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Challenges are group of Diversions in Saints Row IV.


There are 66 Challenges in Saints Row IV, as well as 2 disabled challenges. There are 26 unlockables related to Challenges.

Completing each Challenge earns 500 XP and 1500 Cache, with 10 times that awarded for completing all of them.


Name Goal Description Category
Complete One Other Challenge 1 Might as well have fun with everything in the simulation, and earn a great new toy to boot!
Unlockable: Weapon - Abduct-O-Matic
Arc Lightning Hits 10 Shocking one enemy is good. Seeing them share with each other is the real goal. How many can you arc the lightning to? Elements
Enemies Mind-Controlled 10 It's watching them fight your enemies for you that really makes it wonderful. Elements
Fire Element Ignitions 10 Sure you can burn your enemies the old fashioned way. But it's the personal touch that counts. Elements
Freeze Shatters 100 Only one thing to ask when you shatter your frozen enemies: Why you gotta be so cold? Elements
Gravity Float Kills 10 What could be more fun than killing helpless Zin as they float in midair? Elements
Alien High Notoriety Time 20 Minutes Poke aliens with a stick. Or just shoot them. Either way, keep them good and mad. Amusing
Aliens Taunted 50 Expose your new alien friends to the particulars of human cultural expression. Amusing
Audio Logs Collected 39 Hidden in virtual Steelport are audio logs collected from many Saints and sinners. Find and listen to them all. Amusing
Aliens Super-Kicked 10 How many aliens can YOU punt? Superpowers
Ground Stomp Stuns 75 These boots are made for stompin', and that's just what they'll do. Stomp a bunch of Zin with these stomping boots, won't you? Elements
Health Stolen 10 It's like taking candy from a baby, really. Except that Zin life-force tastes disgusting. Elements
Shrunken Enemies Squished 10 Ever enjoy the feeling of mud between your toes? Zin don't feel anything like that. Elements
Distance Travelled In Alien Vehicle 762000 Meters
45720 Meters[1]
Nothing beats cruising Virtual Steelport in a sweet alien ride. Amusing
Distance Travelled In Mech Suit 4 Miles It's the only way to travel. Amusing
Bounce Rifle Kills 250 Killing with bank shots is fun! Remember, only Zin kills count. NewWeapons
Dubstep Gun Kills 250 Pump up the volume, drop the bass a few times, and drop some Zin while you're at it. NewWeapons
Targets Abducted 150 You call the UFO down, the UFO sucks the enemies up. Where do they go? Who cares! NewWeapons
Targets Blackholed 250 Black holes suck. See how many aliens you can... suck. NewWeapons
Enemies Disintegrated 100 Science Factoid: Technically, the Disintegrator doesn't obliterate people. It breaks people into their component molecules ? then obliterates those molecules. Obliterate some Zin molecules. NewWeapons
Inflato-Ray Kills 50 All around the simulation, the President chased the Zin goons. The President thought it was all in fun. Pop! go the Zin goons! NewWeapons
Mech Suit Kills 250 Lay down some heavy-metal hurt on the aliens. NewWeapons
Tentacle Bat Beatdowns 30 Killing aliens with tentacles. Now that's irony! NewWeapons
Destroy Alien Vehicles 100 There's one universal constant you can always count on: things blow up. Kills
Death From Above Kills 100 DFA a hundred Zin. Just remember... if you're going commando, they can see it all. Superpowers
Distance Super Sprinted 25 Miles Run! Run like the wind! Superpowers
Superpowered Beatdowns 10 Sometimes you really just want the personal touch. Personally touch some of the aliens, would you? Superpowers
Super Jump Air Time 1800 Seconds Get some serious hangtime while superleaping. Superpowers
Telekinetic Catches 30
5[Reference needed]
Catch a warden's thrown objects with THE AWESOME POWER OF YOUR MIND!!! Superpowers
Telekinesis Kills 30 Kill some Zin with Telekinesis. It's fun and educational! Ok, it's not educational but it's definitely fun! Superpowers
Throw People With Telekinesis 100 Grab an enemy. Throw an enemy. Simple, effective, and oh, so satisfying. Superpowers
Vehicles Super-Kicked 10 Usually I just break my toe. How's it work for you? Superpowers
Text Adventure Collected 8 Can you beat the entire game-within-the-game? That's the game-within-the-game-within... Amusing
Time Spent With Homies 120 Minutes Spend time with homies recruited into your crew. Questioning their fashion choices is optional. Amusing
Zinyak Statues Destroyed 36 It's the next-best thing to actually punching him in the face. Amusing
Destroy C.I.D.S 100 C.I.D.? Kinzie says it stands for Control and Interface Device. So long as it gets blown to bits when it tries to protect the aliens. Kills
Destroy Murderbots 60 Make those robot scum go crunch. Mine-thrower or Laser-Minigun—which is your favorite flavor? Kills
Destroy Portals 30 They just keep coming... at least until you blow up their portal and send them back to where-ever they came from. Kills
Kill Aliens 1000 Travel to interesting places. Meet new species. And kill them. Kills
Kill Wardens 30 The bigger they are, the harder they explode into data-bits when you annihilate them. Kills
Complete Six Other Challenges 6 The simulation respects a Saint who knows how to do things.

Unlockable: Bonus - XP

Complete 12 Other Challenges 12 Master a few more aspects of the simulation and you can dress sharp all the cheaper.
Unlockable: Clothing Store Discount
Complete 19 Other Challenges 19 Sometimes Wardens and Command C.I.D.s are more work than you want. Master the simulation further to end enemy responses in their tracks!
Unlockable: Notoriety Wipe - All
Complete 27 Other Challenges 27 Master the simulation further to make entertaining yourself with high-end wheels more affordable.
Unlockable: Discount - Vehicles
Complete 36 Other Challenges 36 Even more domination of virtual Steelport will give you more control over the Weapon stores. All the guns!
Unlockable: Discount - Weapons
Complete 46 Other Challenges 46 You're nearly there! While you finish mastering the simulation, use weapons of gold.
Unlockable: Golden Weapon Costumes: Tyrant, Bounce Rifle, Abduct-o-matic, Disintegrator
Complete 57 Other Challenges 57 Master enough of the simulation, and you can grant superpowers even to your AI Saints!
Unlockable: Homie - Super Backup
Complete All Other Challenges 65 Total mastery of all aspects of the simulation will let you take strength directly from other virtual life! Challenges
Blazin' Silver Medals 9 Earn all of the Blazin' Silver Medals to gain immunity to fire.

Unlockable: Damage - Fire 4

Blazin' Gold Medals 9 Earn all the Blazin' Gold Medals to unlock the Flame weapon skins.

Unlockable: Golden Weapon Costumes: Z9 Handcannon, Xenoblaster, Thumpgun, Dominator.

Genki's M.O.M. Silver Medals 3 Earn all of the Genki's Mind Over Murder Silver Medals to unlock the ability to catch thrown objects... with your mind.
Unlockable: Telekinesis - Catch
Genki's M.O.M. Gold Medals 3 Earn all of the Genki's Mind Over Murder Gold Medals to unlock the Genki weapon skins.
Unlockable: Genki Weapon Costumes: Homer, Kardak Lasershot
Insurance Fraud Silver Medals 4 Earn all of the Insurance Fraud Silver Medals to resist being knocked down by explosions.
Unlockable: Explosions - No Ragdoll
Insurance Fraud Gold Medals 4 Earn all of the Insurance Fraud Gold Medals to resist being knocked down by vehicles.
Unlockable: Immovable Object
On-Foot Mayhem Silver Medals 7 Earn all of the On-Foot Mayhem Silver Medals to unlock more ammo reserves.
Unlockable: Gateway Cache Ammo
On-Foot Mayhem Gold Medals 7 Earn all of the On-Foot Mayhem Gold Medals to unlock even more ammo reserves.
Unlockable: Gateway Cache Ammo 2
Super-Powered Fight Club Silver Medals 3 Earn all of the Super-Powered Fight Club Silver Medals to call the Genki Girls for support.
Unlockable: Homie - Genki Backup
Super-Powered Fight Club Gold Medals 3 Earn all of the Super-Powered Fight Club Gold Medals to unlock "Passive Aggressive" for your Buff power.
Unlockable: Buff - Passive Aggressive
Vehicular Mayhem Silver Medals 6 Earn all of the Vehicular Mayhem Silver Medals to unlock Monster Trucks.
Unlockable: Vehicle - Monster Trucks
Vehicular Mayhem Gold Medals 6 Earn all of the Vehicular Mayhem Gold Medals to reveal more parked Alien Vehicles in virtual Steelport.
Unlockable: Vehicle - Saints Xor
Platforming Rift Silver Medals 3 Earn all of the Platforming Rift Silver Medals to jump further and faster.
Unlockable: Jump - Distance
Platforming Rift Gold Medals 3 Earn all of the Platforming Rift Gold Medals to unlock the ability to slow your Glide for greater distance.
Unlockable: Glide - Distance
Speed Rift Silver Medals 3 Earn all of the Speed Rift Silver Medals to run on water.
Unlockable: Sprint - Water Running
Speed Rift Gold Medals 3 Earn all of the Speed Rift Gold Medals to unlock Sprint Haste and reach top speed even faster.
Unlockable: Sprint - Haste
Tk Rift Silver Medals 2 Earn all of the Telekinesis Rift Silver Medals to power up your Telekinesis abilities.
Unlockable: Telekinesis - Power Up
Tk Rift Gold Medals 2 Earn all of the Telekinesis Rift Gold Medals to unlock even greater Telekinesis Power.
Unlockable: Telekinesis - Power Up 2
Listened To Zinyak Radio Station 60 Minutes Voted "Most Painful Challenge to Complete" by Saints everywhere. Disabled
Damage Blocked With Shield 2500 Block their shots with your sprint-shield. Disabled


  • All Challenges involving killing enemies with specific Super Power or weapon can be completed during Virus Injection in south-west Sunset Park because of high amount of enemies required to kill (101). After the number is around 90, cancel Diversion and restart again to complete Challenges. Another way to complete these Challenges is during Fight Club Activity in Loren Square (only with Super Powers). During 2nd round high rate of Vice Kings spawn and they can be killed easily.
  • "Distance Super Sprinted" Challenge can be completed during any Speed Rift or Blazin Activities.
  • "Mech Suit Kills" and "Distance Travelled in Mech Suit" Challenges can be completed during Hard instance of Mech Suit Mayhem by replaying it as many times as needed.
  • "Destroy Alien Vehicles" Challenge can be completed before "Hot and Cold" to prevent Warden from spawning by using either an aircraft or a Destructor and destroying as many vehicles as needed.
  • "Destroy C.I.D.s", "Destroy Murderbots" and "Destroy Portals" Challenges can be completed during "Grand Finale Part Four" by destroying as many as needed.
  • "Distance Travelled in Alien Vehicle" Challenge can be completed during "The Real World". Because The Ship is faster during the mission, completing the Challenge is easier. The mission can be failed as many times as needed to complete it.
  • "Time Spent with Homies" Challenge can be completed during "Zero Saints Thirty" by waiting 2 hours. It is also the first Challenge that can be completed.
  • "Targets Blackholed" Challenge can be completed before unlocking the Black Hole Launcher by activating Mayhem Activity in Loren Square, then going to Sierra Point and killing as many soldiers as required for the Challenge.


  • The Challenge data files refer to the Zin as Luchadores.
  • "Super Jump Air Time" counts any time in the air, including jumping out of an aircraft without gliding.
  • All 59 challenges were first shown on-screen on 2013-07-21 in a twitch video taken at comic-con.[2][3]


Challenge 01 Complete One Other Challenge

Challenge 02 Complete Six Other Challenges

Challenge 03 Complete 12 Other Challenges

Challenge 04 Complete 19 Other Challenges

Challenge 05 Complete 27 Other Challenges

Challenge 06 Complete 36 Other Challenges

Challenge 07 Complete 46 Other Challenges

Challenge 08 Complete 57 Other Challenges

Challenge 09 Complete All Other Challenges

Challenge 10 Blazin' Silver Medals

Challenge 11 Blazin' Gold Medals

Challenge 12 Genki's M.O.M. Silver Medals

Challenge 13 Genki's M.O.M. Gold Medals

Challenge 14 Insurance Fraud Silver Medals

Challenge 15 Insurance Fraud Gold Medals

Challenge 16 On-Foot Mayhem Silver Medals

Challenge 17 On-Foot Mayhem Gold Medals

Challenge 18 Super-Powered Fight Club Silver Medals

Challenge 19 Super-Powered Fight Club Gold Medals

Challenge 20 Vehicular Mayhem Silver Medals

Challenge 21 Vehicular Mayhem Gold Medals

Challenge 22 Platforming Rift Silver Medals

Challenge 23 Platforming Rift Gold Medals

Challenge 24 Speed Rift Silver Medals

Challenge 25 Speed Rift Gold Medals

Challenge 26 TK Rift Silver Medals

Challenge 27 TK Rift Gold Medals

Challenge 28 Aliens Super-Kicked

Challenge 29 Death From Above Kills

Challenge 30 Distance Super Sprinted

Challenge 31 Superpowered Beatdowns

Challenge 32 Super Jump Air Time

Challenge 33 Telekinetic Catches

Challenge 34 Telekinesis Kills

Challenge 35 Throw People With Telekinesis

Challenge 36 Vehicles Super-Kicked

Challenge 37 Arc Lightning Hits

Challenge 38 Enemies Mind-Controlled

Challenge 39 Fire Element Ignitions

Challenge 40 Freeze Shatters

Challenge 41 Gravity Float Kills

Challenge 42 Ground Stomp Stuns

Challenge 43 Health Stolen

Challenge 44 Shrunken Enemies Squished

Challenge 45 Bounce Rifle Kills

Challenge 46 Dubstep Gun Kills

Challenge 47 Targets Abducted

Challenge 48 Targets Blackholed

Challenge 49 Enemies Disintegrated

Challenge 50 Inflato-Ray Kills

Challenge 51 Mech Suit Kills

Challenge 52 Tentacle Bat Beatdowns

Challenge 53 Destroy Alien Vehicles

Challenge 54 Destroy CIDs

Challenge 55 Destroy Murderbots

Challenge 56 Destroy Portals

Challenge 57 Kill Aliens

Challenge 58 Kill Wardens

Challenge 59 Alien High Notoriety Time

Challenge 60 Aliens Taunted

Challenge 61 Audio Logs Collected

Challenge 62 Distance Travelled In Alien Vehicle

Challenge 63 Distance Travelled In Mech Suit

Challenge 64 Text Adventures Collected

Challenge 65 Time Spent With Homies

Challenge 66 Zinyak Statues Destroyed