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"Busted" is the term used when The Protagonist is arrested by Law Enforcement in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Busted cropped in Saints Row 2

"Busted" in Saints Row 2


After getting knocked down by a police officer, SWAT or an FBI member, they may flip The Protagonist onto their stomach and handcuff them.

While there are many different ways of getting Smoked, there is only one way to get Busted.

Saints RowEdit

Any time The Protagonist is knocked down or pulled out of a vehicle by police, he is automatically Busted, regardless of health level.

The cost of bail after being Busted is 10% of the current amount of Cash.

After being Busted, The Protagonist respawns at the closest of 3 police stations:

Saints Row 2Edit

Getting busted in Saints Row 2 is less common, as it is only possible when The Protagonist is at or below 30% health. The cost of bail is $500.

After being Busted, The Protagonist may be taken to:

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

In the closing scene of "When Good Heists Go Bad", The Protagonist is arrested by the Stilwater Police Department SWAT team,[3] and in the beginning cutscene of "I'm Free - Free Falling", the leaders of the Saints are put in jail, but it is otherwise not possible to get Busted in the game.


  • In Saints Row 2, the screen turns grey, as opposed to the screen turning red when getting Smoked.
  • If another Police Officer uses Pepper Spray on The Protagonist while being handcuffed, The Protagonist stands up and coughs, but is still arrested.
  • The Protagonist can sometimes appear in the Downtown Courthouse after a successful activity or mission in Saints Row 2 as if busted without it being registered in the statistics and missing $500, although it registers in hospital bills paid.[details?]



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    Location of cutscene version of Stilwater Penitentiary hospital

    Location of cutscene Penitentiary hospital

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    Cutscene version of Stilwater Penitentiary hospital with TV missing

    Cutscene Penitentiary hospital is not solid, and is missing the TV

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    When Good Heists Go Bad The Protagonist SWAT

    The Protagonist, busted by SWAT, at the end of "When Good Heists Go Bad"

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