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SR disambig icon.svg This article is about the player character in the Saints Row 2022 reboot. For the player character in the original Saints Row games, see Playa.

The Boss is the playable character in the Saints Row reboot and can be customized. They have an unknown name and so is simply referred to as the "Boss".[10]

Official Description[]

  • Role: The Muscle
  • Goal: To be their own boss

The Boss is the heart of the Saints, the glue that holds the crew together. They are also the ultimate murder machine. They shoot first and ask later. Cocky, confident, and not built for following orders, the Boss is ultimately you – you get to decide who you want to be and what you want to do, to become Self Made and form the new Saints.


By design, the Boss is light on backstory details; this is to give the player room to fill in the character’s backstory however they want. What follows are the few details that are locked in.

We know the Boss recently finished with college (though we don’t know what they studied or if they even graduated). Saddled with student debt, the Boss came to Santo Ileso, where they met their roommates and started working odd-jobs among the local underworld, earning enough money to cover their share of the rent. They made enough to survive, but not to thrive.

Eventually, the Boss takes a job at Marshall Defense Industries as part of the company's paramilitary security forces. It’s not exciting work, but it pays well. And it lets the Boss do the things they’re good at, i.e. murder, mayhem, and unspeakable property damage. That said, it turns the Boss into a little cog in the big machine—and that is not something they are built to handle.

Despite their capacity for violence, the Boss is incredibly loyal to (and loving towards) their roommates. They have absolutely no ability to evaluate risk. "

"They constantly propose (or just dive in and initiate) mad-cap, over-the top plans—all of which they consider perfectly rational. Why do things in a simple, straightforward way when you can do them with egregious violence, excessive chaos, and extreme risk to life and limb?

In other words, why not do it like a Saint…

Fun Facts[]

  • Genially irresponsible
  • Obstinate. Contrary. The fastest way to get them to do something is to tell them not to do it.
  • They are often wrong, but never uncertain.
  • Paying off student loans
  • Sees outlandish and dangerous things as reasonable, rational, and commonplace. They don’t see risk like normal people do.
  • Loyal to and loves their roommates."


The Boss has a set background as a low-level member of Marshall Defense Industries, who later defects from the corporation to start their own gang, the Saints, along with three others: Eli, Neenah, and Kevin. During their employment with Marshall, the Boss received combat and firearms training.[11]


The Boss is a charismatic murder machine and a sociopath.[11]

Rap sheet[]

Officers have reported sociopathic behavior at time of encounters. Squad were unable to apprehend.
Particularly proficient with automatic pistol and heavy weapons. Displays evidence of military training.
Suspected ringleader. Appears to be leading observed known associates as de facto Boss of the Saints.[11]