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Carlos headshot from Jailbreak in Saints Row 2
Carlos in Saints Row 2
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Saints Row 2
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Carlos Mendoza






Older brother[3]


3rd Street Saints






Loan Sharking[2]

Carlos Mendoza is a character in Saints Row 2.


Saints Row 2Edit

Carlos is an inmate at the Stilwater Penitentiary. He had a brother who was a member of the Saints and who told him about Playa, who had been blown up[4], put into a coma, and remained in the Penitentiary Hospital Ward for five years.[5]

After hearing that Playa has awoken, he gets himself stabbed on purpose and taken into the infirmary. After an exchange of words, he convinces Playa to escape with him.[6] They break out of the infirmary after killing the doctor[7] and the guards who stood in their way, and then escape the prison island on a boat.[8]

After their escape, Playa chooses to recruit Carlos as a lieutenant. Carlos willingly accepts this, but asks a favor: he wants Playa to steal a Reaper hearse off a guy called Ramon who owes him money.[2]

After stealing the car, Carlos is assigned to deal with the Brotherhood led by Maero.[9] Carlos isn't as skilled at retrieving information as Shaundi or Pierce, but Playa, who has taken a liking to Carlos, assures him that they "will make him a banger, even if it kills me."[1]

After poisoning Maero's tattoo ink with radioactive waste,[1] Carlos is kidnapped by the Brotherhood on the orders of Jessica, chained to a truck's trailer hitch, and dragged through the docks.[10] Playa kills the Brotherhood members driving the truck dragging Carlos, but couldn't arrive in time, as Carlos was badly injured being dragged at high speed. Seeing as there is no way to release him from the chain, Carlos nods at Playa to put him out of his misery, and they do so by shooting him in the head.[10]

Zombie CarlosEdit

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Main Article: Zombie Carlos

After the mission "Red Asphalt", calling "Eye for an Eye" Voodoo supplies unlocks Zombie Carlos as a Homie.

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

Carlos appears along side Lin, Oleg, and Josh in heaven playing volleyball with Johnny, Kinzie, Kiki, Viola, and Dane in a still image in the Shawarma cutscene.[11]


  • Carlos only appears in prologue and The Brotherhood missions, due to the order of missions being optional.
  • The in-game newspaper for the "Red Asphalt" mission, mentions a deceased person named Hector[12]; this is a reference to Hector, the Trojan Prince of the Greek myth of the Iliad, where Hector's corpse is dragged around behind a chariot for days.
  • Carlos usually puts his head down in shame, due to the fact that he has poor self esteem.
  • There is an inaccessible store in-game named "Carlos Cleaning".[where?]
  • If the generic Saints members are taunted by Playa, they may respond by blaming them for Carlos' death.
  • In the manual, Carlos is depicted punching a Samedi shirtless and not wearing his skullcap.
  • One interpretation of the mission "Red Asphalt" states that Playa betrays Carlos during the ending cutscene, whereas in reality they are performing a Mercy killing.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, he is mentioned by Viola DeWynter, saying "Yeah, a coma and three friends dead... it really worked out for you".[13] Kia later uses Carlos' and others deaths to taunt Playa.[14]
  • In Saints Row: The Third, Carlos has an article written about him in the hidden content magazine "Boy Toy".[15][16] While the article summary is difficult to read, the best guess is that he has some sort of influence on fashion.
  • There is a character in the game Command and Conquer: Renegade whose name is also Carlos Mendoza.
  • It is said during an interview[17] with one of the developers of the Saints Row series that one of the reasons choices were added to Saints Row: The Third was because they regretted having Playa perform a mercy killing on Carlos, instead of allowing him to live.
  • Out of all of the Saints Row 2 lieutenants, Carlos appears in the least amount of missions, due to dying so early in The Brotherhood storyline.
  • When Pierce is a recruited as a homie in Saints Row 2, he sometimes says "pretty messed up what happened to Carlos", making him the only lieutenant in the game to acknowledge Carlos' death.
  • Carlos Ramón Mendoza is the name of a professional baseball player. Ramon is the name of the person who owes Carlos money.[2] Additionally, Carlos somewhat resembles musician Daddy Yankee, whose name is also Ramon.
  • His last name is only mentioned 3 times in the game, the first by Jane Valderamma in a newscast, and the second two in Newspaper Clipboard text.
  • His birth year is listed as 1981, year of death is listed as 2007.[18]
  • Carlos' death is similar to the murder of James Byrd, Jr., who was chained to the back of a truck and dragged to death in Jasper, Texas in 1998.
  • Carlos shares the same last name as the voice actor of Male Voice 3 (Saints Row 2), Alex Mendoza.
  • Carlos and his death are mentioned in Johnny, Pierce and Maero's audio logs.
  • Carlos is featured under C in The ABCs of Saints Row.[19]


Ya know, you remind me of my old house cleaner...
Jessica to Carlos, in the cutscene "Welcome to the Brotherhood"

This is for Carlos
— Random Saints Member[20]

Carlos is in a better place, I think
— Random Civilian

I'm still waiting to hear from Carlos
— Random Civilian

Where is Carlos?
— Random Civilian

I can't believe Carlos is dead.
— Random Civilian


  • Carlos - character model in Saints Row 2
  • Carlos - Jail - character model in Saints Row 2
  • Carlos - Blood - character model in Saints Row 2
  • Concept art of Carlos for Saints Row 2
  • Concept art of Carlos for Saints Row 2
  • Carlos getting shanked in the Vacation's Over cutscene
  • Carlos in Jailbreak
  • Carlos Mendoza
  • Carlos in the Welcome to the Third Street Saints cutscene
  • Carlos with Maero and Protagonist in First Impressions
  • Carlos in First Impressions
  • Carlos with Protagonist in Waste Not Want Not
  • Carlos during Waste Not Want Not
  • Bloody Carlos Front
  • Bloody Carlos Back
  • Bloody Carlos - left side
  • Bloody Carlos - right side
  • Carlos' obituary showing dates from the Saints Row website
  • Carlos playing Volleyball in heaven with Johnny, Kinzie, Oleg, Lin, Viola, Kiki, and Dane with Josh on the lifeguard stand
  • Carlos is featured under C in The ABCs of Saints Row

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