Bounce Rifle
SRIV Rifles - Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Default
Bounce Rifle
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Bounce Gun[2]




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Power Up CID

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The Protagonist[1]


Bullets ricochet on most enemies, cannot damage Vehicles, infinite magazine, Zin weapon

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Saints Row IV

Bounce Rifle is a weapon in Saints Row IV.[3]

Fires compressed energy bolts that bounce from target to target. Fun at parties!
— Weapon Description[4]


The Bounce Rifle is a single shot weapon that does a moderate amount of damage to targets in comparison to other weapons in the rifle class, ricocheting around and damaging or killing multiple amounts of targets. The Bounce Rifle favors attacking multiple targets as opposed to attacking single targets, else the projectile cannot do its full damage potential. The gun uses Capacity Charge and therefore requires no ammunition, which removes any concerns of the gun running out of ammo. The Double Play ultimate upgrade turns the Bounce Rifle into a 2 round Burst-Fire weapon. This gives the Bounce Rifle additional Damage Per Second in exchange for increased Capacity Charge depletion.

The Xmas BB Gun is very similar in operation to the Bounce Rifle, as both fire projectiles that ricochet and hit many targets, and both are useless against vehicles unless the driver/pilot is exposed and can be shot.

The main problem with the Bounce Rifle is that the gun can run out of charge and be rendered useless until the weapon recharges enough, and a full charge takes substantial time. All the other weapons in its class, except the Disintegrator, have less down time from magazine changes or cooling down.


Damage, Overheat Level, Projectile Speed and Recharge Rate can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Double Play "ultimate upgrade".[5]


The Bounce Rifle is obtained during "Power Up CID" and is unlocked after completing the mission.


  • Can hit multiple targets
  • No ammo required (uses charge capacity)
  • Can kill many targets in little time if Damage, Projectile Speed, and Double Play upgrades are purchased.
  • Can kill Marauders from the front
  • Slow capacity recharge
  • Less accurate than other rifles if their accuracy has been upgraded
  • Useless against Vehicles
  • Relatively slow rate of fire
  • Raises alien notoriety very quickly


The Bounce Rifle only has one costume with three skins.

Bounce Rifle Skin
SRIV Rifles - Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Default Default
How many richochets can you get?
— Bounce Rifle - Default skin[6]

SRIV Rifles - Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Gold-Plated Gold-Plated
Bling that bounce, playa!
— Bounce Rifle - Gold-Plated skin[7]

SRIV Rifles - Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Saints Purple Saints Purple
Alien weapons never looked so good.
— Bounce Rifle - Saints Purple skin[8]


  • The internal name for the Bounce Rifle is "Glitch Gun", which is referred to in the leaked Achievements for Enter the Dominatrix.
    • The "Glitch Gun", Micronizer, and Freeze Ray were changed into Super Power Elements.
    • There is a disabled unlockable entry for the "Glitchmaster 3000" which features the icon of the Bounce Rifle.[9]
  • The Bounce Rifle could be inspired by the Superballer from Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon game, both weapons function the same but act differently, the Bounce Rifle shoots small balls that bounce of enemies dealing damage where as the Superballer shoots large balls leaving a rainbow trail and when it hits a enemy or object it makes the target bounce around dealing damage.


  • The Main description
  • The Upgrade list
  • Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Default
  • Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Gold-Plated
  • Bounce Rifle - Bounce Rifle - Saints Purple


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