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Challenges in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Activities and Diversions


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

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Challenges in Saints Row IV None

Challenges are group of Diversions in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


There are 102 Challenges in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]

Completing each Challenge earns Wages and XP. Some Challenges have additional unlockables.


Unless otherwise noted, each Challenge earns Wages symbol.png8,500 and 250 XP.

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Image Name Goal Description Rewards


SRG Challenge gold.png Gold Medals in Hellblazing[2] 8
Get a gold medal in all the Hellblazing Activities.
— Dane

SRG Challenge gold.png Gold Medals in Torment Fraud[3] 3
Blast past the top level in Torment Fraud.
— Dane

SRG Challenge gold.png Gold Medals in Mayhem[4] 3
Prove you're the best in Mayhem.
— Dane

SRG Challenge gold.png Gold Medals in Salvation[5] 3
Think you can get a gold medal in all instances of Salvation?
— Dane

SRG Challenge gold.png Gold Medals in All[6] 17
Earn a Gold Medal for all instances of each Activity.
— Dane

Wages symbol.png41,500
1200 XP


SRG Challenge marshal ground.png Convert Marshalling Grounds[7] 5
Convert each of the Marshalling Grounds to show Satan who's really in charge here!
— Dane

Wages symbol.png41,500
1200 XP
Tower - Secret Chamber
SRG Challenge extraction.png Control all Extraction Facilities[8] 4
Take control of all the extraction facilities for me. I mean, for you. Us. Whatever.
— Dane

Wages symbol.png21,000
450 XP
SRG Challenge kill demons.png Complete all Survival Diversions[9] 13
Make it through all rounds of Survival to show Satan just how badass you are.
— Dane

SRG Challenge stunt.png Rampage Crushes[10] 100
You know what the Sinterpol Predeceptor[sic] is GREAT for? Running over smaller vehicles.
— Dane

SRG Challenge rambulance.png Rambulance Kills[11] 200
Run the Rambulance over a bunch of cowering husks, would ya? We need to get those bums off the street.
— Dane

SRG Challenge altars.png Complete Altars[12] 8
Power up Ancient Altars so I can stop getting my office desk so bloody. Ha, I'm a funny guy.
— Dane

SRG Challenge balls of fire.png Balls of Fire[13] 9842 Feet
How long you think you can survive in a P.O.S. Comet? I'd be interested in finding out.
— Dane

SRG Challenge flying.png Find Barnstorming Locations[14] 75
I'm not much of a flyer myself, but you can be if you find a majority of the Barnstorming locations.
— Dane

Arcane Powers[]

SRG Challenge takedowns.png Testicular Manslaughter[15] 10
It's fair to assume that the reaction demons employ when punched in the junk indicates their anatomy is similar to humans.
— Dane

SRG Challenge powers.png Distance Super Sprinted[16] 25 Miles
Run! Run like the wind!
— Dane

SRG Challenge takedowns.png Halopowered Beatdowns[17] 50
There are beatdowns, and then there are beatdowns powered by GOD!
— Dane

SRG Challenge flying.png Flight Time[18] 30 Minutes
You can only see so much of a Hell from the street. Want the best view? Then you gotta stretch your wings.
— Dane

SRG Challenge aura.png Worship Aura Targets[19] 200
Drive your enemies to their knees! The best kind of worship is always forced.
— Vlad


SRG Challenge lightning.png Energy Caster Lightning Arcs[20] 500
Build up a chain of lightning and watch those demons dance! Ha! I love that! (Required Ultimate Upgrade)
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill croak.png Lil' Croaker Tongued Targets[21] 100
Is rain of frogs a Biblical thing? Huh. I thought it was from that movie. Either way, use 'em if you got 'em. (Requires Ultimate Upgrade)
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill sniper.png Umbral Rifle Scoped Kills[22] 50
A scope lets you see your victim up close and personal. You can see their heads pop!
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill impaler.png Damned Impaler Knockbacks[23] 75
Upgrade your impaler to Ultimate. Trust me. (Requires Ultimate Upgrade)
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill swarm.png Exodus 10 Swarm Kills[24] 100
You ever see a demon eaten alive by ravenous insects? It's pretty great.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill belch.png Brimstone Belcher Acid Kills[25] 100
Crank up your brimstone attack and those demons will be choking on acid. (Required Ultimate Upgrade)
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill sloth.png Armchair-A-Geddon Missile Kills[26] 100
When in doubt, missile the crap out of some bad guys.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill hammer.png Gods Hammer Smite Kills[27] 100
Set your Smite power to ultimate and lay some smack down on these fools. (Required Ultimate Upgrade)
— Dane

SRG Challenge takedowns.png One Hit Kills[28] 100
Take out somebody in one hit to show Satan that he's got nothing on you, pal.
— Dane

SRG Challenge takedowns.png Headshot Kills[29] 30
How many headshots you figure you can rack up anyway?
— Dane

SRG Challenge takedowns.png Explosive Kills[30] 100
You blow up enough demons and I bet you'll get Satan's attention.
— Dane

SRG Challenge 7 upgrade.png Seven Deadly Weapons[31] 7
Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Deadly Weapons. I feel like they're connected somehow. Find them all and let's see.
— Dane

Wages symbol.png33,500
1000 XP
SRG Challenge weap upgrade.png Fully Upgrade All Weapons 20
I bet if you upgrade every weapon, Satan's blood pressure will go through the roof.
— Dane

Wages symbol.png17,000
500 XP


SRG Challenge kill dem veh.png Destroy Demon Vehicles[32] 100
There's one universal constant you can always count on: things blow up.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem inciter.png Kill Dark Inciters[33] 100
Summon demons hiding behind arcane runes. You know what I always say, "Geek the mage."
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill demons.png Kill Demons[34] 1000
Hell is a chock-full of red-skinned demons to murder. Best part? They all deserve it!
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem archduke.png Kill Archdukes[35] 10
Archdukes control the Marshalling Grounds. They're Satan's favorites. Killing them will fill that rage meter right up.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem grenadier.png Kill Grenadiers[36] 50
Take out enough grenadiers and Stan will have to take notice, right?
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem shadow.png Kill Shadow Demons[37] 50
Those teleporting Shadow Demons are a real pain, huh? I bet you just want to kill a whole bunch of them, don't you?
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem imp.png Kill Imps[38] 100
Imps are great if they're on your side. If they're not? Murder them like there's no tomorrow.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem legion.png Kill Legionnaires[39] 30
Legionnaires have got to go. Take out as many as you can.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem bro.png Kill Bro Demons[40] 100
Something about the Bro Demons reminds me of my old fraternity. Good times. Anyway, don't let that stop you from turning them into paste.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem tragedy.png Kill Tragedy Demons[41] 100
Unleash some massive hate on the Tragedy Demons over in the Den. They have it coming.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill dem tank.png Destroy Sinterpol Tanks[42] 40
Satan's tanks are such pains in my ass. But destroying them is good for business. Get to it.
— Dane


SRG Challenge challenge.png Complete Your First Challenge[43] 1
I got good money that says that you can do at least this many. Metaphorically, that is. I'm not betting real money here.
— Dane

Wages symbol.png1,500
250 XP
SRG Challenge challenge.png Complete All Challenges 101
Do everything and you'll prove yourself a pretty great King of Hell. I'd vote for you. If Hell was a democracy, that is.
— Dane

Wages symbol.png15,000
5000 XP
SRG Challenge hood.png 100% Takeover - Forge 17
It's a land war, my friend. Take over every square inch of Forge to get Satan to squirm.
— Dane

SRG Challenge kill demons.png Demon High Notoriety Time[44] 20 Minutes
Poke demons with a stick. Or just bless them with sneezing. Either way, keep them good and mad.
— Dane

SRG Challenge stunt.png Distance Traveled in Vehicle[45] 150000 Feet
Most of Hell's modes of transportation are literally marketed as flaming death traps.
— Dane