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Car Mechanic
A Rim Jobs in Saints Row 2
A Rim Jobs in Saints Row 2

Store: Car Mechanic


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Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV

Rim Jobs and Semi Broken are Car Mechanic Stores in the Saints Row series.

For Customization info, see Vehicle Customization


These Stores are used for storing and retrieving vehicles, as well as repairing and Customizing Vehicles. Car Mechanics are unrelated to the Chop Shop activity.

These stores are open 24/7, and the garage door opens at any time, but when entering on foot the door must be kicked open at night. No alarm sounds for kicking the door in, and unlike other stores, no Notoriety is given for entering via the back door.

Having Police or Gang notoriety prevents vehicles from being modified, but the repair function is available at any time.

Saints Row[]

Rim Jobs sign closeup Saints Row.jpg
In Saints Row, the only Car Mechanic is Rim Jobs, although others are referenced in a radio ad.

In Saints Row, the sign above the Rim Jobs garage door lists the following services:

  • All Mechanical Repairs
  • Collision Repair
  • Tuning and Modification
  • Power Accessories
  • Tires/Wheels
  • Exhaust Systems

Saints Row 2[]

In Saints Row 2, Semi Broken allows for Vehicle Customization of large vehicles which cannot fit in Rim Jobs.[1]

All land vehicles are able to be customized here, with an exception of some unique unlockable vehicles. The Garage list at Semi Broken is the same as the list at all cribs.

Everything is the same price at both stores, and there are no extra options.

Saints Row: The Third[]

In Saints Row: The Third, vehicles may be customized directly from the Garage menu at Cribs, as well as at Rim Jobs locations. There is no Large Vehicle Garage, but all vehicles may be stored at Crib Garages.

Saints Row IV[]

As in Saints Row: The Third, vehicles may be customized directly from the Garage menu at Gateways, as well as at Rim Jobs locations.


Some stores are in the same location in Saints Row and Saints Row 2, but the name of the neighborhood has changed. Unless otherwise noted, each store exists in both games.

There is only one Semi Broken store in Saints Row 2, located in the Copperton neighborhood of the Truck Yard District.

Large Vehicles[]

Some vehicles are classed as "Large".

  • In Saints Row, large vehicles cannot be modified or stored in a Garage.
  • In Saints Row 2 large vehicles can be stored and are available at all Garages, but do not appear in the Garage list at Rim Jobs and can only be modified at Semi Broken.
  • In Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV they can be stored and modified anywhere, but are still classed as Large.
Saints Row Saints Row 2 Saints Row: The Third
Stilwater Municipal / Steelport Municipal
Winslow Bus
Delivery Truck
DonoVan / Warrant
Longhauler / Mix Master

While some large vehicles, such as the DonoVan, do have a full range of Body Mods available, most of these large vehicles have very few customization options, limited to Performance, Wheels and Paints.


  • Rim Job is a double entendre, referring to both wheel rims on a car and a sexual act.
  • In Saints Row, after entering the store on foot but leaving without retrieving a car, the mechanic says "Maybe you will have better luck at a dealer", hinting that Foreign Power sells vehicles.
  • In Saints Row 2, each Rim Jobs store can be bought for $5,000 after owning the hood it is in.
  • Upon entry with a weapon equipped, the clerk sometimes says "No weapons in Rusty's Needle", demonstrated that the same clerk is used in both stores.
  • When entering Semi Broken, Playa always kick the door when opening it. The reason behind this is unknown.
  • Semi Broken has two garage doors. After customization, the vehicle faces the rear door, unlike Rim Jobs, which faces vehicles towards the front.
  • When owning Semi Broken, there is a 20% discount instead of the standard 10%. After completing all the Chop Shop lists, there is a 75% discount on all vehicles customizations, which combined makes a 95% discount.
  • A radio advert in Saints Row: The Third says "Rim Jobs: It only sounds weird until you try it!"
  • In Saints Row: The Third when playing in language other than English, during customizing a non-customizable vehicle, the names of colours are always in English.
  • Samson's Garage featured in "...To Kingdom Come" resembles a Rim Jobs both inside and out.
  • To retrieve a vehicle without repairing it in Saints Row 2, view a vehicle which does not need to be repaired, then quickly switch to the damaged vehicle and select it. If the damaged vehicle is selected before the first one disappears, the repair cost is not loaded, and the vehicle can be retrieved for free. This also works the other way around, causing there to be a repair prompt for undamaged vehicles.
  • In Saints Row IV, the Rim Jobs door opens when a tank approaches, even if the vehicles does not physically fit within the doors.[4]


Car Mechanic tutorial in Saints Row

Rim Jobs newpaper clipping from Saints Row

Rim Jobs building in Saints Row

Rim Jobs sign in Saints Row

Rim Jobs Garage in Saints Row

Rim Jobs sign in Saints Row

Rim Jobs office in Saints Row

Rim Jobs Logo in Saints Row and Saints Row 2

Rim Jobs sale

You need $400 to repair your vehicle message in Saints Row

Car Mechanic tutorial in Saints Row 2

Garage is too small for this vehicle message in Saints Row 2

Semi Broken billboard

Concept art of Semi Broken's sign

Customizing the Atlasbreaker, only possible at Semi Broken

Rim Jobs billboard in Saints Row 2

Rim Jobs (Black Bottom)