Channel 6 is a television network in Stilwater and Steelport.

Channel 6 news banner


Channel 6 is mostly known for the network's news program, with Anchor and on-site reporter Jane Valderamma.

In Saints Row, Newscasts are reported by Jack Armstrong, who does not mention Channel 6. The only reference to a channel 6 in the game is an Anchor bearing the logo "6 Extreme".[1]

In Saints Row 2, Jane Valderamma voices the newscasts, and explicitly mentions "Channel 6 news" at the end of each one. During Appointed Defender, Jane's television newscast contains a "Channel 6 Extreme news" logo[2], although still calls it "Channel 6 news" during the broadcast. The News6 Anchor features the same "6 Extreme" logo as in Saints Row.[3]

In Saints Row: The Third, Jane Valderamma voices the newscasts, but does not mention Channel 6.

The Protagonist's most direct involvement with the station occurs in Saints Row 2 in the course of the Ultor Exposed DLC, in which The Protagonist and ex-Ultor micro-biologist Tera try to convince Jane Valderamma to run a story meant to cause public outcry against the company.



  • Jane Valderamma - On-site Reporter, reports on the radio in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third
  • Jack Armstrong - Newsreader reports on the radio in Saints Row and mentioned in Saints Row 2 by Jane
  • Mike McCabe - Flying officer, mentioned in advertisements
  • Max Storm - Weather, mentioned in advertisements
  • Abe Howers - Sports, mentioned in advertisements
  • Anna - Talk-show host, seen in introductory cutscene, interviewing Dane Vogel about the city of Stilwater

Other Media CompaniesEdit

While Channel 6 appears to be a major network with a presence in both Stilwater and Steelport, there are other minor television stations and newspapers.


Stilwater University Network on-screen logo


Newsstand d


  • Po Street Journal is a newspaper on newsstands and costs 75c. Named after the Wall Street Journal.
  • Sunny Herald is a newspaper on newsstands and costs 50c, with the slogan Have a sunny day. The current headline is Bomb Blast.
  • Daily Sports News is a newspaper on newsstands which costs 75c. Their slogan is "#1 in Sports".
  • Daily Omen is a newspaper on newsstands which costs 50c. The current headline is The end is near.
  • Volition Monitor is a newspaper on newsstands. The current headline is Local Gangs vandalize.
  • The Daily Sky is a newspaper which costs 50c, with the slogan The newspaper that never stops, ever., and the current headline in Saints Row 2 is "Tree-mendous tree faces the chop".
  • Stilwater Gazette - mission completion newspaper clippings
  • Ultor Times - mission completion newspaper clippings


Kaneda - unlock magazine

An issue of Boost

  • Stilwater Surplus is a magazine that appears to be about weapons, which appears on the unlock screen for weapons.
  • Boost is a car magazine, which appears on the unlock screen for some vehicles.
  • Rimz, or possibly (O-Rimz) is another car magazine, which also appears on the unlock screen for some vehicles.
  • Volition Comics publish the Gangstas in Space and Nyte Blayde comics in Saints Row: The Third.



  • The network Channel 6 is set to channel 18 on the TV in the introductory cutscene.[5]
  • When Jane Valderamma is called as a homie, the Anchor she arrives in may have the logo of any network, even though she works for Channel 6 News.
  • The Channel 6 theme music is the same as the ITN short broadcasts theme music, which are broadcast at various times on Saturdays and Sundays in the UK. The regular ITN weekday broadcasts each have their own theme music
  • In real life, Jack Armstrong is a radio DJ who has been active since the 80s, first in Kansas, and then in California.
  • Jack Armstrong's voice actor does not return in Saints Row 2.[6]
  • The Anna show is a parody of both Martha Stewart and the Oprah Winfrey Show, and airs before Red Planet, Red Passion.
  • The music in the advert for Red Planet, Red Passion is Fates, composed by Gregor F. Narholz.
  • Anna's interview with Dane Vogel can be seen looping on various monitors in Saints Row: The Third.
  • The main character in Red Planet, Red Passion is named Parker. This is the same name as the protagonist in the game Red Faction, also produced by Volition, Inc.
  • The Channel 6 slogan is "Delivering death and destruction 24/7".
  • Even though Channel 6 is absent from Saints Row IV, there are Anchors bearing "6 Extreme" logos.



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