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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the character/homie in Saints Row IV. For the enemy, see C.I.D..

CID is a character in Saints Row IV and How the Saints Save Christmas.


CID was once some sort of alien life form, who was enslaved by Zinyak in a simulation. His physical body perished long ago, so he programmed his consciousness into the simulation itself.[2] Though he is a condescending pessimistic opportunist who only works for Playa in a mercenary manner, never fully trusting him or giving him anything for free, he always keeps his word and remains a consistent ally. Playa compensates CID with a physical body, the completion of various tasks in the simulation, and a date with Shaundi. Towards the end of the game, he and the virtual Fun Shaundi find that they have good chemistry and agree to a date. When Fun Shaundi asks if he functions as a bong, CID is uncharacteristically generous and says "For you, I would find a way".[3] CID takes precautions to protect only himself, and as he delivers the key he excludes Playa and the Saints from his exacting revenge, and tells Playa not to ruin his moment of revenge.[4]

Attitude wise, CID expresses prejudice towards humans during his first encounter with Playa,[2] and is critical of Playa's selfish and inconsiderate nature especially. Despite this, he makes inconsiderate and selfish demands himself, including asking dates from female crew members as compensation. While he does chose Shaundi for his date and later gets another date from Fun Shaundi, his first request is Kinzie who refuses to date the C.I.D. bot, and when recruited alongside Kinzie, he asks again and lies to her about having so much in common with, which Kinzie is able to spot.[5] Although it is unknown how well his date with Shaundi went as they don't interact with each other outside Homie conversation, he has a good time with Fun Shaundi.[3]

Just before rescuing Ben King, CID zaps Playa in the groin after having an argument with him over an unknown subject, and laughs at Playa's suffering. CID has a Romance option and is able to perform oral sex on both genders.


CID's homie icon

As a Homie, CID does nothing to help Playa in any way, he only speaks and has homie conversations, he does not fight in battle but follows Playa around. He uses a weapon only in cutscenes.[6]


  • The game data files define CID as female.[7][8]
  • He gets his name from the abbreviated name for his body that the Saints give him, "A Control and Interface Device".
  • CID's appearance is similar to many spherical robots in video games and films.
  • CID has black bands bound to his frame by rings resembling a leather harness, which is also present on the unlockable CID Suit costume.
  • There is a disembodied head inside of CID, as well as all enemy C.I.D.s. It is a blonde version of Kinzie, and is named as such in the game data files.[9]
  • Unlike C.I.D.s, if CID dies, it splashes a lot of blood instead of electricity.
  • CID is in the "Miracle on 3rd Street" mission in the How the Saints Save Christmas DLC.
  • If CID is called and killed with Abduction Gun, he becomes unavailable for the rest of the game.
  • In the Hard Instance of Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder, Bobby details the backstory of an alien warrior king who fought Zinyak until his mind was ripped from his body and trapped in a simulation. While CID never mentions his history or anything matching this story, Steve Jaros, the lead writer for Saints Row IV, has confirmed that they are talking about CID.[10].
  • If CID is fired out of the Genki Manapult, the star effect is permanently attached to him, due to the fact that he never lands. Because the star effect is programmed to trail behind the character being fired, it always points towards Playa, making it appear as though CID is "firing" stars at Playa.[11]
  • CID's Homie icon has his "eye" color as purple, although the character model always has a blue eye, as opposed to C.I.D.s which have red eyes.