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Weekend at Tera's America's Next Top Scientist

"Burden of Proof" is the second of three missions in the Ultor Exposed DLC.

Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


After Ultor pays Channel 6 to not run the story regarding the bodies The Protagonist and Tera delivered in the previous mission, the two discuss what to do next at the Saints Hideout. Tera concludes that the chemical truck that Ultor is currently moving would provide stronger proof against Ultor than the bodies, and they both leave to find it.[1]

After delivering the truck with the chemicals to Channel 6, The Protagonist tries to convince Jane Valderamma to launch the story. However, Jane states that she wants a personal interview with Tera, believing "a whistleblower endangering their lives for justice" is a better way to get ratings.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Rush hour was worse than usual today thanks to yet another highway battle involving the 3rd Street Saints. While the target of the hijacking remains unknown, the aftermath of a speeding truck with no regard to traffic laws is all too familiar to the people of Stilwater.


Burden of Proof - Truck health

Gameplay from the mission.

Get to the truck

The chemical truck to steal is located on the highway and is being escorted by two Five-Os. The GPS route leading to the truck is a little misleading; be sure to drive up onto the highway when nearing the access ramp.

Stop the truck without destroying it

When nearing the truck, either shoot it until it is forced to stop or pull ahead and shoot the driver through the windscreen. After some dialogue from Tera, the next segment of the mission begins.

Protect the truck

As Tera drives towards the airport to store the truck and its chemicals, an AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher is provided with infinite ammo on the back of the truck in order to protect the truck from all attackers, which initially include just Five-Os and Tornadoes, but soon also involves EDF Scouts. The latter two vehicles are more deadly than the Five-Os, so one should remember to use the under-slung grenade launcher on the assault rifle. When Tera finally reaches the airport, the mission is complete.



  • The chemical truck seen in this mission is a Runner, a unique vehicle that only appears in this mission and the next.
  • The circle-shaped shadow going across the truck is a Destroy UFO.


"If At First You Don't Succeed..." cutsceneEdit

The Protagonist: "I told you."
Tera: "This doesn't make any sense. You handed them a huge story."
The Protagonist: "Ultor handed them money."
Tera: "Couldn't you force Valderamma to do something?"
The Protagonist: "I'll see what I can do but we're gonna need some proof beyond a couple of bodies. You came to me with this whole thing - you got any other ideas?"
Tera: "If they want proof, our best bet is to get our hands on the chemicals while Ultor is moving them."
The Protagonist: "Alright, let's go."


Tera: "There's the chemical truck!"
The Protagonist: "Alright, let's take it!"
Tera: "Alright, get in the back and cover us. Ultor isn't going to like losing a shipment."
Tera: "Let's stash this thing at the airport until we get a hold of Jane."
The Protagonist: "The fuck is that thing?"
Tera: "They sent the Scout Prototype? Huh, wow..."
The Protagonist: ""Scout Prototype"? What the hell are you talkin' about?"
Tera: "It's Eric Gryphon's pet project - he wanted an ATV to scout for prime mining locations."
The Protagonist: "Why does a mining vehicle need a goddamn turret?"
Tera: "Hey, you gotta blast through rock. Makes sense to em..."
The Protagonist: "Where the hell are you people planning on mining?"
Tera: "Trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."
Tera: "We're almost there! Just buy us a little more time."
— Once the truck has stopped

"Contract Negotiations" cutsceneEdit

The Protagonist: "Jane, come on, it's a great story."
Jane Valderamma: "I want an interview."
The Protagonist: "What?"
Jane Valderamma: "Corporate greed stories are a dime a dozen, I want something more. A whistleblower endangering their lives for justice... that's how you get ratings."
The Protagonist: "I don't know if she'll go for it."
Jane Valderamma: "Then I'm not running your story."
The Protagonist: "Fine, I'll go talk to her."


  • The Protagonist and Tera leave the Saints Hideout to find the Ultor truck
  • The Protagonist meets with Jane Valderamma outside Channel 6 headquarters, who states she wants an interview with Tera before she runs the story
  • Gameplay from the mission


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  2. Cutscene: Contract Negotiations
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