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The Buffalo B[2] is a vehicle in Saints Row 2.


The Buffalo B is featured in the "Sommerset Apartments" Brotherhood Stronghold, as the mobile drug lab used by The Brotherhood.

While it differs in appearance, it performs like any other Buffalo, but it is a unique vehicle and cannot be customized.


The Buffalo B is obtainable in single player, co-op, and in a Newspaper Clipboard replay, using the replay in a replay glitch.

  1. Start the Sommerset Apartments Stronghold.
    • If in replay, start the second replay to avoid trouble later.
  2. Kill 8 targets, and take the last one as a Human Shield.
    • In Co-op, the Host does this.
  3. Go to where the vehicle spawns.[3][1]
    • In Co-op, the guest does this.
  4. Kill the hostage.
  5. Tap the Enter Vehicle button rapidly to enter the Buffalo B as soon as it spawns.
  6. If the Buffalo B drives away, cancel the stronghold and restart from the checkpoint.
    • If the Buffalo B is destroyed before cancelling the stronghold, there is several seconds before it respawns, allowing extra time to prepare if not standing close enough.
  7. Once inside, quit out of the Stronghold.
    • In co-op, the Guest has no control of the vehicle, and the host must cancel the stronghold.


  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle.
  • The License Plate of the Buffalo B is "DUSTED".
  • There is only one variant of Buffalo B, which is defined as non-customisable. Despite this, the modification file for the Buffalo B lists the same options as the normal Buffalo. The only way to modify the Buffalo B is to edit the vehicle definition file to remove the "unique" flag.
  • Unlike the normal Buffalo, there is no interior, and the capacity is limited to 2.


Buffalo B promo from Brady Mini Guide

Buffalo B spawn location

Buffalo B spawn location

"Buffalo B added to your Garage"

Buffalo B name in Garage Menu

The Buffalo B

The Buffalo B

Buffalo B - front left

The Buffalo B

The Buffalo B

The Buffalo B's License Plate

Buffalo B decal

Buffalo B, front right

Buffalo B, rear left

Buffalo B - Drug Lab variant