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The Bulldozer is a vehicle in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


The Bulldozer seats 1 person, and is one of the most destructive vehicles in the game and can smash through any vehicle and cause them to explode. It handles surprisingly well for a heavy vehicle and can take severe damage, but it is easy for enemies to shoot you because of the exposed cabin.

Playa can stand on the scoop of the bulldozer and get a ride around town, but any sharp turns or crashes causes Playa to fall off.

Saints Row[]

Like the Backhoe, the Bulldozer normally only spawns during the day within the Saint's Row district.[1]

The Bulldozer does not spawn randomly parked, but there is a defined parking spawn at a construction site in the Saint's Row district.[2]

The Bulldozer is featured in the Stronghold "Stoughton Shipyard", and in the mission 3rd Street Vice Kings.

Saints Row 2[]

The Bulldozer commonly spawns in the Docks & Warehouses and Factories Districts.

It is wanted by the Chop Shop in the Docks & Warehouses District. The Bulldozer is far lighter than its real-world counterpart, and as such recovering this vehicle for the Chop Shop can be troublesome due to the way game physics handles collisions. A Five-O attempting to ram the car from behind during a chase often forces the Bulldozer up onto the roof of their car and end up carrying it with them straight into a wall.

The Bulldozer is a set vehicle for an otherwise destructive race over in the Hotels & Marina District. This race showcases the true powers of the Bulldozer, as for almost the entire race, you'll find yourself smashing through obstacles and mowing down cars and pedestrians. Unlike other time trials, you'll be placed in a Bulldozer, even if you show up in another car.


The vehicle cannot be stored or modified in Saints Row.

In Saints Row 2, the Bulldozer can be modified at Semi Broken, but has few Vehicle Customization options. It does not have Hydraulics, Kneecappers, Wheel Options available or any options in Body Mods or Details.

  • Body Color
  • Trim Color (2 sections)
  • Window Tint


  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row, as it is defined as a large vehicle which cannot be saved in the Garage.
  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row 2 is #1051.
  • Along with the Backhoe, this is the least customizable vehicle in Saints Row 2.
  • The name "Bulldozer" is technically incorrect for this vehicle, as it is a Loader.


Bulldozer - front left in Saints Row

Bulldozer - front right in Saints Row

Bulldozer - rear left in Saints Row

Bulldozer - rear right in Saints Row

The Bulldozer in Saints Row

The Bulldozer (side) in Saints Row

The Bulldozer (front) in Saints Row

The Bulldozer (rear) in Saints Row

Boost magazine, featuring Bulldozer

Bulldozer - Saints Row 2 promo

The Bulldozer in Saints Row 2

The Bulldozer in Saints Row 2

Bulldozer - front right in Saints Row 2

Bulldozer - rear left in Saints Row 2

Bulldozer in Construction Bonus Derby

Bulldozer - Standard variant in Saints Row 2

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