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Brutes are a special class of character in Saints Row: The Third.


Brute are clones of Oleg Kirrlov, who was cloned while he was being held prisoner by The Syndicate.[1]

While Oleg himself is quite intelligent, the clones did not inherit that trait.


Brutes are first encountered during the storyline outside Planet Saints in "Steelport Here I Am".

All male brutes have the same basic uniform: the tank top, cargo pants, and combat boots.

There are several types of brutes. They differ in their weapons, appearance and speech lines.

Type Description Appearances
  • Wears a tattered white tank top
  • Can pick up discarded brute weapons, even if previously emptied.
  • Wears a welding mask and metal shoulder pads
  • Carries an Incinerator.
Brutina / Brutella Dressed like a stripper.
Zombie Zombie version of the normal unarmed brute.
Space Brutina Wears space alien attire and her skin is painted blue. "Hangar 18 1/2"


There are 4 homies with the same game mechanics as Brutes. They have the same fighting style, ride in the same vehicle, and can use the same weapons.

Name Description Unlocked
Oleg Kirrlov Being the genetic template of the Brutes, Oleg is nearly identical to the Brutes in size and strength, though he is superior in intelligence. "The Belgian Problem"
Space Brutina A female brute in the movie, Gangstas in Space. "Hangar 18 1/2"
Johnny Tag A Brute clone of Johnny Gat, created by Jimmy Torbitson. "Send in the Clones"
Aisha Brutella A female brute clone of Aisha, created by Jimmy Torbitson. "Tour de Farce"


Brutes have more health than most other enemies, but can be damaged with any weapon.

Brutes can also be killed quickly with heavy weapons or vehicle weapons. They are immune to ramming damage and can quickly flip Playa's car. It is possible to perform a Windshield Cannon from hitting a Brute hard enough, although it won't count.

Brutes armed with Incinerators can be easily killed by shooting the fuel tanks on their backs with bullet-type weapons. However, a 45 Shepherd with explosive rounds does not puncture the tank.

Finishing moves[]

After being weakened considerably, they drop to their knees and a finishing move "!" trigger appears over their head. Pressing Action on the trigger starts an animation where Playa forces a grenade into the Brute's mouth, or jumps onto the Brute and quickly shoots it in the face; both animations lead to the Brute's head exploding into a gory mess.[4]

While the finishing move trigger is present, they can still be killed normally. After a short period of time, the trigger disappears and Brute regains some health and begins attacking again.


Homies can kill Brutes much faster and easier. Oleg Kirrlov fights them with his hands and the other homies shoot them. This can kill them as easily as if the homie had shot at a usual enemy.


  • Killing 50 Brutes unlocks the Achievement/Trophy "Who Loves Ya Baby".
  • Brutes may be knocked down when hit by an enemy's car, but not by Playa's car.
  • The only named brute is Brutus, who is an Assassination target.
  • Somehow Prof. Genki possesses his own army of Brutes called "Hunters" for Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax and Apocalypse Genki activities. Unlike Genki mascot soldiers, they actively hunt down contestants rather than waiting in ambush. Killing one earns more cash, and replacements spawn.
  • If an Incinerator brute is shot anywhere above the shoulders, flames spew from the bullet mark, and therefore the brute's skin, as if the brute's gas tank had been hit.
  • Aside from Oleg, Johnny Tag, and Aisha Brutella, none of the brutes have any clothing that tells what gang they work for.
  • Unlike other enemy gang members, Brutes are not technically affiliated to the gangs themselves, instead they work directly for the Syndicate organization as a whole.
  • Space Brutina's voice sounds female and she has a larger chest than normal brutes.
  • Johnny Tag and Aisha Brutella are a special type of brute as they are only Brutes who are not clones of Oleg; they were created by Jimmy Torbitson who cloned them from deceased Saints Johnny Gat and Aisha. He used DNA collected from objects they had touched while alive creating deformed brute clones of Gat and Aisha. He claims that Tag's deformation came from the fact that he had too little of Gat's DNA.[Reference needed]
  • The tank that the Incinerator Brute carries is not required to operate the Incinerator. It spews flames when damaged, but when the Brute dies, it leaks highly pressurized gases but without flames.
  • Temporary Brute weapons that are lying around may be picked up and used by an unarmed Brute.
  • A brute can very easily be killed by jumping on top of their head from an elevated spot,[Reference needed] causing the brute to get knocked over, while the brute is down it is possible to melee it with the chainsaw to instantly kill it or bring it to the state where it can be executed depending on the brutes current health.
  • All Brute homies ride in the back of a Criminal and have their own unique drivers.
  • Up to three brute homies can be recruited as followers. Brute drivers are automatically recruited as Homies when they arrive, but can be killed or dismissed in order to recruit other homies.
  • Though Aisha Brutella is killed by the Steelport National Guard[Reference needed], she is still unlocked as a homie.
    • The same thing happens with the game's other female brute homie, Space Brutina, as she is killed by Playa during the making of Gangstas in Space.
  • The Space Brutina and Johnny Tag are the only brutes to first appear as enemies then as homie. Also both are unlocked after completing the DLC missions involving them.
  • Space Brutina and Aisha Brutella are the only female brute homies.
    • Space Brutina is a female clone of Oleg, which makes her the only Brute clone who cloned from him who is also member of the Saints.
  • Zombified Brutes are similar to the "Tank" zombie in Left 4 Dead, which is referenced by the title of the Whored Mode Wave 14: "Tank!".
  • Whereas the brutes are very tough, the zombified brutes can be killed with just one shot from a powerful weapon.
  • In an Assassination diversion there is a brute with emotions.
  • There is a Female brute in the mission Pimps Up, Hos Down. She is locked in a cage downstairs, but cannot be freed or interacted with.
  • Mini-Gun brutes are wearing a "Purity Fist" on their left arm, a cosmetic augmentation for the Heavy in Team Fortress 2.
  • When a brute flips some vehicles, it may "teleport" around in a twitchy manner until reaching about 200–800 ft. If thrown into a building, the twitching causes the vehicle to repeatedly ram into the building and explode.
  • It is possible to position yourself behind a wall and yet still be able to shoot brutes, resulting in very easy kills.
  • The female Brute's character is named Brutella, while the filename is named Brutina.[5]


Brute: "Fa-ther..."
Oleg: "You are no child of mine... just an abomination."
— Oleg grappling with a Brute during Return to Steelport


Female brute concept art

Promotional image of a Brute holding up Playa

Zombie Survival, with a customized Bulldog and the homies Kinzie and Viola

Mini-Gun wielding Brute

A Brute

Oleg performing a vertical suplex on the Mini-gun Brute

Oleg performing a piledriver after the suplex, killing the Brute

Playa dodging a Brute's smash attack

Brute about to smack Playa

A Brute punching Kinzie

Playa failing to dodge a Brute's punch

Playa shoving a Grenade into the Brute's mouth

Playa kicks the Brute down

The Grenade exploding in the Brute's mouth and kills it

A Zombie Brute shortly after grabbing Playa

Zombie Brute

Hit the Powder Room - Minigun Brute

The Belgian Problem - Brute tank

Brute unarmed - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Brute Flamethrower - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Brute Minigun - character model in Saints Row: The Third

Brutella - Brutina - character model in Saints Row: The Third


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