This category is for the 36 Missions which appear in Saints Row.

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  3rd Street Saints

Back to Basics
Hail to the Chief
Saints and Martyrs
Stuffing the Ballot

  Los Carnales

Crack Down
Homeland Security
House Call
McManus Says Hello
Meeting Orejuela
Possession with Intent
Strength in Numbers
The Missing Shipment
Trojan Horse
What Goes Up...

  Vice Kings

...To Kingdom Come
3rd Street Vice Kings
Aisha's Favor
All the King's Men
Always Use Protection
Best Laid Plans...
For King and Country
Green With Envy
Round Peg, Square Hole
The King and I

  Westside Rollerz

Burying Evidence
Escort Service
Guardian Angel (Mission)
No Time to Mourn
One Step Ahead
Samson's Surprise
Semi-Charmed Life
Stacking the Deck

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