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The Bloodsucker Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third.[1]

Screw Team Edward. Wouldn't you rather be on team of a vampire with dual katanas and a thirst for enemy blood, like our very own vampire-hunter-turned-vampire, Nyte Blayde?
— DLC summary[1]


The Bloodsucker Pack was released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam, and OnLive "on or around" February 28th for 160 MS Points or $1.99.[1] It is not included in The Full Package.

With the Dracula Blood Sucking skill, executing a Human Shield fully restores Health.


The Bloodsucker Pack includes:[2]

  • Dracula Blood Sucking Skill - performed by executing a Human Shield
  • VIP Cash Boost Bonus - 25% increase to all cash received
  • VIP Hourly Income Bonus - Hourly City Income of $2,500
  • VIP Respect Bonus - 20% bonus to all Respect earned
  • VIP Scavenger Bonus - Four times as much cash is dropped by people

Once the DLC is activated, these bonuses are applied whenever a game is loaded, including when starting a new game. In addition to the DLC-specific bonuses, all Cash Boost, Hourly Income, Respect, and Scavenger bonus upgrades are also applied without having to be purchased. There is no way to prevent this from happening.



Bloodsucker Pack unlock screen

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - Release date

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - VIP Respect Bonus

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - VIP Hourly Income Bonus

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - VIP Scavenger Bonus

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - VIP Cash Boost Bonus

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - Playa approaching a civilian

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - Playa performing a Taunt

Bloodsucker Pack trailer - Playa after killing someone

Bloodsucker Pack - Playa crouching

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