Burns Hill Reactors
Burns Hill Reactors - south east aerial view
The Burns Hill Reactors, under the control of the Deckers.
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The Nuke Plant[when?]




Stronghold, Crib




Burns Hill

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"Stop all the Downloading"


"Stop all the Downloading"


Saints Row: The Third

Burns Hill Reactors is a Stronghold Crib in Saints Row: The Third.


Located in Burns Hill, the northernmost neighborhood in the district of Stanfield in Steelport, the Burns Hill Reactors make up the majority of the city's abandoned nuclear power plant facility, and are featured primarily in the mission "Stop all the Downloading".

The abandoned Burns Hill Reactors and surrounding complexes have been converted into a HQ for Matt Miller and the Deckers. The techno-savvy gang wasted no time making themselves at home, decorating all three exterior cooling towers with neon-blue lighting fixtures. They also used the facility as a major front for their personal, online networking system known as the "Decker Use-Net". The Burns Hill Reactors later become a Crib under the control of the 3rd Street Saints.


Before the Saints takeover, the Burns Hill Reactors are under the control of the Deckers, and they house one of the gang's greatest assets, a device called a "NEMO Chair", which allows its user to transfer their subconscious directly into cyberspace and interact with certain aspects of virtual reality.

NEMO Chair

The Deckers' "NEMO Chair"

The Saints' interest in the Burns Hill Reactors first begins when The Protagonist pays Kinzie a personal visit to check up on her progress for their plan to destroy the Deckers. Kinzie explains that the "NEMO Chair" which the Deckers possess would give the Saints the ability to launch a direct attack on the "Decker Use-Net", the Deckers' central network. Without their network, the Deckers would be shattered because it served as the cornerstone for the majority of their cyber operations.

Stronghold Upgrades

After unlocking the Stronghold Crib upon completion of "Stop all the Downloading", the Burns Hill Reactors can be upgraded twice.


Burns Hill Reactors - south west ground view

Burns Hill Reactors, under the control of the Deckers.

Burns Hill Reactors Crib - south west aerial view

Burns Hill Reactors, as a 3rd Street Saints Crib.

Burns Hill Reactors - north west aerial view

Burns Hill Reactors, fully upgraded.

The base condition of the Stronghold Crib unlocks:

Upgrade 1

The first upgrade for the Stronghold Crib costs $40,000 and unlocks:

  • Increased transfer limit
  • 10% bonus to hourly income from the Stanfield district
  • 10% bonus to all Respect
  • 10% more ammunition held in the Weapons Cache

Upgrade 2

The second, and final, upgrade for the Stronghold Crib costs $80,000 and unlocks:

  • The Stronghold Crib itself becomes physically taller
  • Increased transfer limit
  • 15% bonus to hourly income from the Stanfield district
  • 15% bonus to all Respect
  • 10% more ammunition held in the Weapons Cache


  • The name of the nuclear power plant is most likely a reference to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, as he also owned a nuclear power plant located on a hill.
  • The ending cutscene of "Trojan Whores" takes place here.
  • Before the mission "Stop all the Downloading", the top of the cooling tower is blocked off with netting to prevent getting inside. It is possible to land on top with a Parachute and manoeuvre the camera to look through the netting.
  • The GPS inside the walls of Burns Hill Reactors isn't always correct.
  • Inside the interior of Burns Hill Reactors Crib, a magazine with Shaundi's naked photo is in the bathroom upstairs, on the side of the bath.[reference?]
  • In Saints Row IV, the Epic Jump Quest Achievement is awarded for jumping from the top of the 3 Count to the Burns Hill Reactors without touching the ground.
  • Once it becomes a crib, the interior of Burns Hill becomes identical to that of Safeword, complete with strippers dancing on poles and giving lap dances. One difference is that the crib is often populated with civilian males in lieu of Saints members.
  • Although the front door can be used to enter the penthouse, the only way to exit is by way of the garage or helipad.



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