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"Burying Evidence" is the seventh mission of the Westside Rollerz story arc in Saints Row.

Hey, I think we stopped moving. Are you listening? Are you even alive? Say something! [...] Ow! I'll take that as a yes. Where the fuck's my lighter...
Burying Evidence audio
Lin to The Protagonist, while tied up and incapacitated inside of her vehicle.


After the events of the previous mission, "Liberation", The Protagonist wakes up with Lin in the trunk of her Voxel. Tied up and incapacitated, they can do nothing but listen as William Sharp meets Donnie outside. Sharp opens the trunk and reveals what he's done - a shocked Donnie flees the scene after Sharp explains Lin was working with the 3rd Street Saints and shoots both Lin and The Protagonist with a .44 Shepherd. Sharp then closes the boot again, and pushes Lin's car into the river, leaving Lin and The Protagonist to drown. Lin manages to find her lighter, but only manages to set The Protagonist free before she drowns.[1]

To avenge Lin's death, The Protagonist quickly tracks William Sharp down and kills him.

Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl.
Lin's final words
— Lin's final words


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

You regained consciousness to find Lin and yourself looking up at Sharp from the trunk of his car. He shot you both, closed the trunk, and pushed the car into the river, leaving you both for dead. In the case of Lin, he was right- but you survived, and made it back to the surface. Seeking revenge, you hunted Sharp's limo down and took the man down 3rd Street style.


Burying Evidence - chasing Sharp's Car

Gameplay from the mission.

Find and kill Sharp.

Continuing on immediately from the previous mission[2], there is a two minute timer to find William Sharp's Justice, destroy it, and kill him. Sprint forward a small distance and head up the stairs on the left to find a nearby parked Bootlegger, which is a decent vehicle to use in this mission.

There's Sharp's car.

The game suggests a high speed chase with Sharp's car, which can be demanding as Sharp's vehicle is quite fast and can take a lot of damage. It may be a struggle to keep up with him as he weaves through Chinatown, and even then they use up a lot of ammunition. Quickly recruiting Wannabes and riding with them before Sharp gets too far ahead can also make destroying the car easier, as they also shoot at it.

Burying Evidence - Sharp on foot

William Sharp, just before the player kills him.

Another, far easier, strategy is the use of an RPG Launcher or Platinum RPG. Simply go to the road south of Sharp's car, aim, and fire at the car. Sharp's vehicle can be destroyed by two direct RPGs, leaving him a quick and easy target.

Whichever method is used, success awards $3,000 cash and the ability to phone Eye for an Eye at #555-5966 to gain Zombie Lin as a Homie.

The mission can be failed by getting smoked, busted, or losing track of Sharp's car.[3]



Main article: Newscasts
SR1 News Shared 0032 Sharp
Jack Armstrong: "I'm Jack Armstrong in the newsroom. William Sharp, wealthy local attorney and major contributor to the mayoral campaign of Alderman Hughes, is dead. His car was found wrapped around a tree in the northern district this morning. Sharp was pronounced dead at the scene. No other vehicles were involved in the accident and no other details have been released in the case. From the newsroom, I'm Jack Armstrong."


  • This mission continues immediately from the previous mission, "Liberation", as does "Back to Basics" after "Canonized". As with "Back to Basics", it is possible to exit the mission and start it from a mission marker.
  • This marks Donnie's last appearance in the Westside Rollerz story arc.[1] In Saints Row, he appears once more in the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene that plays upon defeating all three gangs, and again during the final cutscene of the game "Salting the Earth". He does not appear in the game after this, but does make a reappearance in Saints Row 2.
  • This mission also marks the final reference to Lin smoking, although she does not actually do so in this mission.[1]
  • It is not explained how The Protagonist survived, but not Lin.[1]
  • Lin is the only 3rd Street Saints lieutenant to die in Saints Row.[1]
  • William Sharp's Justice is not actually moving in the beginning of the mission. It begins moving when the message "There's Sharp's car" is displayed.
    • It is possible to destroy Sharp's Justice at long range with a rocket launcher before the message is shown. Sharp exits the destroyed vehicle and run towards The Protagonist, but Sharp is invincible until The Protagonist approaches the wrecked car.
  • Sharp curses in this mission, saying "how the hell is he still alive?". This is the only time Sharp curses throughout the game.
  • Sharp always escape his vehicle before it explodes. He then attacks on foot, usually with a .44 Shepherd.
  • Sharp can be killed by Homies.
  • Upon completion of this mission, Zombie Lin can be unlocked as a Homie, by using the Cellphone to call Eye for an Eye at #555-5966.
  • The 'Story' section regarding this mission which can be read via the pause menu, erroneously refers to Lin's car, her unique Voxel, as Sharp's car.
  • Lin dies from a .44 Shepherd wound to the chest, and drowning.


"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do..." cutsceneEdit

Lin: "Hey, I think we stopped moving. Are you listening? Are you even alive? Say something!"
Lin: "Ow! I'll take that as a yes. Where the fuck's my lighter..."
Donnie: "What are you doing driving Lin's ride, Mr. Sharp?"
William Sharp: "I'm glad you could make it, Donnie. There's something I want you to see."
Lin: "Stay calm, we're gonna get outta this."
Donnie: "Lin?"
Lin: "Donnie listen to me, I swear to god..."
Donnie: "LIN!"
William Sharp: "Take a deep breath and count to ten, Donnie."
Donnie: "Count to ten? You just shot my girl!"
William Sharp: "Yes, it's tragic."
William Sharp: "Could you give me a hand here?"
Donnie: "Why did... why did you..."
William Sharp: "Lin was working with the Saints. Now would you give me a hand? This car is heavy... Donnie, where are you going?"
William Sharp: "Children."
Lin: "Hey... stay... stay calm. We're gonna get outta this."
Lin: "I... I think I found my lighter."
Lin: "Did you hear that asshole Donnie? He said I was his girl."
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do... full CUTSCENES 0336
— "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do..." cutscene


How the hell is he still alive?
— William Sharp, after spotting The Protagonist

William Sharp: "I won't let you ruin what I built!"
William Sharp: "This time, I'm making sure you're dead!"
William Sharp: "Why aren't you dying?"
— Sharp attacking
William Sharp: "Fine.. we'll do it your way..."
William Sharp: "If I have to get my hands dirty, so be it..."
William Sharp: "If at first you don't succeed..."
William Sharp: "You should've stayed dead..."
William Sharp: "I won't miss twice..."
— Sharp attacking on foot
William Sharp: "Just keep driving, we gotta make it to Joseph."
William Sharp: "I gotta call Joseph..."
William Sharp: "We have to get out of here!"
— Sharp taking damage
William Sharp: "Stay away from me...."
William Sharp: "You're supposed to be dead!"
William Sharp: "How did you get out of that car?"
William Sharp: "Police!"
William Sharp: "When my nephew gets here, you're dead!"
— Sharp taking damage on foot
William Sharp: "Joseph, this is your uncle, the Saints are about to--"
William Sharp: "Oh yeah, fuck you..."
— Sharp dying
William Sharp: "This isn't over!"
William Sharp: "Where's my nephew?"
William Sharp: "I need to find Joseph..."
— Sharp fleeing
William Sharp: "Joseph, don't worry. It's all taken care of."
William Sharp: "Donnie had so much promise."
— Sharp idle


  • William Sharp meets with Donnie
  • Lin, as she is shot by William Sharp
  • William Sharp shoots Lin and The Protagonist with a .44 Shepherd
  • William Sharp pushing Lin's vehicle, a unique Voxel, into the river
  • Lin's vehicle, a unique Voxel, underwater, with Lin and The Protagonist inside
  • Lin's final words, just before dying
  • Gameplay from the mission
  • William Sharp, just before he is killed


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