playable Character[]

The playable character does not have a name, and is regularly called "Playa" by other characters, so this Wiki uses the name Playa.

Playa's face, body, hair and clothes can be fully customized.

Playa is saved by 3rd Street Saints' kingpin Julius Little and member Troy after getting caught up in the middle of a gang war between three rival gangs. Julius invites Playa back to the Saints Row Church to join the 3rd Street Saints.[1]

Playa speaks only four lines, each occurring during the final mission of each story arc. During cut-scenes, he is always armed with only a VICE9 pistol, while all around him have K6 Krukov's and other heavy weaponry.

3rd Street Saints[]

Troy, Johnny Gat, Julius Little, Lin and Dex Jackson.

The 3rd Street Saints begin as a minor element in Stilwater's current war for territory amongst its major gang factions: the Vice Kings, the Westside Rollerz and Los Carnales. Over the course of gameplay, the Saints become the most powerful organized gang in the city.

  • Julius Little is the leader of the 3rd Street Saints. He recruits Playa during an altercation in Saints Row involving all three of Stilwater's prominent gang figures.[1]
  • Troy is Julius's second-in-command.[1] Troy always seems to make critical information available to the Saints whenever it is time for Playa to make a move against a rival gang.
  • Johnny Gat is a brash, hot-headed Saints lieutenant[2]. After the reclamation of Saints Row, Gat takes on the responsibility of dealing with the Vice Kings after Troy declines the assignment[mission/cutscene?]. Johnny also has a torrid, on again/off again relationship with local R&B diva, Aisha[mission/cutscene?]. Gat's strategies typically involve massive amounts of bloodshed and extensive property damage.[mission/cutscene?]
  • Dex is the voice of reason amongst Little's lieutenants.[2] Dex is a superb tactician. Dex is very sensitive about incorrect grammar when saying "The Los Carnales"[mission/cutscene?].
  • Lin is the sole female lieutenant in the Saints. She is the self-titled "best racer to ever come out of Chinatown"[mission/cutscene?] and her pride and joy is her customized Voxel. Julius Little assigns Lin the task of infiltrating the Westside Rollerz organization in an effort to gain more insight on how the Rollerz operate.[3]

Vice Kings[]

Tanya, Warren, King and Green

The Vice Kings began as an organization formed by Benjamin King in the Sunnyvale Gardens neighborhood of the Projects District, to counterbalance the might of Los Carnales. In present-day Stilwater, the VK's serve as little more than the private security force that serves to safeguard King's personal dynasty.

The VK's came into conflict with the 3rd Street Saints when Tanya Winters resorts to abduction in order to get new "talent" for her Prawn Court brothel and the VK's have the misfortune of unknowingly kidnapping the sister of R&B diva, Aisha.[mission/cutscene?]

  • Benjamin King[4] is the founder of the Vice Kings.[mission/cutscene?] King formed the VK's in order to protect the Projects District from Los Carnales[reference?]. King is a childhood friend of Julius Little and remarks that Julius is following in King's path, even to the point of recycling King's old rally speeches[mission/cutscene?]. Benjamin King formed a financial empire with Kingdom Come Records serving as the crown jewel.
  • Warren Williams is the Chief Operating Officer of Kingdom Come Records, serves as second-in-command to Benjamin King, and also manages the illegal gambling side of the VK business portfolio. Warren is referred to by Johnny Gat as "the numbers guy". One of the stronghold missions suggests that the VK's supplement their income by rigging sporting events.[4]
  • Anthony "Big Tony" Green is the VK's enforcer.[4] Tony is Tanya Winters' primary lover. He is loyal to Benjamin King to a fault, and he appears to be the only VK member that King openly respects.
  • Tanya Winters is a VK lieutenant, her primary responsibility is managing the VK brothel located in Prawn Court.[4] The spark that ignites the conflict between the VK's and the Saints arguably is Tanya's unwitting abduction of the younger sister of R&B diva, Aisha, to serve in her brothel.[5]
  • Levar is a member of the Vice Kings who is killed by Los Carnales members doing a Drive-by, shortly after he sprayed over a Westside Rollerz Gang Tag.[1] Had he not sprayed over the Gang Tag, Playa would not have been caught in the resulting crossfire and may never have joined the Saints.

Los Carnales[]

Luz, Victor, Hector, Angelo and Manuel

Los Carnales (The Brothers) are the stereotypical Latin-American gang, drawing parallels to Latino gangster archaetypes found in movies such as Training Day or Scarface. According to events in the game,[which events?] Los Carnales are the oldest gang in Stilwater and has been controlled by the members of Lopez family for decades.

It is suggested that Benjamin King originally formed the Vice Kings to counter the advances of Los Carnales into the northern sections of Stilwater, especially his hometown Sunnyvale Gardens[6], much like how Julius Little forms the Saints to keep the other gangs out of the Row. There is a running gag where the Saints calls them "The" Los Carnales, which Dex constantly corrects as "Los" is Spanish for "The".

  • Hector Lopez is El Jefe of Los Carnales.[7] Hector runs Los Carnales with an iron fist and depends on the influx of money generated from serving as Stilwater's primary distributor of narcotics to solidify his power base.
  • Angelo Lopez is Hector's younger brother and is co-leader of Los Carnales in name only, since it is readily apparent that Hector calls all of the shots.[7] Angelo comes complete with all of the stereotypical Hispanic male character traits including an over-abundance of machismo and a temper that rivals Johnny Gat's.
  • Victor Rodriguez is an enforcer for Los Carnales.[7] Victor's physical toughness is the stuff of urban legend.[mission/cutscene?] He is said to have survived over a dozen attempts on his life[mission/cutscene?] and his survival of a point-blank gunshot in one cutscene[mission/cutscene?] is not only a testament to his physical resilience, but also suggests that his trademark black leather zippered vest is probably lined with kevlar. He only speaks Spanish through the entire game.
  • Luz Avalos is the materialistic girlfriend of Angelo Lopez.[7] A running joke in the game is that she has an obsession when it comes to shoes. Luz drives a red Eiswolf, with the Los Carnales symbol as a hood ornament.
  • Manuel Orejuela is a representative of Colombian drug lords.[8] Even though he is not a Los Carnales member, they are the only gang in Stilwater that he works with. He seems to have a soft spot for Luz Avalos and takes advantage of Angelo's difficulty in dealing with the Saints to make his move on her.

Westside Rollerz[]

Sharp, Price and Donnie

The Westside Rollerz consist of a cadre of street racers and tuners that supplement their illegal hobbies through dealing in stolen auto parts that they acquire by preying on truck shipments travelling through Stilwater.

  • William Sharp is the mastermind of the Westside Rollerz and provides financial support through his law firm.
  • Joseph Price is Sharp's nephew, and is the field commander of the Westside Rollerz.[9] He is a skilled driver and commands the respect of all of his subordinates.
  • Donnie is the Rollerz chief mechanic and operates a shop in Stilwater's Apartments District. Donnie and Joseph Price appear to be best friends and Price is very protective of Donnie, even shielding Donnie from the insults of Joseph's uncle, William Sharp.[10] Donnie seems to shy away from the more violent activities that the Rollerz take part in, preferring to guarantee that the Rollerz fleet of high-performance street machines are always in tip-top condition.

Mission Characters[]

  • Aisha is a singer who has experienced a meteoric rise that has taken her from the slums of Saints Row to a promising career in the R&B music industry. Aisha is following up her previous hit CD, "Avarice", with another hit CD called "The Other Six". "The Other Six" has already spawned two chart topping tracks: "Leave The Ho" and "Don't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife". Aisha is signed with Kingdom Come Records; a company that serves as the public front for the Vice Kings.
  • Aisha's sister is kidnapped by a Vice King and is brought into a warehouse and locked up with two other women to work at Tanya Winter's brothel.[5]
  • Alderman Richard Hughes is a mayoral candidate in Stilwater and is Marshall Winslow's chief political rival. Hughes is running a potentially unsuccessful campaign against the incumbent candidate and decides to resort to more extreme methods to secure his power. Hughes' plan is to use the Saints' war with rival gangs to scare the citizens of Stilwater into supporting his governmental policies.
  • Marshall Winslow serves as the mayor of Stilwater and is originally from the Saints Row district. Thanks to the aggressive radio campaign launched by political rival, Alderman Richard Hughes, there is a growing opinion of Winslow that he is soft on crime. Despite his current unpopularity, it is suggested that Winslow would still beat Hughes handily if a mayoral election were held immediately.
  • Samson is the Saints local mechanic. At numerous[reference?] points in the game, Samson helps install explosives on various vehicles, though in those cases he is usually only mentioned or we just hear his voice.[11] He also hires Playa for the Vice Kings Chop Shop Activity, which is the only time he is physically seen.
  • Steven is Alderman Hughes' personal assistant and bodyguard.[14]


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  • Marvin is a Drug Dealer who believed he had the best product in Stilwater and hired Playa to protect him from other dealers, who are angry at him for stealing junkies. He is only available as a Homie during his Drug Trafficking missions, and is not unlocked afterwards.[18]
  • Tobias is a Drug Dealer in the Factories District, who had a "business disagreement" with his associate, Billy, and needs Playa to take Billy's place while he delivers his product. He is only available as a Homie during his Drug Trafficking missions, and is not unlocked afterwards.[19]

Activity Cutscenes[]

  • Billy was an associate of Tobias who helped in traffic drugs. He was killed by Tobias when Tobias discovered Billy was skimming off the top and stealing his drugs supply.[19]
  • The Garry Brothers are drivers in the Demolition Derby inside of the Ultor Dome. When Playa wanders into the arena, the first brother yells at Playa about getting hurt, only for the second brother to knock him away and then suggest that Playa join in.[23]
  • Helmers is a redneck who lives in a trailer in the Arena District. He pays Playa if Playa can bring his girls back to his trailer.[24]
  • Jenna is the owner of Technically Legal, and keeps a black book of celebrities who come to her when they want companionship and privacy. She needs a driver, so she hires Playa.[27]
  • Lorenzo is caught looking at a pin-up of a man in his underwear by Playa, so he tells him about some races he knows about in order to change the subject.[31]
  • Marcel is met in the Sea Roses bar in the Projects District that employs Playa to eliminate potential witnesses scheduled to testify against one of Marcel's friends in an upcoming court case.[32]
  • Mary is a divorced woman, and owner of the $tock$ nightclub. Her husband, Nathaniel, ran off with her sister. He owed her thousands of dollars in alimony and Mary intended to collect, so she asks Playa to destroy as many of Nathaniel's holdings as possible until Nathaniel pays up.[33]
  • Miguel is a paraplegic Latino man who runs a garage. He and his girlfriend Jen hire Playa to steal vehicles for them, as Miguel still knows about the business even if he can no longer steal the cars himself.[26]
  • Peggy is a prostitute, the first ever to work in Will's brothel.[17]
  • Reno owns Glitz, a Night Club in the Suburbs District. He has learned that the cops are raiding his place tonight, and in order to buy himself some time to move his product, he hires Playa to wreak havoc upon Stilwater to keep the police distracted.[37]
  • Rico Martinez is the owner of a nightclub called On Track in the Barrio District. Since he became rich, a lot of people suddenly want to be his friend and get favors. He's okay with this, as long as they hold up their end of the bargain. If they don't, he sends Playa to cause Mayhem to show them who's boss.[38]
  • Sam is the new owner of a trucking company. After being unable to get a job trucking due to discrimination, he decided to open his own company and put them out of business. To do this, he enlists Playa help in Hijacking some of their shipments.[39]
  • Ty needs a replacement racer after one of his last racers accidentally killed a kid while taking a turn and then disappeared. He recruits Playa.[41]
  • Vikki is a former prostitute who owns Madame Vikki's Hotel, one of the brothels in the Red Light District. She pays Playa to Snatch hookers from the Vice Kings pimps and return them to her brothel.[42]
    • When Will is a Homie, he mentions that Vikki is his cousin.
  • Vinnie gives out loans at First Born Loans, but if the money isn't paid back in time, Mike and Dan come to personally collect it.[43]


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