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Blinged Out Ride is a multiplayer mode in Saints Row.


Blinged Out Ride is a team based game where two teams must raise enough money from killing opponents and collecting chains to upgrade the team's vehicle several times in the Chop Shop.

The "Xzibitionist" Achievement is unlocked after getting the team car to level 4 a total of 50 times in ranked matches.

In-game description[]

Blinged Out Ride (BOR) is a Team Game in which the goal is to create the flashiest car.
Each team is given a car at the start of the Match. The team car's health, its current Bling level, how much money is needed for your next upgrade and the time remaining in the match are all displayed on the HUD.
You earn money for killing rival Gang members, picking up Chains that appear on the streets and taking them to the drop-off location, or destroying the other team's car. Once you have earned enough money to upgrade your team car, drive it to the Chop Shop, which is indicated on the mini map. Doing so will upgrade your team car to the next level...but be careful, if the rival team destroys your team's car, its Bling level will drop by one.
Once your team car has been upgraded to level 4, drive it to the victory area and protect it for set duration to win.
If neither team has won the game by the time the counter reaches zero, the team with the highest level car wins. If both teams are tied, the game enters sudden death. In sudden death, the first team to either destroy their opponent's car or level up their own wins the match.
NOTE: Your car can not be destroyed while parked at your starting garage. There are two exceptions to this rule:A: Once your team car has reached level 4 it can always be destroyed
B: Once the game is in sudden death your car can always be destroyed.
— In-game description

Customize Settings[]

  • Time of Day: Day, Night, Dusk, Dawn (Outdoor Maps only)
  • Weather: Clear Skies, Partly Cloudy, Light Rain, Medium Rain, Heavy Rain, Overcast, Thunderstorm (Outdoor Maps only)
  • Weapons: Varies per Map (The Barrio: 6; Hustlin': 6; The Ultor Dome: 6)
  • Vehicles: Varies per Map (The Barrio: 3; Hustlin': 6; The Ultor Dome: 0)
  • Game Time: Off or 1-60 minutes (1 minute increments, default: 20 minutes)
  • Victory Time: Off or 30 seconds to 5 minutes (30 second increments, default: 5 minutes)
  • Allow Extra Cars: On, Off


The Barrio
The Barrio takes place in a large parking garage.
Hustlin' places the opposing bases dangerously close to each other, but the cash drops and final display location are further away.
The Ultor Dome
The Ultor Dome is different from the map available in Gangsta Brawl. It is another level that takes place in the arena, however this time some of the debris has been moved to facilitate vehicle combat.