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Brown Baggers is a chain of Liquor Stores in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


It is open between 9AM and 10PM, and has a kickable back door. In Saints Row, there is around $100 in the cash register and $200 in the safe.

Booze and drugs are available at Brown Baggers, but no food. These items do not restore Health, but instead give Melee Boosts and Damage Resistance.




  • Duration (Seconds)
  • Effect (Chance of being sick)
  • Value (Used when replacing items)
  • Melee Boost (Percentage)
  • Reduced Damage (Percentage)
Image Name Type SR Cost SR2 Cost  D   E   V   M   R  Description
Item booze Cognac Cognac (Henessy) Booze 30 40 50 50 35 Pop cap and drink it
Item booze GinNJuice Gin N' Juice Booze 20 50 40 40 25 Pop cap and drink it.
Item booze 40oz 40 oz. (Dolt 45) Booze 10 30 60 20 20 0 0 Sit back and crack open a Billy Dee.
Item booze Bubbly Bubbly (Krystal) Booze 40 30 75 75 45 Pop cap and drink it.
Item drug Pipe Pipe Weed 30 40 50 30 0 Hey man...have you ever looked at the back of a $20 bill....on WEEEEEEED?
Item drug Spliff Spliff Weed 10 60 20 20 25 The weakest form of weed, mostly pencil shavings and oregano. This is the stuff you used to get back in middle school.
Item drug Blunt Blunt Weed 20 50 50 40 40 35 Your standard, run-of-the-mill blunt. Good for glaucoma and Phish concerts.
Item drug Bong Bong Weed 40 30 80 80 65 Snootchie-bootchies!


  • During a Store Hold-Up, the Brown Baggers cashier may say "This is how Julius repays me for everything I gave him?".
  • The store may randomly be held up by a Bum with either a .44 Shepherd or Tombstone. When this happens the alarm sounds, but Playa is not blamed by the police for the robbery.
  • Throwing a 40 oz. bottle on the ground near the clerk causes him to attack Playa.
  • The name refers to Brownbagging, the practice of putting liquor bottles in brown bags to avoid being caught violating open container laws.


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