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Zombie Uprising, FUZZ


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Saints Row 2
Saints Row: Total Control

The Chainsaw is a melee weapon in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: Total Control.

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Not to be confused with Woodsman

Overview[edit | edit source]

It is a diamond tipped logging saw perfect for cutting through wood or bone.[1] Although this brutal killing tool can result in quite a mess, it is thought by Ultor Labs to be the most effective close quarters weapon in Stilwater.[1]

It is one of many melee weapons available in Zombie Uprising, and is unlocked in the Weapons Cache after completing Crowd Control in the Stilwater Boardwalk neighborhood of the Hotels & Marina District.

The Chainsaw is displayed inside Brass Knuckles, but is not available for purchase.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cheat for this weapon is #927.
  • This is the most damaging melee weapon in the game.
  • This weapon is the most time consuming, since there is a scripted attack sequence when the chainsaw makes contact with someone.
  • Homies and Pimps do not pick up the Chainsaw when dropped, though it is used by enemies during FUZZ.
  • When killing someone with a Chainsaw and switching to another weapon, Playa performs a melee attack.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Chainsaw - Saints Row 2 promo

The chainsaw from Saints Row 2 viewed in a model viewer

A promotional image of the Saints Row 2 chainsaw

Unlock image in Saints Row 2

Chainsaw in the Weapons Cache

The Chainsaw in action

Chainsaw in Saints Row: Total Control

Gold Chainsaw in Saints Row: Total Control

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